Trust flow and citation flow both are new link metrics which are considered in your site’s rankings which are used to determine the domain, sub domain and web page’s presence. Both Trust flow and Citation flow are related to the number of backlinks pointing to your site. Difference between trust flow and citation flow is not complex but a little bit confusing. Here I’ll try to summarize the differences in simple words.

Citation Flow:

Citation flow is simply the total number of backlinks pointing to any site.It is a reference number which calculates how significant a URL might be based on the number of websites connected to it.

Trust Flow:

Trust flow refers to the number of trustworthy quality backlinks your site got. If a link pointing to your website is authoritative and qualitative, then your trust flow will increase.It is a number which calculates how reliable a URL might be based on a back links proximity to trusted web domains. For instance, links coming from high PR and relevant website has more weight than links coming from the irrelevant and spammy websites.

Key Points:

  • Always trust flow is less than citation flow. Except for some highly authoritative sites.
  • A good trust flow is harder to get than a citation flow and so the Citation flow will always get higher than the Trust flow.
  • It is good to know that if Trust Flow increase, then Citation Flow should also increase. However, if Citation flow increase, there is no proof that Trust Flow will increase too.
  • So if a website with high CF flow points to your website, your CF should get a boost. But if websites with high CF but low TF link to your website, it will negatively impact your TF.
  • Citation flow refers to the popularity of a link in a site without considering the quality of these links. While Trust flow analyse how trustworthy a site is by measuring its quality.

I hope these definitions and key points will help you understanding the concept of trust flow and citation flow. Keep visiting Artz Studio for more useful articles.