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Mail marketing is one of the most widely used marketing tactics in the digital marketing industry. The sheer number of companies that use emails as their primary communication tool to interact with their customers is not to be underestimated.

However, finding potential customers and contacts can be a hard thing to do – if you don’t know about email finder tools. Email finder tools should be what you use cardinally provided that you intend to incorporate email marketing into your marketing strategy.

But, what is an email finder tool? Which ones should you use? Let’s find out together and see, shall we?

What is an Email Finder Tool?

An email finder tool is essentially a tool that enables you to find business and personal emails on the internet. They can be in the form of a website, software, or a Chrome extension.

Why You Should Use an Email Finder Tool

Getting in touch with the right people is easier than ever if you start to use an email search engine.

Assume that there is a new position in your company, however, you don’t simply get the right person applying to the position. You can use an email finder to let more people know about the position – thus a higher chance of the right person applying to the position.

Another benefit of using such tools is that you can reach out the potential customers without breaking a sweat. This way, your business will generate more leads since your emails are aimed towards the people who highly likely will purchase your service or product.

Best Email Finder Tools in 2021

There are the good ones, and there are the bad ones. It is always like this in life. Here, we listed some of the best email finder tools you can use to grow your business.

1) Emailsearch.io

Emailsearch enables you to find private email addresses as well as e-mails from professionals via the linkedin sales navigator.

  • Extract emails, phones on the page of websites and download it to Excel or CSV
  • Send newsletter or sales emails with automatic follow ups.
  • Create unlimited campaigns and connect unlimited senders.
  • Discover each day thousands of new companies registered on Internet.

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2) AeroLeads

AeroLeads is one of the most known companies in the email finder industry. You can either use the website or install the Chrome plugin to start using this email finder. After that, you can go to LinkedIn and start finding the people you need to contact. This email finder tool strikes out with its easiness to use. Also, it can be integrated into third-party software such as Zoro CRM, Hubspot CRM, etc.

The pros of using AeroLeads can be;

  • Precise data collection. The emails you get here will be verified and guaranteed to be corresponding to an actual person.
  • An abundance of information. You even get the telephone numbers of the people you are looking for.

However, there are some shortcomings of this email finder tool. These are;

  • LinkedIn limitation. If your LinkedIn account is not premium you might have problems with finding the best matches for your queries – since this email finder tool works on LinkedIn.
  • Might be great for leads. If you are not a B2B company you might have problems with finding the best people to generate leads for your company.

There is a free version of AeroLeads that gives you 10 credits per month. If you want to see more people you can pay $49 for seven hundred credits or $499 for ten thousand credits per month. Paid versions also let you export data to Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

Capterra Reviews - AeroLeadsG2 Reviews

3) Snov.io

Snov.io is one of the best CRMs that is designed for contact management and cold outreach. Your sales team can use this email finder tool to find the best people to generate conversion. You can use Snov.io automatically with the help of two thousand integration options.

This email finder strikes out with the advantages such as;

  • Drip campaigns. You can select a number of people that will suit your customer profile and send them drip emails.
  • Multiple purposes. You can use Snov.io for email finding or as a data collection tool.

However, you should also keep in mind that it can’t be the right tool for you due to the following;

  • Hard to use. Since it is a CRM tool, some functions can confuse you and make you lose time.
  • Fake email addresses. Sometimes email addresses that do not correspond to the real people might surface.

Although it has no premium plan, Snov.io offers you a “freemium”. Other than that, they have various plans starting from $39. The best thing to do is to check the pricing yourself.

Snovio Capterra Reviews

4) Find That Lead

Find That Lead is one of the best B2B email finder tools. It has both a web app and a Chrome extension. It enables you to find the best people based on keywords and location.

The app stands out with the following features;

  • Social media search. You can search, for example, Twitter and LinkedIn to find the best results for your company.
  • Prospector. A useful tool to find the best matches.

However, it has a few shortcomings;

  • Might need extra material. You might not get used to it right away. There is a chance that you will watch videos on their Youtube channel.
  • Hard to find emails from outside of the USA. This finder tool is optimized for the USA, so people from Asia or Europe might have a hard time.

Find That Lead has a free plan that is limited in credits. However, starting from $49 you can upgrade your account to have more results.


5) Overloop

Up next, we have Overloop. It is designed mainly for creating email lists, setting up campaigns, and measuring results. The email finder has a highly functional Chrome extension.

The pros of having this email finder are;

  • Easy automation and follow-up. These features of this email finder enable you to save time while contacting your potential customers.
  • Freedom of workflow. You can easily manage the workflow.

Still, there is a catch;

  • Glitches. Overloop is said to be glitchy and that can hinder the finding and sending an email process.
  • A bit pricey. With the same or less amount of money, you can get more credits from other email finders.

There is a free trial for this email finder.

6) Skrapp

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Skrapp is designed to be used for B2B marketing. Like most other email finders, it has a Chrome extension and a web app.

The pros of this tool can be listed as;

  • Easy to generate specific data. The parameters and the segmentation of the data work quite well.
  • UI and UX. The tool offers a good user interface and user experience.

However, you should also know these downsides;

  • The tool is only designed for LinkedIn. So, the limitations of your LinkedIn account will also be the limitations of Skrapp.

The prices of the app start from $39 for a month per two people – if purchased annually. The number of credits and team members can rise according to the plan you will get.

7) Lusha

Lusha is one of the most known – maybe the most known – email finder tools in the industry. They are said to be one of the most trustworthy email finder tools. They try to focus on B2B relations.

The app excels in the following aspects;

  • Ability to work quickly. It returns the results you want in a moment.
  • Integrations. You can integrate Lusha into other CRMs and LinkedIn. Integrations make Lusha one of the bests.

Following are the problems of getting Lusha;

  • Location. Lusha does not support location-based queries.
  • A bit on the expensive side. Lusha might sound expensive for some businesses, especially when you compare it to other email finder services.

It has a free plan for five credits. Other than that, the pricing starts at $99 monthly. There is a 20% discount if you are to pay it annually. Also, more than one person can use the plans – the number increases as you get higher plans.

8) Clearout

Clearout is a service that provides both email finding and email verification. There should be no concern about getting false information when using Clearout. The tool aims to provide the best results possible.

The reasons to get Clearout are;

  • Ability to work with data. This email finder tool works even with the data of the lowest quality. You can get the best results regardless of data quality.
  • High price/performance ratio. The prices are low for such a well-working tool.

However, we can say that the following is the disadvantage of Clearout;

  • Integrations. You might not integrate Clearout into everything you use, although it works with the most used ones.

The prices for Clearout credits are quite low. You should definitely check them out yourself if you project to use this email finder tool – due to the fact that the credits you will get can be customized.

9) VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert is a tool that provides email verification, email enrichment, and email outreach. You can choose what to get from VoilaNorbert by visiting their website.

The reasons why you should get Norbert are;

  • Integrations. Norbert aims to provide you the best experience while integrating into other software.
  • Affordable price. The verification and enrichment aspects of Norbert are actually fairly priced.

However, like all of the other tools, it has some disadvantages;

  • Outside of the USA. If you are a company located outside of the USA and want to connect with people like you, you might face problems finding the right people in your area.

Norbert offers 4 plans for prospecting the emails you want. However, the other two aspects of the tool are priced according to the number of emails you want to enrich or verify. So, the best thing to do is to look at the pricing yourself.

10) Nymeria

Nymeria offers you to only find verified people on the internet. They only bring you the guaranteed people. This way, you don’t deal with false information.

Reasons to get Nymeria can be listed as;

  • High accuracy. The wolf of Nymeria brings you the only verified people, so you can see up to 90% accuracy rates.
  • Management of the lists. You can easily create lists and easily manage them with Nymeria.

The problems of Nymeria are;

  • Only works with LinkedIn and Github. Due to the design and aim of Nymeria, you are limited to LinkedIn and Github.
  • No free trial. If you want to test the tool, you have to pay up. Also, it is pricey.

The pricing of the software starts from $39 per 100 contacts monthly. You can go up to 1000 contacts for $159. Other than these you can get a special offer for the business plan.

11) Uplead

Finally, we have Uplead. Uplead mainly focuses on the mere fact that you need data accuracy. This email finder tool tries to be one of the most trusted tools in the industry. It enables you to find leads in more than two hundred countries worldwide.

The features of the tool that might make you consider buying it are;

  • Accuracy. It claims that the data it provides you has a 95% accuracy rate.
  • Contact info. It provides you more than emails. With Uplead, you can also find the phone numbers of potential leads.

There are some things to consider when purchasing the service of Uplead. These are;

  • The limited number of users. The tool, in almost every plan, offers you one person per account. If you have the highest plan two people can use an account.
  • Website limitations. It might not support all the websites you want to search for emails.

The tool has a free plan for 5 contacts. After that, it starts from $99 per 170 contacts monthly and goes up to $399 for 1000 contacts. However, there is a discount of about 25% if you are to get it annually.

Now, you know which email finder tool you can get if you are to use the email finder tool to get new contacts and leads. The 11 listed above are the ones that rule the industry and the ones that you can trust. If don't you can read about email finder tools with a different perspective on popupsmart.