Do you know that there are professional video editors with whom you can adapt and modify your work to the needs of all your different digital projects?

From a few years to this part, and given the relevance that this format has taken in the world, it seems to me of utmost importance that all the audiovisual files that we use to accompany our content and sales pages, should be as professional as possible.

Therefore, knowing the best programs to edit videos online should be a priority task for you, especially if you want to attract the attention of your target audience with tutorials, webinars and even with small explanatory clips or presentation of services and products.

Even If I’m Not A Professional, Could I Also Use A Video Editor?

Precisely that is one of the main purposes of this article. Today we want to show you which are the best professional programs, how to use an Online video editor and, also, introduce you to the most powerful and easy-to-use free options.

But make no mistake. Just because you can do it at no cost, does not mean that the quality of these applications is not optimal, on the contrary!

Many of them have very interesting features and free or trial versions that can be expanded according to your specific needs, thanks to their Premium options.

Now you can also use some of the video editors that we will show you in this guide, making your clips, movies or audiovisual elements have an almost perfect result, just as if you were to do it professionally.

I will recommend no less than 20 programs, explaining the qualities and use of some of them, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and digital strategies.  Here I leave you with this impressive list!

The 20 Best Online Video Editing Programs for Your Digital Projects

It is more and more frequent, especially in works destined for television or the Internet, that the person who makes a recording, sometimes is also in charge of editing that material.

This double task has a functional sense, since if we record a lot of material, we will know perfectly what material we have and what clips we want to use.

Another reason why the person who records is also in charge of editing is what we call in audiovisual language ” mounting on camera “.

As its name suggests, it refers to the fact that, as the camera captures the different shots, it already knows how to edit or edit the video. And speaking of this term, you may not yet know exactly what I mean. So I will start by giving you a rough definition of what it is all about:

Successful video editor, people

What is Video Editing?

If we talk in a colloquial way, video editing is removing those parts of the element that we do not like and ordering what we do like. Explained in this way, it may seem like a simple task, but it requires professional knowledge at the narrative level to be able to create a logical and coherent message.

The best example can be found in a conventional cinema film, which is still an audiovisual production or succession of shots with a logical order, with the aim of creating a story.

But in many occasions, it is not only to order the material and make the message, since we must, as far as possible, correct the planes that are not in optimal qualities , either due to an excess of light, because it has not been done white balance correctly or simply for aesthetic reasons etc.

In short, we must give greater consistency to the recorded material. In addition to that, it is very likely that in the editing of the current video file we will have to perform tasks such as sound, embed the titles and include resources and visual effects to the piece.

Video Editor: But What If My PC or Mac is not Powerful Enough To Autonomously Modify These Files?

Once we know what it is, we probably want to carry it out, but our PC or Mac does not have enough resources for the installation of a professional video editing program.

Therefore, 100% Online programs to make and edit videos are the best solution.

The common characteristic of this type of programs is that they are much easier to use than other programs such as “After Effects” or “Avid” which, although it is true that these offer us more possibilities, their use is intended for professionals in the audiovisual sector .

What are The Main Advantages Of Being Able To Edit Online Video?

As you can imagine taking into account what has been said so far, having the possibility of carrying out these editing actions has multiple advantages.

Some of them are:

  • You do not require a computer with large resources.
  • Speed ​​of use . By not needing the download and installation of programs you avoid that waste of time.
  • Ease of handling and usability . Although it is true that Online editing programs have fewer options to design your project, its management is easier for “amateur” use.
  • Multiple export options . Most editors offer you multiple export options (full hd, 2k, 4k, etc …), and even many tools allow you to publish your clip directly to social networks.
  • Professional results . Currently we find many preset effects and transitions that give us the opportunity to give a much more professional look to our works.

20 Free Programs To Edit Videos Online, Also Compatible With PC and Mac

Here is a selection of the best Online editing programs currently on the Internet, from simpler editors to a much more professional one for more advanced users:

1. Youtube Editor

Youtube creator editor homepage

First of all, and how could it be otherwise, let’s talk about Youtube Editor . The queen platform of the videos has its own tool, which allows us to edit our own.

In addition, with this tool you can upload your videos to YouTube in an easy and fast way.

► The main advantage of this editor is that it lets us do without any program and upload ours directly to the platform, although obviously the results are not going to be the same as professionals that programs like Sony Vegas or Final Cut can give you.

However, if you are starting to edit videos, you may not need all the tools that these programs provide you, and what “Youtube Editor” provides you is enough.

► As a disadvantage of this tool, it should be noted that it does not allow you to export or upload them to a different platform than YouTube.

Although it is true that we can find extensions that allow us to download videos once uploaded, to be able to show them privately or upload them to other digital platforms.

In its “editor mode” it has an audio track and an audiovisual track, in which we can embed various clip fragments until we get the project we want .

It also has various effects and transitions, as well as audios and photographs with use licenses so that we can complete our video if we consider it appropriate.

As more advanced options, it has brightness adjustments, automatic color correction or stabilizer , although these options are quite limited and do not always give the result you want.

In summary, this is a fairly intuitive and easy-to-use online editor, which works excellently for small projects, such as most of the clips made by YouTubers.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo video editors home page

The other great platform for reproducing visual content, could not be left behind in the video editing sector and also has certain tools to be able to make small modifications to your audiovisual files .

The Vimeo editor is very limited but it has other functions to keep in mind, such as integration with Adobe, making it easier to work and manage.

3. Cameo

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

Cameo is another Vimeo tool but intended for mobile phones, and more specifically for iPhone. This app allows you to edit and share your “cinematographic” material from your iPhone in a few steps, and best of all, it is a completely free app .

Record and edit directly from your mobile with Cameo , also thanks to being a Vimeo platform you can use hundreds of songs and music from your library, without any restriction of rights.

4. Kizoa

Kizoa movie maker home page

Kizoa is a website that allows us to easily and quickly create any type of thematic element, such as one with photographs of our last trip, one for birthdays, another for graduation, and even our wedding movie.

To do this, you will find hundreds of templates for different themes or occasions, and this website allows you to easily share the video with your contacts on your Facebook page .

To use it, we just have to visit the website and click on start the project. This gives us two different options: Kizoa model templates, where it shows us all the templates that exist for different occasions, and create our template from scratch .

In case of choosing a template already created we will only have to upload the photographs or images that we want to incorporate into our video, which we can upload from our own computer or from Facebook and, once we have chosen the photographs, the tool will create the clip, ordering them from automatically.

Depending on the number of images you have uploaded, your work will be shorter or longer. The tool also allows us to easily change other details such as the titles that appear in it.

Kizoa is a free online video editor, which allows us to easily create one for a special event in just a few minutes and giving very professional results.

Unlike the rest of the editors, it lacks a timeline as such, you simply have to upload your photos and personalize the texts and music that we want to use. This aspect makes it much easier to use than other editors, but its options for editing or customization are also much smaller.

5. Wevideo

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

By accessing the official page of the site and registering in the user area, we will be able to create and edit our own clips thanks to Wevideo .

Once we have agreed, we will have to choose between 4 plans. If you are starting in this world, it is best to choose the first option; a free option, but it gives us enough options to create our video online.

Another advantage of the Wevideo platform is that it will not only serve as an online video editor, but we will also be able to store the different files that we create.

Regarding video editing, Wevideo has a very simple handling, so for its use we only have to load the elements that we want to make up our clip.

Subsequently, drag them to the project tracks where we can organize, align and edit each of the audio and video elements that we are going to use.

Its interface for editing is very intuitive, since in addition to the tracks with the usual editing tools, it has 5 tabs that make it one of the best video editors and the most used in the world. Those 5 tabs are:

  • Media : where we will find all the clips, audios and images that we upload to edit the video
  • Text : in this tab are the different texts and bullets that we can add to the edition.
  • Audios : large number of audios that we can use without any type of restriction in most cases.
  • Transitions, which we can use to smooth cuts between clips
  • Graphics : different effects to apply in our project.

As they define themselves, Wevideo is an Online video editor with which you can easily record, create, view and share your work in 4K resolution .

In short, one of the best editors, which allows you to edit any material anywhere, having full control (effects, transitions, color, titles …).

6. Clipchamp

Clipchamp video editors home page

Unlike the other programs that we have seen so far, Clichamp is not only a video editor, it is a more complete tool.

It also has a video converter ( export your file in avi, mp4, flv …), recorder, compressor (decrease the size of the video to the minimum expression to be able to distribute it more quickly) and video editor, and all this in a way that On-line.

Focusing on the editing tool, it has the main functionalities you are looking for (cut, rotate, intensity control, color correction, introduction of accessories, etc.) to edit videos virtually.

In turn, it has an easy system to share them, once they are finished, reducing their size so that they can be easily shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter …) and video playback platforms (Vimeo, YouTube …) .

The Clipchamp program is an online video editor that has almost no limitations whatsoever .

Clipchamp allows us to upload and export audiovisual files in any format and resolution thanks to its multiple output options, in a simple way and without compromising the quality of the video.

With the free version you can export up to 5 videos a month of 5 minutes each. If you need a plan that provides you with more options, you can choose the business plan or the company plan with which you can export an unlimited number of videos.

7. Mixer Factory

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

Mixer Factory is by far the most professional online video editing program we can find. Through modules and audio and video tracks, you can customize your project without any limitation.

But it is not only its much more optimized interface and rendering system, it also offers you extra options that no other virtual editor can currently offer you.

For example, its monetization system with which you can choose to earn money if you  manage to make your videos more viral and reach thousands of people, or its integration with other platforms (Brightcove, Kaltura, JW Player …).

The only downside of this editor is that it does not have a free version and at most we can opt for a 15-day trial version, and then decide whether or not to pay us for this tool.

8. PlayFilm

Playfilm video editors hompage

PlayFilm is the ideal program to create interactive videos , that is, those in which the user who is watching it becomes a participant, either by expanding the information or ending up watching one animation or another depending on the option we choose.

This Online editor works with several “invisible” layers, which function as multimedia elements (images, audios, surveys, forms, interactive buttons…), and that allow creating video catalogs , and even “gamified” audiovisual files, where the Users are participants in the direction that history takes.

With PlayFilm , a professional interactive video software, you can add all kinds of interactive elements in a very easy way.

You only have to import the video, drag the interactive actions and adjust the options to achieve the effect you are looking for.

It is a program that offers many creative alternatives in the cloud, since it will only be enough to have an Internet connection, to be able to access it and we can start to create.

What types of video can be made with PlayFilm?

  • The one adapted to eCommerce , does the store function.
  • The video catcher becomes a participatory game.
  • The “choice” type , chooses several decision points to change the script of the clip.
  • The video learning , would comparison in today ‘s video tutorials.

Although it can be used with a free account, there are several plans to improve the user experience .

9. Clickberry

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

Clickberry is an extension that we can configure in our Mozilla Firefox browser .

This video editing program is very interesting since it allows us to add it to our browser, but a version for the desktop is also available in case we don’t use Firefox.

Like PlayFilm, ClickBerry is a program for interactive video editing, so we can create various options for users to decide what they want to do in the video.

It has the advantage that it has the option of linking directly to YouTube, so that we can directly upload our interactive videos in a simple way.

10. Videolean

Videolean homepage


This online editor is of Spanish origin, more specifically Canarian, and works through predesigned templates with a structure to make short videos, with a specific objective such as announcing a restaurant menu or making your own VIDEO CURRICULUM .

With Videolean you modify the template, include texts and sounds and you can now export your video in HD quality to share it on social networks.

Videolean already has more than 300,000 users and is perfect for clips with very concise and recurring information.

11. Rocketium

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

Rocketium is another program for creating and editing Online videos, which allows you to use clips for your projects from a library or add audiovisual material that you have created yourself.

Like many of the online editors that we have seen, it also has preset effects that you can use in your projects.

Rocketium is perfect for creating small pieces for social networks, since the tool allows you to share them with just the click of a button.

Other peculiarities that make it the ideal editor for social networks is that it has an app available for both Android and iOS users.

12. JW Player Editor

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

“The most powerful and flexible platform for creating online videos” This is how JW Player Editor announces this prestigious and useful tool.

Although it cannot be considered the top of all, it is true that it is among the best Online video editors on the market, since it has functions as plugins that facilitate the incorporation of the works created on this platform in your WordPress .

It also has the availability to monetize them, with the inclusion of advertising in them.

It also has a mode for recording and live broadcast, to transmit content simultaneously on your social networks.

This “LIVE” mode has a very easy-to-use interface, which makes it a streaming program to consider and sets it apart from most editing programs.

13. Filelab

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

Filelab is a great opportunity for those who want to create videos for YouTube . Without having to install anything, it is a great alternative to programs like “Movie Maker”.

Online, we can access an editor with a very simple interface, in which we only find 3 types of functions: add titles, add transitions and add video effects.

In the Filelab editor , it has the tools that any editor has: cut, add file, delete, undo, redo, cut and edit.

To start with our project, we must add the ” add file ” file to the video and audio tracks until we get the result we want.

14. Online Video Cutter

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

To finish with the most basic online video editors we could not fail to mention this “Internet Video Cutter”.

With an extremely simple and totally free interface , it offers you options such as cutting audiovisual files or rotating them 90, 180 or 270º, but it will not allow you much beyond that.

It should be mentioned because it is one of the first virtual editors that came out, however, its features have been a bit stagnant and any of the aforementioned will offer us better benefits.

Online Animated Video Creation And Editing Programs

In addition to these online video editing tools, I would like to add some of the best programs to create and edit animated clips, also in a totally VIRTUAL way:

15. Powtoon

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

PowToon is an online tool for creating animation videos. Its use is perfect for business presentations, product demonstrations, animated infographics, etc …

This editor has a free version , although very limited regarding the different payment plans that we can find.

When it comes to editing animated videos, its use is a little more complex than other basic editors, but in favor we have that the web has tutorials in English, which will help us to use the tool more easily.

Also, according to the plan we choose, we can use already designed templates, in which we will simply have to edit the material already created, being able to choose different scenes from each template and creating a new one with the structure that we want.

In case you want to create our template from scratch, its use is also very easy and intuitive, since we only have to select the objects or characters and drag them to the scene, indicating in the timeline, when we want those objects to appear or disappear. or characters that we have included in our history.

Once our story is finished, we can preview the animation or export it directly, to share it on Vimeo, YouTube, or any other social network.

PowToon is, without a doubt, one of the best platforms for creating and editing animated videos on the Internet, which allows us to create very visual and fun animated clips and presentations.

16. GOAnimate

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

With Goanimate we can make animated clips online in a similar way to PowToon.

On its website you can choose from a lot of themes, each one with various characters and backgrounds, and then only select the accessories we want, and include them in the place on the stage that we want them to appear.

Goanimate gives you the option to create your own animated characters , selecting different bodies and clothing, and changing their color.

Eyes, hairstyles, noses, mouths and various accessories are other options that it offers us, and of which we can adjust its size and position with simple controls.

You can even find templates with predesigned characters, in case you don’t want to start from scratch. Once your character is ready, with a simple click you can check the type of animations that can be made.

To create the animation we only have to prepare the scene in a timeline , as if they were frames from a movie, and incorporate the characters and accessories.

This program also gives you the option to incorporate multiple effects such as zoom or make your clip appear in black and white.

Another advantage of this program is that it allows you to upload your own material, so you can upload your photos as a stage background or props, if you think appropriate, as well as different voice clips, music and effects (it has up to 4 audio tracks ).

When it comes to spreading your creatives, Goanimate is a tool with multiple options, since you can upload your animations to Internet pages, share them on Twitter or download and upload them to various sites such as YouTube or Facebook.

It also has a community on its official page where you can share all your animations.

17. Renderforest

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

This professional video editing program allows us to make all kinds of animated clips, in a virtual way and without sacrificing the highest quality.

The Renderforest creation process is very simple, you can create all kinds of audiovisual material, using any browser and without having to install any type of plugins on your computer.

From introductory videos or headers to presentation clips, through material for social networks, and even promotional apps.

It has a wide catalog of templates from which you will have to choose the one that best suits the type of work you want to do, and then start editing the video elements online.

This editing program in the cloud also allows you to upload your own images, enter personalized texts and modify any color, thanks to its wide color palette.

Once you have your audiovisual material done, you can include music or a voice “off” and export your video in a few minutes to publish them on your own YouTube or Facebook channel with a simple click.

In addition, the platform puts at our disposal an infinity of resources (shorts, images and sounds) to use in our project so that you do not have to import your own material if it is not necessary.

With Renderforest you only have to drag the material you want to use, customize the template by modifying the texts and colors, and in the shortest possible time you will have your material ready.

It also has an autosave option , so you don’t have to worry, in case you have to leave work halfway.

Renderforest offers you templates of all kinds (explanatory whiteboards, scribble films, whiteboard animations, etc.), so you can create your videos in the cloud in a few steps.

18. Animaker

Animaker is the perfect tool for creating simple animated videos, create 2d animations in the cloud . It has a free version and various payment plans if you require more advanced features.

With Animaker we can create 4 different types of audiovisual files:

  • Infographics.
  • 2D animations.
  • Animations on “blackboard”.
  • Animations from typefaces.

19. Imgflip

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

Imgflip offers the possibility to create a GIF from a sequence of images or a video.

We will not be creating an animated film as such, but we will be a resource that can be very useful for social networks and, even, to make our blog more attractive.

20. GifMaker

What is the best video editor? 20 Free Online Video Editing Programs

The Gifmaker tool works very similar to Imgflip, since it allows us to create an image in GIF format, in an Online way.

To do this, we only need a couple of images and configure the speed at which we want them to alternate, to create our GIF.

This tool can be very useful even for Google Adwords, since it allows us to create Gif’s suitable for Display campaigns , that attract more attention than static images, and therefore, obtain better results in our campaign.