Have you ever worked with SEO tools ? If you have, you surely know the advantages they offer you to enhance the online visibility and positioning of your content or digital projects in general.

The difference between taking advantage of some of these professional platforms or not, in most cases, will be able to make the difference between spending long months without results or seeing your projects on the Internet grow in a stable and continuous way.

The Best Paid Professional SEO Tools

Let’s start first by doing a complete review of what I personally consider to be the best paid SEO tools. I also show you some of those that have helped me position my digital projects and do not require any payment.

1. Seo Tools: SEMrush

SEMrush - Try this SEO tool

We start the list with a platform that, of course, can never be missing in the daily life of any consultant or Blogger.

SEMrush offers its users a catalog of exceptional functionalities, which not only allow you to perform Keyword analysis, its main and most developed function, but also offers you the possibility of carrying out a very complete analysis of the competition .

If what you want is to find the right keywords to focus your content, for your campaigns or for your entire Blog, this is one of the best options.

It has a huge keyword bank that exceeds 14 million terms, distributed in more than 140 countries, offering its millions of users impeccable precision when it comes to segmenting their keywords.

In addition, it has a fairly complete panel that allows you to analyze each keyword down to the smallest detail.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, professional SEO tool

Ahrefs is another of the best SEO tools that you can use currently on the market, similar to SEMrush, this «suite» has a great variety of functionalities that make it a great help to promote your different projects.

If I had to highlight two of his strengths, these would undoubtedly be his ability to manage and analyze backlinks and the ability to study the competition in depth.

And is that, among all its functions, Ahrefs is widely known for being one of the most powerful when it comes to tracking and managing the different backlinks that point to your pages , as well as analyzing the ” health ” of each, being able avoid potential risks to your websites.

On the other hand, it also offers you various functions that help you study your competition , discover the reasons behind the high position of your direct competitors and develop new strategies to overcome them.

It offers you some tips so that you can improve your positioning optimally and thus be able to overcome your competitors in the shortest possible time.

3. DinoRANK

DinoRANK is a SEO On-Page suite where you will find a wide variety of tools that will allow you to monitor and optimize the positioning of your projects from the same place and through a fairly simple and intuitive interface.

Its main advantage is perhaps its price , which is considerably less than many of the other platforms on this list. You could say that it is an all-in-one tool “Lowcost”, although not less powerful.

Highly recommended for professional freelancers starting out and / or for those who do not have too much budget .

Whether you want to audit your website, analyze your internal Pagerank or the health of your interlinking, or even if you want to find new keywords for your content, with DinoRANK you can do it.

The various possibilities it offers and its low cost make this one of the best SEO tools for beginners.

4. SE Ranking

Seo tools , seranking homepage

Another of the most popular SEO tools that you can find on the Internet is undoubtedly SE Ranking , a powerful “all in one” that offers you multiple functionalities to optimize your projects and position yourself above your competitors.

Although it offers multiple functions, it stands out mainly for the possibility of monitoring the positioning of each of the keywords you have in it.

It offers you the possibility to do a complete audit, and even the ability to compare your site with that of your direct competition.

In addition, it also has other SEO tools such as the keyword grouper, which allows you to efficiently distribute the keywords you want to use on your website , as well as discover new terms to use.

Another excellent advantage is that it helps you plan your PPC campaigns efficiently, based on both your website and that of your competition.

5. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

The SEO On-Page is a determining factor for the correct positioning of a website and optimize it may become crucial to know for your project to have the desired success.

However, to be able to work and optimize it, it is necessary to know the current state of your site, and to achieve it, one of the SEO tools that you can use and that I personally recommend is this.

Screaming Frog is a crawler, which enters your URL and extracts in real time all the information related to your SEO On-Page, allowing you to obtain important data such as possible redirection errors , failures in meta titles and meta descriptions, your Sitemap, the structure of your links, among many other things.

Best of all, this tool is capable of analyzing your entire domain in depth, regardless of whether it is a small Blog or a huge online store.

It informs you in real time of the current situation of the site, so that you can detect any inconvenience that may be affecting the performance of your project.

6. SEObox

This physical equipment based on a network of devices connected throughout the country, which combines a system of SEO Online Apps that adapt to your SEO needs.

Detect what the real potential of each of your projects is and offer you suggestions on possible improvements.

Also, with SEObox you can carry out the actions recommended by the platform to improve your CTR and thus get positions in the SERP.

7. Serpstat

Serpstat homepage seo tools artzstudio.com

Detailed analysis of what keywords you are positioning in Google or other search engines, the exact positions and amount of estimated traffic reaches you, as well as the number of links that point to your website and what type they are.

These are just some of the features you can have when you hire SERPstat .

8. On Crawl

On Crawl

In this case, we have On Crawl , a very complete platform that analyzes in detail all the aspects involved in the SEO of your website.

In addition, it gives you information about the indexing of your URL’s and detects possible failures or improvements that you can implement throughout your domain.

9. Sistrix

In any list of the best SEO tools on the market should be Sistrix , one of the most complete, since it not only analyzes the evolution of a complete domain in terms of technical issues, but is also capable of giving you information on your evolution in social networks .

And regarding its other functionalities, it could be said that it is similar to SEMrush, since you can see the evolution of your SEO On-Page, Backlinks towards your site and the change of positions of your main keywords.

10. Moz


We cannot talk about SEO tools without mentioning Moz , a platform that combines everything necessary for proper SEO optimization .

Not only is it one of the most recognized in this entire sector and within Digital Marketing, but it also supports it, since it allows you to carry out very detailed audits and crucial information that you can use to upload positions in SERP’s.

Backlink analysis, positioning tracking, keyword research, deep site analysis, On-Page optimization, everything you need to know, Moz will show you in personalized reports for each project .

11. XOVI Suite

XOVI homepage seo tool

XOVI is a strong “opponent” in this list of the best professional SEO tools, since it is an “all-in-one suite” that simply could not have more features for a professional in the sector and Digital Marketing in general.

With it, you have at your disposal a long list of functions, ranging from the classic audit of your website to the possibility of monitoring social networks.

In turn, it allows you to analyze outgoing and incoming links, search and track your keywords, eliminate malicious links that may cause problems, control traffic from social networks, monitor your activity within social networks, and even optimize your advertising campaigns to increase profitability.

12. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite turns out to be a little different from the previous alternatives, and is that it is a software for SEO optimization that can be installed locally, with a free trial version.

You can download it directly to your computer and use all the functions it offers you.

With SEO Powersuite it is possible to carry out a complete SEO analysis of any website , not only monitoring the positioning, but also controlling the links that enter or leave, the traffic of social networks, etc.

Best of all, it does it automatically .

Practically the tool will do all the work for you, and you will only have to take care of developing new strategies to overcome your competitors.

13. Raventools

Raventools homepage seo tools

Raventools is an SEO tool that offers various functions to track the performance of your projects, as well as being able to optimize them to the maximum.

Among its main features we can highlight functions such as detailed traffic reports , Marketing reports with the latest results obtained, reports on organic positioning and your keywords, competition analysis, etc.

It is quite intuitive and cheaper than other SEO tools on the list, although the only drawback is that it is entirely in English.

Although it may have fewer functions than other positions on the list, Raventools is quite complete in terms of the information it does provide.

14. Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool homepage example

Within this list of payment platforms, we cannot forget Keywordtool.io , well known for keyword searches.

This alternative could well be said to be on the verge of free and paid, since it can be used for free, only with quite a few limitations including some crucial data.

Skipping that point, its “premium” version is quite complete and, to tell the truth, one of the best alternatives to find new keywords to use in your projects.

As for its price, it must be said that it is quite economical when compared to other platforms, although it has a flaw, and that is that it does not have the many other functions that the rest of the suites offer.

Personally, I consider Keywordtool.io an ideal alternative for those who are looking for a cheap keyword planner and who do not need other additional or more advanced functions.

15. Safecont

Safecont is a very advanced SEO tool, created by César Aparicio and a team of exceptional professionals in this sector.

It brings together a set of functionalities programmed based on Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, which determine the positioning of your content and gives you suggestions to improve it and thus exceed your competition.

16. FuSEOn Link Affinity

Fuseontool seo tools homepage

Link Affinity is a system created by Sico de Andrés , capable of helping you to generate content and distribute it on the Internet, as well as to promote existing content, obtain maximum authority for links through the techniques that the platform proposes, etc.

In addition, it is able to monitor that your search results are optimized at all times to show them to users.

17. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is another one of those all-in-one suites that, every professional who decides to invest in it, knows that they will be able to get the most out of it, given the amount of information it is capable of providing you about your website and other digital projects.

It gives you information about the channels through which Web traffic currently reaches you, your main competitors and what keywords you could improve from those that you already have ranked.

All this in an attractive interface and where it is a pleasure to spend hours analyzing projects online.

18. GTMetrix


When it comes to improving your organic positioning for search engines, one of the factors that I consider most important is the speed of loading the Web.

For this reason, with GTMetrix you can not only know the time it takes to load each of your URLs, but also know what technical and concrete aspects to improve to “scratch” a few tenths of a second to that total load time.

It certainly seems essential to me.

19. Woorank

At a simple glance and in a very intuitive and clear way, Woorank is able to show you if you have optimized the main Web positioning factors that your Web must have.

I see it as one of the most useful SEO tools for anyone who starts , both with their own Personal Brand project, and with external clients.

20. Majestic

Majestic manages to crawl the entire Web to provide you with the maximum information of « Link Intelligence » that you need to dominate your sector or market niche.

You do not have to be a SEO specialist to enjoy the data, given the ease of this platform to navigate through its different sections.

21. Siteimprove


Siteimprove is a complete cloud platform that helps you detect the different errors that you may have on your website, so that you can boost the digital presence of your business. She allows you, among other things, to improve the quality of content, web accessibility, boost your organic traffic (SEO), comply with privacy requirements (GDPR) and measure the performance and profitability of your entire website.

Among its many qualities, the only drawback that I see Siteimprove, is its high cost. This question, which makes it little accessible for an SME or small business.

The Best Free SEO Tools On The Market

Now that I have already mentioned the best payment platforms, let’s take a look at some free ones that will come in handy, either because you can’t or don’t feel like investing in this type of professional material.

They are an excellent alternative if you are looking to start in Lean Startup mode:

22. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Structure of the Google Ads keyword planner

We could not forget the tool that, in theory, gives you the most “reliable” and accurate search volumes, as it is the tool itself owned by Google.

Its main task is to serve users and agencies that launch Google Ads campaigns with useful information about which keywords to use and quantify the number of monthly searches that each one has, in addition to the competition, CPC and other important data from each of they.

23. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is, along with the “Keyword Planner”, which we talked about earlier, the two Google SEO tools par excellence, with the difference that this is 100% free.

All webmasters and web page administrators in general can access it quickly and easily. What’s more, in my view, it is an imperative that if you have a blog or manage the analytics of any type of business on the Internet, you know how to handle it with some ease , in order to know how to interpret the results that the search engine provides you.

You can do a complete follow-up of the main aspects of your domain, as well as have an immediate warning in case something is wrong or someone is trying to break into it.

Search Console allows you to play with several functions that are really essential, such as the possibility of auditing your site for bugs, damaged links, access problems, and also monitoring your keywords.

It also helps you analyze your traffic, where it comes from and through which keywords.

24. SEOquake

seoquake seo tools

Seoquake is one of the most veteran free tools out there, it works as a browser extension and has a lot of good features.

With this extension for Chrome or Firefox, property of SEMrush, you can examine a URL in depth, just by clicking on the icon installed in your navigation bar.

25. SEOmofo Snippet Optimizer

SEOmofo Snippet Optimizer

This tool is quite simple to use, SEOMOFO Snippet Optimizer is a tool to create snippets optimized for Google, helping you to capture more traffic through search engines.

It is not only free, but it is a fairly easy tool to use and it will help you create snippets quickly and with excellent results.

26. Answer The Public

Do you need keywords or longtails derived from your main keyword? Answer The Public may be the solution you need. This will help you get long-tail keywords to adapt your content to the queries that users pose to the search engine.

In other words, using Answer the Public is like you could get a massive amount of information from Google’s “auto-complete” . From it, the number of subtopics you can get for the same article is very interesting, starting from a generic theme, which would be your H1 or metatitle.

27. Google Trends

Google Trends

As you can already imagine, if an application or digital platform is owned by Google, it is almost always synonymous with assured quality, so the case of Google Trends is no exception.

And it is that, although with this SEO tool you cannot know for sure the search volumes, it does offer you a super interesting metric: what search trend the term you enter follows and in which areas of the country / world you are most interested in .

In this way, you will be able to find interesting niches, if you want to start a blog, for example, but you still do not have a very clear theme and you want to reach a large number of people.

It would not make sense that, even if you are very specialized in a subject, you start writing about something that is so “microniche” that practically no one from the population of your language is interested, right?

28. SERPRobot

In fact, SERPRobot is a platform that I wanted to include as a “bonus”, since being much less known by most professionals, I am sure that it will awaken your desire to use it and, at least, prove its effectiveness.

It has a simple but useful function, and that is that its main objective is to track the positioning of the keywords of your site .

The best SEO Tools Are Sold As An All-in-one, Is That True?

Surely you have noticed that many of the best platforms or suites on the market are something like a set of tools, which makes most of them share similar functions , such as keyword search, analysis of the competition or even SEO On-Page audit.

This is because to be considered as ” the best SEO tools ” they need to provide the most complete service possible, and nowadays to achieve a good organic optimization there are many factors that must be considered .

It is no longer just managing internal and external links correctly or choosing the right keywords, it is much more.

Because of this, the «suites» increasingly include more features, to provide their users with all the necessary functions to get an in-depth study of the deficiencies that a certain project may have and thus be able to work on failures and improve the positioning in the SERP‘s.

As a result, many of these end up sharing functions with each other, so there is no other choice but to investigate and experiment until you get the one that you consider appropriate for you.

The 28 Best SEO Tools To Position Your Projects On The Internet


Now that you know which are the most powerful and effective platforms, keep in mind that you will never find a perfect tool, since they all have their strengths and weaknesses , and in some cases I have mentioned them to you.

For this reason there are those who decide to combine different alternatives, in order to cover the weaknesses that they may have.

Source: josefacchin.com