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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is all about ranking yourself high in the Search results and you’ll earn when more traffic will come to your site. Doing perfect SEO can be very tricky at time but we have solutions available on Artz Studio for your all SEO problems.

If you are just a beginner and have started learning SEO, you should see our Beginners guide to Search Engine optimization (SEO). This is written for beginners especially and will help you starting your journey of SEO learning. As you’ll learn the basics of SEO, you should then move on and understand how does SEO Algorithm work for a website?

Search Engine optimization is all about doing keyword research and then finding and using keywords which are most relevant to your site. Keyword research is usually done using some tools. Choosing a right tool is very important as it will give you most relevant results.

Building a site from scratch can be very costly these days. This is why people are now moving towards ready-made websites where they can put their content and earn money. However, it is very important to make sure that your chosen platform has good SEO potential. Otherwise, you’ll end up having no traffic at all. Come to know about 5 best blogging platforms for SEO.

In addition to that, we are going to add more valuable stuff in Artz Studio SEO portion. Stay tuned and you should keep checking the site to stay updated about hottest SEO tips and tricks.

Website Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is about making your speed really fast so people won’t have to wait too much for your site to get load. As internet speed is not very good in many countries around the globe, it is very important to learn about speed optimization and apply these practices during development.

For checking speed optimization of a website, Google Page Speed Insights help a lot as you can generate a complete report of your site from this tool. Also, If you want your site to work perfect with no speed issues and pass Google page speed insights test as well, you should read our Website Speed optimization Guide for developers. This will help you a lot and will guide at each and every step from development to the hosting of the website.

In addition to a general purpose guide, we also offer articles on specific speed optimization topics. You can have a look on our famous Jquery performance Rules article which developers use around the globe for writing better Jquery. Moreover, you can also learn about Beating Blocking JavaScript and how you can make web speed better.

Artz Studio Library also offers advanced topics in addition to these basic articles. Foreground Sprites and PNG Alpha transparency. You can also learn about webpage testing and performance by watching a video in this article regarding Optimizing web performance with AOL page test.

Artz Studio is constantly working on making the speed optimization library better and we keep on adding new and informative articles. Stay tuned with us and keep yourself updated with latest web speed optimization news, tips and tricks.

WordPress Speed, Optimization and Plugins

 WordPress is an online open source web development tool written in PHP. In fact, it is just another content management system mainly used for blogging. In the recent years, WordPress platform has emerged rapidly and it is now also being used for developing woo commerce and business sites. Around 25% websites on the internet now use WordPress.

As WordPress is progressing rapidly, there is need of more research and skills improvement in this regard. This is why we have added WordPress portion in our site. Our WordPress library starts from very basic questions like Is WordPress a Content Management System (CMS)? And Is WordPress Premium worth it?.

Not only this we are constantly adding more articles in to our WordPress library. If you want to learn more about this amazing platform, keep visiting Artz Studio for more useful and valuable information. And that too for free!

Questions & Answers Section

Q/A is our newly added portion which is becoming very popular as we have added new content recently. The question Answer portion of Artz Studio discusses important yet unanswered questions on the internet. The aim of starting this venture is to raise awareness about these problems in the developer’s community and raise their knowledge level. Check out our Q/A portion for hot questions and their expert-oriented answers.