What Is A Landing Page And How Does It Work?  A landing page is a very important part of any Online Marketing strategy . This is because they are one of the fundamental factors when it comes to talking about attracting leads, increasing conversions and sales in any digital project.

In other words, they are a fundamental element of conversion in the final phase of any online sales funnel . Therefore, before learning to optimize them, let’s see together what a landing page is and what it is for.

What Is A Landing Page And How Does It Work?

landing page is a web page that users will reach when they click on a Linck of a specific publication or advertisement. They are specifically designed with the aim of converting the visitors of these Websites into leads.

Features Of The Perfect Landing Pages Plus Their Main Functions And Examples

How To Create A Landing Page That Converts Better?

Now that you know what a landing page is, I would like to explain what they are for and why a landing page is very important for a customer acquisition strategy.

In short, we will see how they will determine the conversion rate of an online marketing campaign. This means that if the entire campaign is relatively well focused, but the landing does not convert, this action will not be effective.

What will you find in this post?

  • What are they for.
  • Characteristics of landing pages.
  • Plugins to create landing pages in WordPress.
  • The best pages to download landing page themes for WordPress.
  • Platforms to create them.
  • Example of how to make a perfect landing page.

What Is A Landing Page For?

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Landing pages have a main function, which is to attract customers through the internet. Even so, they can be created for other purposes, among which are:

  1. Get subscribers : One of the most used functions. On the internet you will often find landing pages to get subscribers through eBook downloads, tutorials, resources or guides. This strategy is very effective when it comes to promoting your newsletter.
  2. Affiliate Sales : I have also seen them to sell affiliate products as menu anchored pages. This struck me as very curious and I think it can be a fairly effective way to improve your sales of affiliate products.
  3. Getting them to contact you : Increasing the chances of them contacting you through them is one of the most widely used options.
  4. Selling a product or service : Selling products and services through one of them is something that is usually very frequent since in theory they should convert more than any page on your website.
  5. Get leads : One of the most frequent objectives of a landing page is to generate leads through a contact form.
  6. Get followers and share your page on social networks : Improving social bookmarks and increasing your followers can be another of the functions.
  7. Video views : Conversions through a video and then converting through different methods mentioned above.

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Landing Pages?

As we have seen, there are many types of landing pages with different objectives, but whatever their objective, all of them must have common characteristics to be considered optimized.

1. Write An Eye-Catching Headline

The importance of a good headline is not something that is only important for landing pages.

A good headline is something that must be present on any web page, which is perfectly logical since it will be the first thing that the user sees when landing on your page, verifying that the link that he clicked effectively takes him to where he wanted to arrive.

2. Count The Benefit To Be Obtained

The next concept in order of importance is the benefit to be obtained. Every user, once they have verified that they are on the page they want, looks for more information.

If we can corroborate with a subtitle, a phrase near the headline, a text of two or three lines or a list of points, some of the benefits that you will obtain, we will surely capture your attention and continue reading and / or proceed with the conversion .

3. Make Your Content Desirable

Obviously, it is also important that later it is a quality content, since otherwise this reader will never trust you again and you will not get more visits or benefit in sales or affiliates among others, so try to make your content attractive by  motivating the purchase  after the holder and the benefit to obtain.

In the purchase motivation it is very important that:

  • Count the main benefits.
  • Explain the value of the product.
  • Cite the improvements against your competition.
  • Make it clear why you should take that particular offer.

In the part of the desirability of a product, how they are going to view it is very important, since although it is an intangible service, seeing a beautiful and well-designed image will have a very positive influence on the desire to buy it, so the previous presentation The ideal is to add an image to the side that represents the product or service and makes it more attractive.

To create this section, depending on how the product is,  we have 3 options :

  • Long content : Necessary if it is a very expensive product or the benefits that we want to explain are many. Normally the ideal in these cases is to create a list with the most important points, ordering them by importance from top to bottom.
  • Short Contents :  If it is an impulsive purchase, if the product requires little explanation or if you consider that the user who has reached this landing does not need such a long text to explain
  • Multimedia content : If we prefer to explain the benefits of our product or service with multimedia content, the best is:
    • Videos: They must not exceed a minute and a half in length.
    • Images: It must be very representative and easy to understand.

Landing page

4. Eliminate Escape Routes

In every landing page it is necessary to improve the conversion ratio, completely eliminate or minimize escape routes.

Doing this we will get the visitor to focus exclusively on the offer and there are no vanishing points from the page so that the user continues browsing and forgets to perform the conversion.

5. Optimize Form Fields

The number of fields on the form will directly influence the number of leads we capture through our landing pages.

Of course, not every time it is good to have short forms to capture more leads.

Sometimes it is better to increase the number of fields a little to improve their quality or obtain more information.

«The more fields your contact form has, the lower the conversion rate of the leads, but the higher the quality of these»

6. Guide The User Towards The Goal

Another key point to create a perfect landing page is to guide the user towards the goal.

This is achieved by reading the same point by point and in the order that we want to get you to understand the benefits of the product and achieve the conversion, which is the ultimate goal of the landing page.

7 . Have A Single Goal

A landing page will always be more effective if all the elements that compose it are destined to achieve the same objective.

If each text, each image and each call to action are for the same objective, the conversion rate will always be higher.

For example, some negative aspects of trying to sell 2 products on the same page would be:

  1. Make the user doubt when having to choose between 2 products, increasing the difficulty of decision making.
  2. Having to write sales messages for each of the products.
  3. Increase the images and content on the page, saturating it and increasing the reading time.
  4. Increase the occupied space, making the user have to scroll and waste more time.
  5. Eliminate the route or lengthen it, giving more importance to one product than another, since if they are placed at the same height, the route would be lost.

8. Include Awards And Testimonials

Another feature that a landing page must meet is the presence of testimonials to increase user confidence.

With the testimonies it is possible to prove that your product has already been well received in the market and that there are happy customers who have tried it.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to include as one of the characteristics of the same the presence of prizes, since these increase the motivation of the conversion and manage to improve the conversion percentage.

9. Create Custom Content

Custom content or smart content is a type of content that is created on different landing pages and displayed to users who have already visited the website and left their data.

In fact, the interesting thing about this personalized content is knowing how the user got there, what products they downloaded or what services they were interested in, in order to offer them the landing that best suits their profile and secure the closing of the sale.

These actions to get the user to progress through the sales funnel are called Lead Nuturing and serve to determine when the user is at the end of the funnel (BOFU) to be able to offer the product then and not before and always depending on the needs detected during our funnel.

Therefore, good personalized content will help us classify our leads to offer them a customized product when they become “qualified leads for sale”.

Plugins To Create Landing Pages In WordPress

Plugins To Create Landing Pages In WordPress

How To Create Effective Landing Pages With Thrive Landing Pages?

Below you have a video tutorial in which I explain how to create them in a super easy way with a plugin that is probably the best I have tried so far, not only to create landing pages but to design tabs and articles on your website.

“With this plugin you will save money by creating a landing page, but you can also create pages and entries for your website, saving you almost completely the  price of a website .”

Thrive:  In my opinion, the best option to create a professional landing page (it is paid).

  • Advantages : Easy to install, dozens of templates to choose from with full customization of these, A / B test to improve conversion, easy handling and just in case you have doubts and want to try it out first, you have a 30-day guarantee with a 100% money back .
  • Disadvantages : None.

This plugin is from the company  Thrive Themes  and is very helpful for creating web pages and landings quickly.

The result is much more professional than with the free plugin mentioned below and it is very much worth buying it.

How To Create Landing Pages With A Free WordPress Plugin?

This previous plugin is the best for creating landing pages and will ensure you excellent results, but even so if you don’t want to spend money or prefer to start with other free plugins, there are some pretty good ones that can help you create simple landing pages so you don’t have than designing them yourself in WordPress , which will normally take much more time and knowledge.

WordPress Landing Pages:  One of the best options to create them professionally and for free.

  • Advantages :  Easy to install, different templates to choose from, A / B test to improve conversion and easy handling.
  • Disadvantages : It is a fairly heavy plugin.

How to create landing pages with a free WordPress plugin?

The Best Pages To Download Plugins And Landing Page Themes

Another option if you want to design a landing page and the plugins do not convince you is to buy a specific theme for each landing page you need.

This option today I have never tried because I use the Thrive plugin but if you want to create a professional this is a good solution.

How Much Do Landing Page Themes Cost?

Normally in any Market Place you will find these plugins and themes from $ 10 and $ 15.

How Do I Integrate Them With My Current WordPress Template?

Very easy. You purchase the template, download it and upload it to a new directory and subdomain by doing a new WordPress installation.

This will take more time than using the plugins but it is faster than creating it in your own theme. So in a few minutes you can have your landing page ready to convert.

  • Themeforest : You will find more than 660 different landing pages which makes this page one of the best options.
  • Freeboostrap : Another well-known theme download page with a large selection to choose from.
  • Templatemonster : Among the places to download landing page themes, templetemonster could not be missing.

Platforms To Create Landing Pages

Another option to create professional landing pages is to use one of these payment platforms.

They are easy to use and allow you to create them quickly and without the need for any type of installation.

As a drawback, they have prices that from my point of view, if you are not going to create them with a certain frequency, it is not very economical.


Unbounce is a web page where it offers you to create your landing pages on its platform .

In this way you save the installation that buying a template can entail, being able to choose from a large number of very professional templates focused on different sectors.


Instapage is another website to create landing pages through its platform. It is the same service and operation as the previous page, with a large portfolio of templates and a wide variety of topics focused on different sectors so that in a few minutes you have your landing page assembled.

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