It is likely that you have ever wondered what WeTransfer is and how it works in Spanish this platform that is so fashionable and of which many users speak. And it does not surprise me, since as you will see later in this same article, it is one of the tools most used by all kinds of professionals.

So, if like me, they work in digital marketing or have an online business, it is very common to be continuously managing and sharing all kinds of files over the Internet, both by email and through other digital channels.

Taking into account this everyday situation, before moving on and going to explain how this platform works, it is convenient to make a point and explain what WeTransfer is, so that, through its definition, you better understand how it can help you:

What is WeTransfer And What Is It For?

WeTransfer  is an online platform that is cloud-based and designed so that you can transfer different types of files for free to other users on the Internet.

Its use is very simple and increasingly frequent, especially since it allows you to send very large or heavy files in a very comfortable, easy and 100% effective way.

In addition, the service allows you to send the selected items, both to one person and to several, only through your email.

It is a service that can be compared, a priori, with others such as “DRIVE” ,  “iCloud” or “Dropbox” , but it has some different features (which you will see later in this article).

With Wetransfer, Can I Send Very Large Files To My Contacts For Free?

I am sure that, from time to time, you have found yourself in the need to send photos, videos, PDF files or any especially large and heavy digital element to collaborators or friends.

And, when you want to attach them by email, they have been bounced back and then you have wasted time looking for an effective alternative to do it without restrictions.

Precisely this is the great incentive that this tool has that, unlike other platforms such as the one available when creating a Gmail email , which allows you to send files of up to 25 Mb, with WeTransfer (WE) you can do it for free with up to 2 Gb of capacity.

To be more exact, you could also do it with your Google account, but in this case it would have to be through «Google Drive», previously saving your files in this virtual drive.

What İs “WeTransfer Free” And How Does İt Work?

This is the free version of this web project, which I just gave you its definition for. To use it, you simply need to enter WeTransfer, upload the files and send them to the recipients who need the document in question.

wetransfer homepage

Please note that the free version allows you a maximum of 20 recipients . You also have the option of attaching some kind of message, just like a normal email.

When they have been downloaded, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt in your email account to certify that they have done so. If, on the contrary, they do not do it and they forget the file, the platform will also send you an email advising you that they have not opened it.

The service is completely free to send files that do not exceed 2 GB in weight.

This ensures practically professional use, which is why it is a very popular service in the advertising and communication sector: designers, printers, creatives, photographers, publishers and a long etcetera.

If this shipping capacity is not enough and you need more functionality, as well as some personalized tools, you can use the account in its paid version or also called “Pro”, paying about ten dollars a month.

Still don’t know what this variant is about? Next I present it to you:

What Is “WeTransfer Pro” And How Does It Work?

This version offers you 100 GB of storage  in your own personalized cloud, in addition to transferring files of a weight equivalent to 20 GB and encrypted password protection.

What Is "WeTransfer Pro" And How Does It Work?

The latter allows you to be calm in case you have to send somewhat “private or confidential” items.

You can also send documents to 100 different recipients in one click.

With «WeTransfer Pro» , you can customize the background, the presentation of the shipment, the URL and a long list of options, to have it at all times to your liking.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The WeTransfer Platform?

it at all times to your liking. What are the advantages of using the WeTransfer platform?

Taking into account the previous definition that I have given you about it and before going on to explain step by step how it works, I would like you to understand some of its main advantages:

► No Need To Create An Account

Compared to other cloud-based platforms, what makes the difference between it and the other platforms is that it does not require you to create an account or to register so that you can send a file.

Nor does the person who receives it need to take any action prior to receiving or downloading it.

This, undoubtedly, is one of the great benefits it offers, since you do not need to carry out any type of prior action such as filling out a form, confirming your email account or any other similar one, which does not achieve anything else but make us waste time. .

► You Can Advertise Your Business On Their Wallpapers

Well-known brands like Nike, Netflix or Vimeo have already tried it.

Brands announced on Wetransfer

Another advantage it presents is that, given the immense number of active users who use it every day to share all kinds of digital elements, it is an ideal showcase to advertise your own business.

And it is that in addition to the previously mentioned function, you have the possibility of appearing in the attractive and attractive desktop wallpapers that are shown to users while the files load correctly.

► The Loading Of Your Files Is Immediate

You can send or receive in a few moments the files or documents you need with two simple actions: that of loading elements and that of sending them.

As I have already told you, this service is used to send documents (especially large ones) to any recipient. In a simple and direct way, you can send them to a printing company, a publisher, a supplier or a collaborator, to anyone.

In addition you should not wait a time proportional to the weight of these, because with other tools of yesteryear, if we wanted to send a total of, for example, 10 Gb, we had to wait hours for them to be attached to the platform in question.

How Does WeTransfer Work Step by Step?

Although I have already told you some of the functionalities and ways of acting with this tool, below I will explain step by step how you can send files with it:

1. Access Your Website

In order to use this service, you must access its website, by WeTransfer.

Once there, you must select between the free option (default) or the paid option.

If you want to choose the free option without registration, you must click on the «free « service,  but if you want to access the payment plan, you must opt ​​for «Wetransfer Pro».

It is likely that, when you enter the second time, if you already chose the “free” option for the first time, it will automatically show you its free version by default.

2. Accept Their Privacy Policy

Now you will be on a screen where you have to read and accept the terms and conditions of the service. It is usually a process that few people read, but it is always advisable to find out about what you are accepting.

Once read, you must click on the “Accept” button and you will go to the screen where you can start making your shipments.

How Does WeTransfer Work Step by Step?

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3. Send Your Files

Now comes the time when you can configure shipping. To do this, you must click on the “+” icon   where it says “Add more files” on the left side of the screen.

Then it will be when the explorer of the operating system that you have on your computer, either Mac or Windows, opens and will allow you to access the item you want to send.

Remember that when you are using a free version, you have a maximum of 2 GB for each shipment .

At the bottom of the box you will also see an icon with three dots, «…», when you click on them a menu will appear, in which you can decide the way in which you send the file. You can decide if it is  in the form of a link or an email .

By selecting the link, you will effectively obtain a link that you can share through a messaging application such as WhatsApp or any other of the social networks most used by you or the recipient.

If instead you decide to send it via email, you must add both the email of your recipient and your own, so that person can know who is the sender of that message

Once the three fields have been filled in, press the “Send” button and the sending of your files will begin.

In this menu, you will also see two options with which to configure the expiration date of the item. This is something that you can modify in the premium or paid version, but not in the free version, which, as I said before, is two weeks.

4. File Transfer

Once you have completed the step you have decided, the word “Transferring” will appear on the screen. It will appear as a percentage and you will have to wait until it is 100% complete.

In this way, you ensure that the item has been transferred completely and in complete safety. Subsequently, the service itself will ask you if you want to send some other type of file.

If yes, you should follow the same steps, but if you no longer have any items to send and you’re done, you can close the website.

What If I Am The Recipient Of A File Transfer?

If you are the recipient or recipient of a file sent by this tool for free,  you will receive a link in your email.

What if I am the recipient of a file transfer?

The sender of this email is the platform itself and all you have to do is click on that link so that the files are downloaded to your computer.

When this process is done, the original sender automatically receives an email confirming that the recipient has successfully downloaded the files, as you can see in the image above.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using It?

Despite the great convenience demonstrated by using this online tool, it is possible that when using it, you should also consider these handicaps that could condition you:

► The Content Is Removed After a Few Days

Depending on whether you are using «WeTransfer Free» or «WeTransfer Pro» , all the content you upload to its database is volatile , that is, it will definitely disappear from this cloud after a few days.

Therefore, you should try to download the files they send you as soon as possible and vice versa, in case you are the issuer.

Otherwise, you will have to carry out the loading of those files again.

► Your Confidential Files Will Be Uploaded To The Network

Although, it is true that the download link will only be within your reach and the recipient, you should bear in mind that those attached files will also be uploaded on the Internet.

In the unlikely event that email is hacked by either party, they will be available to anyone.

As I say, this possibility is somewhat remote, but still I think it is good that you contemplate it.

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We-Transfer  is an essential service due to its simplicity, speed, elegance and, above all, because, as you have seen with this article, it does not require uncomfortable registrations, both for sending and receiving files.

But if your profession requires you to send many heavy or confidential files on a regular basis, you can choose a premium version (“WeTransfer Pro”), in which you can password protect the transfer of files that require greater security.

In short, this tool comes to show us that new technologies do nothing but advance. They make things easier for us and make us more productive in all areas, including in our relationship with customers and collaborators.