Getting to increase the Web traffic of a project on the Internet, whether you have a blog, a corporate site or even an eCommerce, is vital to improve the evolution of our digital strategy.

Why? Because a growth in the number of visits that the site or Online store of your project receives makes it even more competitive, favoring both your marketing plan and improving the commercial results that you are obtaining.

But, increasing the web traffic of a business is not a very simple task, it requires a correct strategy and a lot of long-term work. Although, contrary to what you might be imagining, this task is not something that is out of your reach either.

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How Can You Increase The Web Traffic Of Your Online Business If You Have Just Started?

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In this list I will not only give you some advice and tell you what my experience was in this regard, but I will also leave you links to other posts on my blog or to other colleagues who just speak and explain these issues in greater detail.

1) Never Forget To Enhance Your Personal Or Corporate Brand

Worrying about taking care of all the aspects that have a direct and indirect relationship with your Personal Brand is essential. Similarly, if you have a company, you must also pamper the branding of your brand and the mark you leave on users.

The latter is very important, because they will also help you attract a greater number of Web visits and will have a lot to do with improving the brand positioning that you achieve.

People are more likely to consume products, services or content from businesses or professionals that they respect and know, hence, make this subsection on the subject of Personal / Corporate Brand.

That is why a good branding strategy will serve you not only to make yourself known and get more prestige, but also so that the digital presence of your business or company drives you to obtain a large amount of web traffic .

2) Study Your Online Competition And Analyze Its Web Traffic

This is a technique that I usually use, especially when I want to find new topics to write about in my blog. But in addition, this practice is also used in other types of Online projects, such as corporate websites or even eCommerce.

Carrying out an analysis of online competition basically consists of studying the keywords that bring the most traffic to my competitors and seeing how I could develop content of a higher quality than theirs, in order to try to give a better response to the user needs and position myself better.

For this, you can use SEMrush , which incorporates a tool called “ Traffic Analytics ”, which is capable of making a complete and detailed analysis, not only of the traffic of your project, but also the quality of it.

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But how exactly does “Traffic Analytics” work?

The great advantage of this tool is that, in addition to being able to carry out a complete analysis of visits and their origin on your website, you can do it from all your competitors.

We could say that, using «Traffic Analytics», we would almost be entering the Google Analytics of each one of them , in order to know the geographical distribution, behavior, etc. of the visits that come to them.

Perhaps it would not be so verbatim, since the results of this, like all other SEO tools, are estimates based on external data, all using its own algorithm.

To cite some of the functionalities that this Web Traffic Analysis tool presents, with it we can:

► Know The Sources Of Web Traffic From Where They Visit Them

Through this option, we can know at a glance, qualitatively and quantitatively, which are the most important sources for our competitors.

Example you can investigate if during the chosen interval you have done an optimal job in SEO Positioning and more visits come to you organically, through social networks, etc. In my case, almost 91% of web traffic reaches me through search engines like Google.

But also, Traffic Analytics tells you which are the sites that give this website the most total visits, as well as the search engine from which the majority of users access.

► Geographical Distribution Of Traffic

In the same way, you can know from which countries visits to your competitors arrive, especially those that today are above you.

In this way, you could have a reference if you are thinking of doing different kinds of marketing campaigns (Facebook Ads, Adwords, etc.).

Geographical distribution of traffic

3) Optimize Your Site From The “Foundations”

Like any serious project worth its salt, you should start to carry out actions from the most basic to what you consider most technical, such as:

  • Choose a Good Platform To Create Your Digital Project

If your intention at first is to try for a you can choose to use one of the free platforms to make a blog .

On the contrary, if yours is a thoughtful decision and you are willing to go for it, your best bet is to invest in the purchase of quality hosting and install a powerful CMS such as WordPress or PrestaShop .

  • Hire Quality Hosting

There are many disadvantages to not making a good choice of hosting provider from the first day (as I mentioned in previous paragraphs).

  • Optimize All The Multimedia Content You Have On Your Business Website

If there is something that the readers of my blog and Google have in common, it is that both do not like at all that my Web page takes too long to load.

Always perform a load speed test on your entire domain. You and especially the users who visit you will appreciate it. This is why if you have already chosen your platform and hosting well, now you have to configure everything correctly.

Because the poorly optimized images that we usually include in our articles are one of the main causes of everything loading much slower. Due to my inexperience, especially in that first year, many of my images and infographics had a weight and size greater than they should have. Correcting that error took a lot of time and work.

Therefore, I suggest from the beginning to compress your photos without losing their quality , so that you can increase your upload speed a little more. This factor will also benefit the gradual increase in Web traffic.

  • Use a Professional And Mobile-Friendly Template

Another one of the factors that users like a page very much is that it is visually attractive and that it is adapted to all types of mobile devices.

It is recommended to choose the best theme or template for WordPress is that it has everything you need, depending on your type of business and also does not implement too much unnecessary code.

4) Improve Your SEO Strategies On page

SEO is not only the means to get links to your website. According to specialists, there are more than 200 factors that can directly or indirectly influence your organic positioning.

organic traffic- seo

Personally, at the beginning I recommend you only bet on optimizing all those basic factors that have to do with SEO On-page and from there, use tools such as DinoRANK or Screaming Frog and go up as your knowledge on the subject also increases.

5) Improve Your Writing Skills And Develop Broad Content

Writing with some regularity has helped me to acquire new skills, which in turn I use to generate more creative, extensive and better quality content.

If you really want to increase your web traffic, you will not be enough with writing articles of only 500 or 600 words.

Although it works very well for me, I do not push you to be like me, that my content usually has more than 3000 words on average , but to at least bet on content of more than 1000 or 1200 words.

With these posts not only do I get my readers to get more information, but extensive content also makes it easier for me to position a greater number of related keywords for each article. Although I insist, that not by writing a lot of words you will position yourself better.

6) Learn To Choose The Best Keywords

This point of choosing the Keywords has been the cornerstone on which much of the extraordinary growth in web traffic that my blog has had in recent years (almost exceeding half a million visits) is based.

businessman hand use tablet to searching keyword on search engine. Keyword research and seo concept.

To this day, thanks to tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and SEObox, among others, since every time I am acquiring new skills to know how to better choose the most powerful Long Tail, I have managed to add thousands of keywords positioned on the first pages. of Google.

7) Use Long Tail Keywords

The best way to explain what a Long Tail or Long Tail keyword is, is through a simple example.

We have the seed keyword “BLOG”, which is very important, although at the same time it is very competitive and generic. If we transform it into a Long Tail, we could have different options such as:

  • Create a blog.
  • How to create a blog.
  • How to create a free blog.

You will see in the third example, the clearest, what is called a long tail. That is, a generic keyword accompanied by others that make it a more specific and concrete Long Tail keyword .

But the most advantageous of this, is that with the 3rd Long Tail you not only position yourself with the main phrase, but you could also do it with the keywords of the 1st example (Create a blog) and the 2nd (How to create a blog), which in turn are included in it.

Keyword research background blue

8) It Is Important To Write With People In Mind, But Without Forgetting Google

The experience of the user is an important SEO factor talking about these issues, but we must never forget that for these visitors find you first must be visible to them.

If I tell you that when designing your content strategy you should think about what your potential readers want and need, I would be only showing you a part of the cake.

Because if you forget Google, your medium and long-term visibility will be severely affected and, consequently, also your Web traffic.

By this I don’t mean that you don’t care about your readers and the quality of the content, but that in an environment as saturated and competitive as the Internet is, making your target audience easily find you should also be another of your priorities.

Therefore, knowing how to adapt to the demands of Google without harming the quality of your content for the reader , is a skill as a digital professional that will differentiate you from others.

That is, among those who succeed and those who do not go beyond being just one of the bunch.

A tip: use semantics and don’t load your repeated keyword content like crazy. And above all, before writing, use the appropriate tools to better understand what keywords your potential readers are searching for with this type of content.

A very basic example of trying to write thinking about what your readers need, and what is most important to Google, is learning to distinguish the keywords that are most relevant before writing your content:

  • Sell ​​used mobile (3800 searches).
  • Sell ​​second-hand mobile (30 searches).

If we write with any of the two, in essence they seem very similar keywords, although the difference is that if you position the 1st you will swell with visits and Web traffic and with the 2nd you will have a similar phrase but less important to Google.

9) Design Very Attractive Titles, But In A More Strategic Way

In my personal experience, a title marks almost 70% of the success or not of an article, both in social networks and in SEO positioning issues.

With a title that is bland or does not hook, you will ensure that your followers on social networks are not attracted to see what type of content is behind it.

Similarly, if your titles aren’t flashy, people won’t click on your search results, lowering their CTR.

But if this title is also not strategically designed with your most important keywords, it will not be positioned in Google very easily either.

In other words, good content can lose a large part of its web traffic, due to not knowing how to design the title correctly.

The headline must always be attractive and optimized to improve the SEO positioning of that content.

A trick when designing your titles is to use the ” Yoast ” plugin as your ally, because thanks to it, you will be able to choose what your Metatitle will be, which can be, in this way, a different version of the title of your post (H1) depending on necessary.

For example, you can put a title to the post on the blog and with Yoast customize the 60 characters of the one that you will use so that it positions you in Google (which is the same that will be seen in the SERP) and the meta description (of no more than 150 characters).

In addition, thanks to the Yoast menu option called  social  , you could also do the same with the headline, the meta description and the cover photo that will be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

10) Take Into Account The CTR Of Each Of Your Posts And The Residence Time

Click-through rate

In summary, we would say that the CTR is the average or the number of times that a user clicks on your articles when they are shown in the Google search list.

That is, the resulting percentage between the number of impressions and the clicks we get for each of our content.

The higher that percentage or CTR, the more possibilities we will have to continue rising in the SERP (or at least, not lose positions).

To improve this CTR it is essential, among other things, to take very good note of the advice given in the previous point on the design of attractive and viral titles.

A simple example for this case is that of one of my posts that was losing percentage of CTR and therefore Web traffic, with which their positions in Google were also decreasing.

Analyzing the topic, I discovered a very “silly” error: it had the date of 2015 in the title. So, people were thinking that the post had become obsolete, even if it was “evergreen”.

Solution? I added a thousand more words (approx. 20% more than the total), with complementary content, at the end of that title I incorporated the tagline “Updated 2018” and republished it. Outcome? In a couple of weeks it started to rise again.

11) Social Networks Are The Ideal Ally For My Professional Project

As I mentioned before, the traffic of my website in its beginnings was based almost entirely on social networks and the Networking work that I carried out on them.

But, thanks to the perseverance and patience with which I faced that period and my personal social media strategies, over time I managed to have a community large and active enough to support me along this path and manage to increase the number of visits to my website.

Social network and teamwork concept

  • Participate in Social Groups or Communities Related To Your Theme

One technique that I used a lot in the first days, when I had almost no followers of my own, and that gave me incredible results, was to actively participate in the Google Plus communities and in the Linkedin and Facebook groups.

The interact with people who would otherwise never have known about the existence of my blog, I facilitated get social traffic to my articles. At the same time, it gave tremendous visibility and momentum to my social media profiles.

As of today, Google Plus hardly generates any web traffic to my project anymore. However, back then it was a social network to consider.

Tip: when choosing these groups, think not only of those who are punctually in your niche, but also of those who, despite not being of your specific theme, could benefit from your experience.

12) Design A Basic Content Strategy

Content strategy- #seo

If I’m honest, I’m not one of those who plans their posts months in advance. On the contrary, with at least a couple of weeks in advance I think about the subject, I shape it and then publish it in a matter of days.

What I mean here is that you should know what your audience likes to read, not go long periods without publishing and try not to be very repetitive in your topics .

In other words, that you have a basic temporal and thematic structure more or less coherent with your audience and that you also know how to recognize which ones could work best, even before publishing them.

  • Manage To Attract More Subscribers

This is something that I did not spend a lot of time at the beginning and which I now regret, although after the New GDPR , today I have almost had to start mounting my database again.

Therefore, using different methods of attracting subscribers supported by an attractive content strategy will help you to dramatically increase your web traffic.

13) Design Infographics, Presentations And Video Tutorials

The infographics have provided an important plus in terms of virality to my content and at the same time, they help me to obtain links that point to my blog and improve my SEO positioning (thanks to the fact that other bloggers use them and quote me with a link as author of them in their posts).

Similarly, videos (like the ones you’ll find in this post) rank especially well on Google and encourage a longer time spent by readers on your articles.

Something that increases your web traffic, undoubtedly, by giving Google signals that your content is liked by users.

In my case, videos are a type of multimedia content that I have yet to learn to enhance much more.

14) Network With Other Professionals

Establishing relationships or directly fostering an online friendship with professionals from different sectors can favor you.

If they have a good relationship with you, they will also have a better predisposition to collaborate and share your content with their followers on social networks or make mentions on their sites.

By this I mean gradually building constructive relationships for both parties and not just convenience.

  • Write On Other Prestigious Blogs

The fact of writing as a guest on other blogs will make it easier for you to make yourself known and at the same time, it will provide you with a gateway to new visitors for your digital project or followers for your social networks.

15) Be Consistent And Enjoy Working On Your Blog

If you really want your web traffic to increase, start by taking this more seriously and be more consistent.

I mean, work, work, work …

Do not spend long periods without publishing, this hurts you in relation to Google and in image issues with your readers.

Likewise, a blogger who does not enjoy writing in his blog is someone who, sooner or later, will end up losing interest in it … without forgetting that your readers will also notice this lack of motivation.

5 Keys To Increase The Web Traffic Of Your Business

(Advice from Rubén Alonso )

Traffic to business web traffic

Well, without a doubt the starting gun in the growth of my blog was really inadvertently.

When I wrote articles in which I solved a problem that I had had myself, and that was to find the best hosting because it was to the nose of the one I had, the truth.

As I say, without realizing it, I had written an article showing what had happened to me and how I had solved it (important).

And of course, suddenly people valued it very positively, created debate, people commented, saw that this also helped them choose a hosting, etc. Because I was helping themselves by telling my experience, really.

In fact, some of the articles on my blog I have to say that, of the ones that have the most visits, are these types of articles that end up being really useful, in my opinion.

For example, a guide, a tutorial, an analysis, etc.

1.Write With The Intention Of Helping Your Community And Potential Clients

So my first advice is to write something that really helps the reader . Because “bullshit” is already writing a lot on the Internet, the truth … And more now that there is a boom in writing bullshit.

If for example you see a tutorial on Google, very good, and you think you can do it even better, what are you waiting for to improve it?

Very associated with this advice too, I think it is very important to write for a specific type of “Person”. Find your own target or target audience , let’s say.

Precisely in order to solve problems or help readers, it is very good to know who that reader is, why he needs that help, etc.

You focus a little on the type of person he is and also your way of addressing him is better formed, what you know he may like or not, etc. This seems bullshit, but it really is very important.

Something as simple as focusing your blog on a specific topic and everything around it, can be great to attract a lot of people from Google.

Also, in this way these people who enter the blog already know what they are entering. This may sound logical, but there are many projects on the Internet in which you do not know what you are going to read until you enter, and that is a problem if you want to position yourself well in Google.

It can mean that from the Google search engine, when your articles appear in the results , the title or the name of the blog do not have much to do with the article.

And in the end they see that it is not exactly what they are looking for and they are not interested in entering. So, if they see that you are in a position, they do not like what they see and they are not very clear that you speak on that specific topic, nor do they enter.

And that in turn, is going to make you quickly lose position.

In short, “writing about things that really help people attracts more readers”

2. Focus On Your Target Audience

Flat vector illustration of web analytics information and development website statistic

So my second tip is to be clear who you write for and focus on that type of person and what they are looking for. More than anything to offer it, to make it easier, of course.

Then I had to maintain a certain “level” of the blog, which had greater growth, more visits, etc., and soon after you know my blog you will know that I love to do link building, which is nothing more than getting links or being linked.

I think that today, it is still one of the pillars of organic positioning, whatever they say.

And not to mention link building it has to be something “bad”, now it seems that all Linkbuilding is unethical, it is terrifying, it is frowned upon … I do not see it that way, and after all that will have to be decided Google and not you.

It is he who says if that is wrong, penalizes you or not, etc.

3. Try To Get Quality Links


So my third tip is to try to link quality and impact sites , yes. No matter where you look at it and believe what you believe, it has worked for me. The day it stops being like this, then I will say: it no longer works! But it worked …

And to all this, I add that I have always tried to take care of the SEO on page or internal aspects of my blog.

Not so much that they link you, but what you do within your blog, that you control it more (which is why my blog is called «My Web Positioning»).

It is necessary to write useful and quality content, it is clear. But it is also very important to take care of some technical issues when writing and that in the end they become a good habit.

This means, for example, writing good titles, good descriptions, headings, alternative texts on images, etc.

Many do not take into account these little things, which in the end do not consume any time, and do not realize how much it can help them on their blog.

I am convinced that there is a lot of very good quality content buried in the last positions of Google that if they took into account these little things they would end up in the top 10 of the search engine, almost effortlessly.

4. Take Care Of The SEO On-Page Of Your Site

So it is clear that my fourth advice is to take care of these technical aspects of SEO on page or internal . You hardly invest time and the results can be amazing. Why do not do it?

And finally, I think that another of the keys in my blog is undoubtedly networking, which is nothing other than interacting with other bloggers, participating in their blogs, getting to know them, doing it because they know you, etc.

This sounds so wonderful and so idyllic from the land of happiness, in the city of dreams … it is true as a temple. I can assure you.

In my case, a lot of bloggers have contributed their bit to make the blog grow. And also I have related to them, I have discovered that in this world there is a lot of crack that is also a very good person, which is greatly appreciated, the truth.

It helps a lot, really. Relating to bloggers of this “personal” size (which are cracks is of course), helps a lot.

5. Relate With Other Professionals In Your Professional Sector

So my fifth and final tip is to connect and relate to other people in your industry .

Because perhaps it is of little use to connect with another blogger from another sector that you cannot make a synergy together, that you cannot help each other.

That you connect with those in your sector even if it’s for a beer, that they know you, that you know who you are.

And above all, do not treat them as your competition but as your allies, who are in the same boat. Because union is strength, believe me. And in the world of blogging this happens a lot.

How To Increase Web Visits To Create A Successful Blog?

(Advice from Miguel Florido )

“Networking with other professionals will promote the visibility and Web traffic of an Online project”

Since I do not want to enroll more than necessary I have thought to do a checklist of tips and strategies that have given me good results in my blog and that you can apply in yours:

1. Define The Theme Of The Blog And Its Contents

Perhaps you may think that if you cover more you will have a better result, but in my experience it is usually the opposite, so I recommend that you focus your Blog on a few and certain topics, and then later, as long as you consider it appropriate, you can expand it.

Define The User Target Well

It is very important to know very well the person we want to attract Web traffic to our site, the more data we have about him much better and our strategy will be much more effective and efficient.

Create And Spread the Brand

Surely you are clear that the creation of a brand begins with the design of the same, but this is the first stage of a long journey, so think about what Branding actions you are going to take to make it known.

I recommend that 80% of your work is to spread your brand image, that is, it is work that we do outside of our Blog, and 20% work on our own Blog.

Analyze the most relevant sites in your sector and try to publish an article, but try to make this “article be from a movie”, since you will be presenting yourself to thousands of people, so you are interested in making the “best article of your life” .

2. Create A Well-Segmented Content Strategy

Perhaps you can fall into the error of thinking that the more content we publish on the Blog, the more successful we will be, but it is not.

We have to define a content strategy that is very well segmented and scheduled, and where the value and quality of the content prevail before anything else.

bloging and on page seo, two persons, laptop

3. Get Subscribers From Minute Zero

This is a classic mistake since we think that subscription is a stage that we must add to the strategy when we already generate enough web traffic, but it is not.

Start attracting subscribers from the first moment and try, to the extent possible, to segment the list by theme or affinity.

In my case, during my first steps with my project on the Internet I got 10,000 subscribers thanks to the SumoMe plugin . Now I am also trying other new methods, since there are hundreds of plugins that help you in these purposes.

4. Create a Social Media Strategy

Social networks are much more than a mere channel to communicate the contents of our Online project, hence the importance of having a well-defined social media plan from the beginning.

The true value of Social Networks is that they allow you to connect and create strong relationships with other professionals in your sector.

Always bet on creating an active and participative community

Do not get carried away by reaching a specific number of followers on Twitter and other networks, the true value of a community is its degree of activity against the content that we publish, or in other words, the degree of interest in the information that we publish every day.

Networking + Networking + Networking

Networking is the largest amplifier that exists in the Marketing Galaxy.

We have to spend several hours a week chatting and interacting with other professionals so that we can generate a good relationship that eventually becomes a friendship.

But this has to be done naturally, just as we do in the physical world.

5. Get a Faithful Reading Community Of Your Blog With Feedly

It is very important and high quality traffic that comes directly from a person who usually reads your articles and therefore stays several minutes on your Blog.

It is for this reason that for a few years I began to use different strategies to increase the number of readers, achieving thousands of them today. If I have succeeded, you can also do it.

Extra: Work + Work + Work and Effort + Effort + Effort

If you think that managing any type of project on the Internet is something simple and easy, like “sewing and singing”, you are very wrong.

A blog requires a lot of work and effort, there is no other way to lead it to Success and to differentiate yourself from other professionals.

As my grandmother Juana, who is now an angel in heaven, used to say: “If you want to stand out, Miguelito, you work 3 times more than the others”.

Well in the end I have lengthened a little more than I thought. But in short, all this will lead you to increase your Web traffic and the visits you receive in whatever Internet business you have created.

Web traffic concept in word tag cloud on black