What are the best premium wordpress themes? Do you need help choosing the best WordPress templates to install on your business website? Currently, we have a large number of possibilities that a professional subject can offer us, and almost any of them can be adapted to our needs, according to the particular characteristics of our digital project.

However, the existing offer of themes for WordPress is so wide , that sometimes this is usually one of the aspects in which most entrepreneurs get stuck and make this become a problem, rather than one more step of elaboration. from your website.

Hence, I have decided to talk about this in my Blog, to help you in this decision and that you get to choose one of the best Premium templates on the market, one that can offer you all the guarantees of success from a technical point of view. Therefore, I will put you in a situation, clarifying what exactly we are talking about.

What is a WordPress Template?

The WordPress templates , also known as “themes” are layers of customization and design apply this CMS, being totally necessary to optimize the visual appearance and some functions of a website or blog.

For you to better understand the concept, without this “customization layer” we would be working directly on code, so it makes it much easier for us to work on the design without practically touching code, although you always have the option of modifying the code of a theme to change its design and operation adapting it to your needs.

Therefore, themes or templates apply their own functions and designs within what this platform allows them and, in this way, they offer the possibility of covering a series of needs that we may require for our project.

Still, a theme in itself is not the only option to apply design and functionality to our website, only the basis on which to design our website.

You should also bear in mind that there is the possibility of creating custom templates for our project , although in this post we are not going to cover them.

What WordPress Themes To Choose For A Professional Digital Project?

Going a little more to the point and since we have clarified the main concept of the article that concerns us today, let’s get down to business analyzing some of the ones that we consider most appropriate.

What Are The Best Recommended WordPress Premium Templates?

What are the best recommended WordPress premium templates?

If you are reading this post, I am sure it is because you are considering what topic to choose for your website and therefore you may find yourself in any of these two situations that I indicate below:

  1. That you have decided to start on WordPress creating a Blog or Web and after acquiring your hosting and domain you have to decide on a suitable theme for you. You are lost and you do not know where or how to choose your theme or theme.
  2. You already have a Blog or a WordPress website but your needs have changed, the design has simply become very outdated or you simply want to improve at the WPO, responsive or even Google positioning … And for any of these situations you need a change!

Now is the time when you claim to be in one of those two situations, right?

So, to help you decide on the best template to design your corporate or professional website, I have decided to write this post with which I am going to provide you with what I consider to be the best WordPress theme options you can get.

But of course, before going over that list in which I am going to tell you what I think are the best themes, let’s see some aspects that you should know in order to put yourself in a situation and make your choice more objective:

What Types of WordPress Templates Are There?

We can find many types of themes, but perhaps I would divide them by the following characteristics that can best define them:

By functionalities

And within this category, I will include the following:

► Multi proposal templates

They are very general themes that can be adapted to almost any type of need or project.

They are created in such a way that some of the designs they incorporate completely cover the type of needs you may have, so that you do not have to design from scratch.

► Those with integrated constructor

They are themes that incorporate constructors to design from scratch and without having to touch code almost any type of Web.

They are versatile and allow almost total customization to design a page from scratch.

► The base templates

They are themes that hardly have a design or provide functionalities.

They require the use of plugins or constructors to have these functionalities and, as a consequence, they usually weigh less and are better optimized to contain what is just and necessary.

Free Themes, Freemium Templates, Premium Themes and Community Officials

LAnding page

In contrast to some themes and others, premiums generally offer more features and support.

They have a whole series of advantages that I list, except of course the price:

► Security

They offer more updates and can be downloaded from official stores and reputable sites with which you will avoid problems.

It is not uncommon for downloads of unofficial or pirated themes to include

Beware of the sites from which you download, these templates could bring malicious code that could compromise your security.

Although also the freemium and official themes can provide this security in terms of updates.

► Optimization

They are WordPress Themes whose code is generally better developed and is something that offers:

Again, officers and freemium can also contribute this.

► Features

Premiums provide a greater number of functionalities than the rest.

In short, the premiums are developed by professionals whose work is that and whose objective is to make the best possible product for any client who wants to acquire it.

However, if your Web project does not require a template with many functionalities, a Freemium or official can completely meet your needs.

What To Consider When Choosing a WordPress Template?

Next I am going to tell you 5 of the aspects that I consider essential and to take into account when choosing your WordPress template.

1) Responsive Design

Any template today must be perfectly optimized so that your Web or Blog is displayed correctly on any device, regardless of screen size.

But also, it must go hand in hand with a good user experience. These are aspects that Google takes into account today.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that responsive design is no longer an option.

2) WPO and SEO optimization

It is very important that the WordPress templates we select for our web pages are well optimized for SEO.

In addition, they must have a very good WPO (Web Performance Optimization) and loading speed, since these are other aspects that Google has already taken into account for the SEO of our project for several years.

Hand with tablet with performance analysis, laptop and internet screen with data, search icons and project management, application developments. Concept for successful business in flat vector design.

3) Have what you need and what you will require for your project

Avoid, as far as possible, acquiring those WordPress templates that bring numerous elements and functionalities integrated that you will not use in any case.

With unnecessary plug-ins, chances are that not only are you paying for something you don’t need, but you may also get rid of all the improvements you get by making the main optimization settings for your website.

4) Regular and frequent updates

A constant update with improvements and adaptations to each of the new versions of WP is key to keeping your staff fully up-to-date in terms of functionality and without risks to the security of your project.

5) Community and technical support

Trust those creators and companies that offer good support after purchase.

In addition, the most downloaded, or best rated, WP themes usually have a larger community behind , very useful to overcome doubts, find opinions and experiences of other users who, like us, have acquired it.

In short, in this way you will get a plus of confidence for the maintenance of your website.

Is Themeforest still recommended?

Also in this list you will find recommended themes that belong to Themeforest , which is still the great theme bazaar, currently having more than 48,000 themes and templates for WordPress.

Envato is behind this great portal, which also includes other stores such as Codecanyon or GraphicRiver. In other words, Themeforest is nothing more than a line of business with great products.

Therefore, although Themeforest has its drawbacks, it undoubtedly also has certain advantages for aspects such as:

  • The security of purchases.
  • The variety and quantity of themes.
  • The community and developers around each theme.

But, of course, there are more ways to acquire themes, the developers’ own websites or the search engine that integrates this CMS within your desktop.

These other options are as good or more like the first one, but depending on the Theme you choose for your Web project, you must acquire it one way or the other.

And so far all my previous tips before seeing the list of WP templates that I recommend.

The 12 Best WordPress templates that I recommend

Next, and as you will see, I am going to mention different topics that fit the classification that I have made before.

A note: the writing order does not make them better than others for your project.

1. Divi Theme, from «Elegantthemes»

Divi Theme, from "Elegantthemes"

Divi (from Elegantthemes) continues to be one of the WordPress templates with a better reputation, being able to be considered one of the best-rated themes today , and being for many also the best of all that I am showing you on this list.

The characteristics for which it enjoys such good reviews are for its ability to adapt to the needs of any Web or Blog project that we have in mind and also for the very good features that it integrates as its own.

Why choose this theme?

  1. Its integrated constructor is one of the best

Its page builder is one of the most complete we can find, rivaling in quality and functionality with others such as Elementor or Brizzy.

  1. Total customization

Its integrated builder and the combination with more than 100 predesigned web packs allow you to create a unique website fully adapted to what you need.

  1. Very complete pack

In addition, Elegant Themes, its creators, have a large number of plugins and products that you can also use in your Web project when purchasing your license.

If you manage, or are going to create several websites, it may be a great idea to acquire this license since you will have a wide variety of themes to use in all your projects.

  1. Marketing

It is a theme with functionalities very focused on conversion and sale

2. Astra

Astra - best WordPress templates

We are facing one of the topics that has grown fastest in sales since its launch and as you will see there are good reasons that explain its success.

It is a subject that has the uniqueness of being Freemium, that is, you can buy it completely free of charge or buy to have access to everything it offers.

With Astra you have the possibility to create almost any Web project designing from scratch

Why choose this template?

  1. SEO optimization

It is very well optimized for SEO, mainly when it comes to code.

  1. WPO optimization

At the WPO level it is one of the best, it hardly weighs and its loading times are the best you can find comparing with other topics of this level.

The creators of this theme do not lack reason to boast on their website of the speed of it when loading in different measurement tools.

Very light in terms of code but also scalable.

  1. Great support

Behind is Brainstorm Force, an Indian company with extensive experience in developing WordPress products.

  1. Customization and adaptation to what you require

It is fully compatible with the most important builders and also has an extensive number of pre-built websites.

3. Generate Press

Generate Press

It is one of the best WordPress templates that can be purchased today and one of the best reputations among Web designers .

Currently, Generate Press has more than 2 million downloads and 200,000 websites in the world currently have this template.

Its creator, Tom Usborne, has made a freemium theme that you can use for almost any type of project with full guarantee of success.

Why choose this theme?

  1. It is an extremely light theme

It does not weigh 30KB , which means that the loading times are very short.

  1. The essential and necessary

I stress again that a theme should only have what you need and with Generate Press that is something that applies completely.

You can activate and deactivate practically each one of its functionalities in order to scale it to your project.

Among those features you can find Hooks and filters.

  1. WPO and SEO optimization

Clean and perfectly optimized code for SEO

  1. Cheaper value for money

You acquire a single license to install unlimitedly on any website, and each annual renewal is discounted.

4. BeTheme

BeTheme - best WordPress templates

This is one of the veterans who is still currently one of the best selling WP themes on Themeforest, thanks to the many versions and updates it receives from its creators.

In general terms, we can say that BeTheme is one of the “insurance bets” within the great variety of software that exists today for this CMS.

Why choose this theme?

  1. Multipurpose

More than 500 web designs already predesigned so that in one click you can select the one that suits you best.

  1. Integration with Elementor

You have recently incorporated the integration with Elementor including your own elements to this constructor.

5. Flatsome


This is one of the most valued and downloaded premium themes on ThemeForest for creating an eCommerce.

Flatsome currently has more than 127,000 sales.

Why choose this template?

  1. Woocommerce integration

It is fully compatible with the easiest and most popular plugin to make creating your online store a much less tedious process.

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  1. Multipurpose

Over 300 section designs ready for you to apply with just one click. It also has extensive demo material that you can use without restrictions.

7. Orbital


If your obsession is the organic positioning and monetization of your website, Orbital is made by and for it.

Designed by the agency «BigSEO», it is a Spanish theme that dispenses with everything that is not necessary , including plugins and constructors.

Why choose this theme?

  1. SEO optimized

It is one of the topics that is best optimized for SEO. In it you can find integrated functionalities for Richs Snippets, Categories and custom meta tags, dynamic creation of page 4040, etc.

  1. Speed

Its light and clean code makes your website load very fast

  1. Silo architecture with cluster navigation

An integration that allows improving and obtaining a perfect SEO architecture, facilitating internal navigation.

  1. Includes features to dispense with certain plugins

It integrates functions to show the cookie warning, share buttons, include the Google Analytics code and the Google Adsense code .

8. Avada

Avada - best WordPress templates

It is one of those WordPress themes that refuses to give the witness of popularity and excellent reviews to newer ones.

Since its market launch in 2012, it has remained the best-selling of all time.

When the fever for multi-proposition themes broke out, Avada was the one that literally wiped out all sales on Themeforest. And so far.

Why choose this theme?

  1. Constant updates and improvements

Despite being one of the most veteran themes, the continuous improvements and updates it receives make your website never become out of date.

  1. Support behind

Only with good support can it be one of the best-selling themes and still be at the top of this great bazaar that is Theme Forest.

  1. One-click customization

The built-in builder itself, the 66 pre-built Webs or the custom sections it incorporates make design a lot easier without having to resort to other plugins.

9. Hello


Hello is a template quite different from all the ones that I present to you in this list, because in reality it lacks practically all the functionality that in a common and basic way all the themes incorporate , from the most basic ones.

For any modification or functionality you need, you must use Elementor, since it is the creators of this plugin, so they have made it totally dependent on it.

Why choose this theme?

  1. Light and fast

As it has hardly any features, its weight is very low, it hardly incorporates code and the loading times are very low.

  1. Integration with Elementor

It is a custom made theme to be used with the Elementor Plugin.

  1. Free

It is a template that combined with Elementor (without Pro license) is ideal for certain projects without too much complexity, such as Blogs with no pretense of moving.

10. The 7

The 7

This ThemeForest theme boasts of being the most customizable of all you can buy.

Of course it does not go as far but it does help, and a lot, to this customization some of the elements that it incorporates with the acquisition of its license.

The 7 is also another of the best-selling songs today, with more than 190,000 sales.

Why choose this template?

  1. Integration with Elementor

If you need to design pages from scratch with Elementor, you have full compatibility and integration with it, including some of its own elements designed by the creators of The 7.

  1. Pre-built websites

If you don’t want to design a website from scratch, the other option is with a single click to choose from more than 48 pre-built websites.

  1. Price

It is priced lower than other ThemeForest rivals offering similar features.

11. Bridge

Bridge is a song that from the moment of its launch was positioned among one of the favorites.

It is one of the most complete and downloaded among the many WordPress templates that are for sale on Themeforest, therefore, there are a considerable number of people who have already purchased it and who speak highly of it (and with good reason).

Bridge - The best WordPress templates


It is one of the themes for WP multi proposal with the best and most attractive minimalist design .

I would highlight from the creators the good treatment and attention they give to their buyers through the provision of video tutorials and a large amount of documentation to make it easier to use from scratch.

12. Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty

This is one of the official themes that the WordPress community creates every year. It contains the latest and most necessary updates for WP.

Of course, the fact that Twenty Twenty is the official theme gives it the honor of being the one with the most active installs , over 1 million currently.

Why choose this theme?

  1. Compatibility and updates assured

It is a community made theme so you always get updates before anyone else.

  1. Community and support

A whole community behind with which you can solve any doubt.

  1. Lightweight and WPO

It is a clean code theme , with nothing you don’t need, which facilitates very short loading times.

  1. Free

You do not have to pay anything, ideal for any project that hardly requires many functionalities or also as a base to modify.


Now you can choose your own WordPress template!

After the many options and advice that I have exposed you in this post, I hope that you can already decide on that topic with which you really see yourself perfectly identified.

Remember and also keep in mind that, in general, the themes look great in the previews or demos that are shown to us, but that later we are the ones who must provide them with content , images and text that is really what is important.

Therefore, do not be fooled by the spectacular demos and previews, in addition, in most cases you will even be shown functionalities that you will not require in your website project either.

So, take a good look at only what you are going to need and how you are going to be able to use this template.

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