Agile software development (ASD) is a technique that integrates flexibility in the needs and implements practicality for delivering the ultimate product. Here we are presenting the top five PHP frameworks that are the best suitable frameworks for enterprise applications.

In other words, it is a method that provides an incremental model in fast ways and for the rapid cycles. The release of the product is ensured quickly with a thorough test to maintain the quality of the software.

Agile development is employed for critical sort of applications.

There are multiple reasons to believe why agile development is necessary nowadays. The benefits associated with it are ample proofs of its significance.

Engaging stakeholders, transparency, immediate delivery, minimal cost, and space for changes are the few major impetuses that let us understand that agile development is comparatively better and a dire need of the hour.

But it should never be shrugged off that in return of all this and avail from the agile development to the fullest, hard work, human efforts and few more efforts are needed as nothing in the world is available for free.

The developers must be sagacious enough to select a framework that meets the client needs and ensures maintenance, stability, high performance and perfect functionality.

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Let’s have a look at the details of the five best frameworks for agile development.



If we categorize the few best agile development frameworks, Laravel is one among them. This is not only expensive but a very popular and widely used by the developers. This is the finest and perfect framework for the applications based on enterprise development.

The high elegant syntax in the framework lets the developers do their projects with great ease irrespective of their nature and size. Here are the featured integrated into the structure.

  • Intelligent design that offers great flexibility to the developers by letting them develop applications from smaller sizes to the giant ones.
  • Smooth routing that manages all the server routes efficiently.
  • The composer provided the framework allows the developers manage third party applications
  • Built-in testing ability
  • Valid for creating web applications
  • Easy database access



This is another PHP framework best suited for the applications of enterprise development. When it comes to its features and prominent attributes, there is hardly any framework that can match it.

The developers skilled in PHP can benefit from Zend because it doesn’t facilitate the novice or intermediate type of software developers. The important features are listed below:

  • It’s featured with workflows that are developed and designed with high excellence and perfection
  • The ability to produce high-quality agile applications for enterprise level
  • Cloud support on servers makes it a choice of many developers for providing apps
  • Excellent streamlining and automation process take the framework a step ahead of all
  • Connected database wizard for specialized database connections
  • A unique feature of instant online debugging



Phalcon is the best PHP framework for the developers when it comes to helping them fast their creation and develop applications quickly.

The developers can use this framework in combination with the other frameworks as well, and it offers great support for all sort of development of applications. The featured that Phalcon offers are listed below:

  • A feature that lets you learn ORM easily
  • Little overhead if we compare it with other frameworks
  • Reliable and clean intuitive API with power design patterns
  • An excellent facilitation in easy creation of the software by injection methods. The facility helps in testing the applications at any moment of time.



If you are looking for a PHP framework that’s only feature enriched but focuses on the beauty of the code while letting you perform all the task in the background, Yii should be your first choice.

This is a very robust framework mainly developed for AJAX and developers can easily create and make codes as per their needs and conditions of the applications.

The framework not only works with the third party applications but lets you overcome the errors as well. The features of Yii framework are as follows:

  • Robust caching system for fast loading of web applications
  • When it comes to security, Yii is at its best.
  • Superb support in writing and handling tests
  • A detailed documentation support for the developers if they are stuck at any moment during the development.
  • Built in authentication support for the developers and users
  • Additional supports in translations, updating time and date and formatting numbers as well
  • Last but not surely the least, it’s best compatible with relational and nonrelational databases.



This is the final PHP framework in our list for the best and top frameworks for agile development applications. This framework released under MIT license and is best for MVC applications.

If we talk about the technical objectives of this framework, it’s primarily used for fast creation and repairing of the web applications.

The developers who have to create robust applications for enterprise level use Symphony mainly. With the help of this framework, the developers manage to get a full control of the configuration in the easiest manners.

For the enterprise applications, the additional features and tools provided in Symphony are a great facilitation for the developers indeed. Its creation and launch is the outcome of getting inspirations from the previous frameworks.

The best feature in Symphony is that it uses it components that can be easily downloaded for various projects.

The Bottom Line

The whole write-up includes the best PHP frameworks that the enterprise applications need for agile development. The first section contains the importance and we included the best frameworks, and all of them have their features, attributes, and characteristics that distinguish them from the others.

From the whole discussion, we have concluded that Zend and Yii frameworks are the most influential in the list, and they offers great ease for the developers in the creation of applications.