I wanted to compile in this article some of the myths of digital marketing, SEO, blogging, social media, and personal branding, with the aim of preventing you from falling into the error of using practices that are no longer effective, or of not correctly applying any of the strategies that I will describe below.

The goal is to shed light on these issues that are taboos and generate so much discussion and controversy, so we begin with these myths of digital marketing.

But before you start you have to start from the premise that none of these myths of online marketing are true and therefore it is good that you keep in mind to not apply something that really does not work.

5 Myths of Blogging

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You have to know that more than 90% of blogs leave the project before their first year of life, so I hope that these 5 myths about blogging help you manage your work with the blog more effectively.

# 1 Get Your Blog to Work

You have to know that a blog requires a lot of time, work and effort to get it to work. But what does this mean that a blog works? The first step will be to define what your goals are, and your blog will work as you approach or achieve these goals.

Getting a blog to work will depend on many aspects but if we talk about time, that is, the time it will take to see results, this will depend directly on the daily hours we are willing to dedicate. And yes I talk about daily hours, if you had in mind just dedicate a few hours a week to start with your blog, believe me when I tell you that you will not get it, and perhaps it is better that you do not believe the blog.

# 2 Attract Your Audience with High-Quality Content

It is clear that it is very important to publish content of real value for our blog, but if we only do that you will see how your Google Analytics statistics are very, very sad, and logically this will discourage you and generate frustration in the project.

Think that it is very important that you work your personal brand and that more people know the great work you are doing with your blog.

# 3 Start With a Free Blog

I have always thought of Yoda’s very good phrase in the “Star Wars”, where he says “don’t try to do something, do it”, this is a phrase that all professionals should burn on fire because I think that today We can hire a professional hosting for 40 or 50 euros a year, and a domain can cost us about 15 euros at most.

If we analyze it calmly, we only have to save 5 euros a month to invest it in perhaps the best tool to work our personal brand and open thousands of job opportunities in the future.

So before creating a free blog I recommend that you start directly and create a professional blog, it will be the best investment you can make thinking about your future.

# 4 Have Computer Skills to Have a Blog

You do not need to have the technical knowledge to manage a blog, this is something important and much less we have to try to become informatics to effectively run a blog.

So if your obstacle to creating a blog is your lack of technical knowledge, do not worry, because it is something that is not necessary.

# 5 Generate Money With a Blog

There are many ways to make money online and one of my favorites or the one I have chosen as professionals is to generate income through my blog.

There are many ways to make money with a blog but perhaps the most effective are through:

  • Online course.
  • Ebooks.
  • Webinars.
  • Affiliate marketing or recommendation.
  • Advertisements.

5 SEO myths

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In the SEO world there are dozens of conspiracy myths and theories, let me tell you that since I entered this world they have always said that SEO is dead or that they kill him shortly and 7 years later he is still alive and kicking.

# 1 Post Every Day to Have More Web Traffic

The worst of this SEO myth is that today people who still believe in it, so I’m going to stop a little in it, so as to prevent you from falling into this error.

My recommendation is to publish 1 post a week, with that it is more than enough.

If you want to get the web traffic you have to dedicate 20% of your efforts to generate content and 80% to the promotion and positioning of the content.

Content Distribution:

Guest blogging. Publish articles in very relevant blogs to get traffic and quality links that transmit link juice.

News aggregators. Upload in news aggregators like mktfan, marketertop and blogs and try to get the cover.

Social traffic. To attract as much social traffic as possible to the article, for this you have to get the greatest number of influencers to share your content.

Networking with other professionals. This is something you have to do every day to get the highest number of professionals to value and be interested in what you do.

# 2 Secondary Link Theory

This is very good, and it is an SEO myth that endures and endures over the years, and it is that if two links point to two external pages of the same domain, only the first one transmits link juice, because it is not so, both They do but in different intensity.

It is true that Google seeks a greater naturalness in terms of links, but as long as these links are within valuable content and that is related to the link we will not have problems, we do always remember to publish articles in authority blogs and With good web traffic.

# 3 Position Better with Long Contents

This one of the SEO myths that has done more damage to the blogging community, because many bloggers have increased almost 100% the extension of their content thinking that they were going to position much better but it is not so, much less.

We must always start from the idea that Google at the end is an algorithm that values something more than 200 criteria and that if your page gets a good score on these criteria, you will be at the top of the search results and in this nothing influences the content extension

# 4 Social Signal Position

Perhaps some SEO friend does not agree with me on this aspect but today nobody has been able to demonstrate that the social popularity of a content influence.

So it has a better positioning in the Google search engine, that is to say, a content for having more like it or because it has been shared more times, that is why it will not position better.

Another thing is the traffic and user experience that we can receive from this traffic, yes, it strongly influences SEO and web positioning without these signals are positive and result in good user experience in all those factors related to the experience.

# 5 Ensure an Organic Position in Google

Nowadays nobody can guarantee you a position in the Google search engine, it would be a somewhat reckless approach seeing the volatility that the first positions of the search engine currently have and the great changes that occur frequently.

5 Myths of Social Media

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# 1 Become an Influencer in Social Networks

Never get carried away by a figure to identify a person or brand that has an influence on a large community of people.

The influence is a value that is very difficult to measure and quantify, but what is certain is that having a number of x followers in a given social network does not symbolize that you are really an influencer.

# 2 Measure the Results in Social Networks

Calculating the ROI in a Social Media campaign is not simple but it is possible, and also necessary, since we have to track all the campaigns that we carry out to calculate and measure the cost of our investment and the number of leads or conversions that we have obtained.

# 3 Manage Social Networks

This is a very serious mistake, since thinking that anyone can post a few tweets or posts on social networks, and answering user questions is a huge mistake that could be very damaging to the company’s online reputation.

You have to think that social networks are a two-way channel and where we can attract and retain a community of staff, but for this, it is very important to design a social media strategy that indicates the steps to follow and define the objectives of it.

# 4 User a Variety of Social Channels

This is usually a very common error in social networks when a company begins to take its first steps in social networks and wants to go from 0 100 in a short time.

Normally starting to oversize our presence in social networks usually leads us to choose a large number of profiles and social accounts that over time we cannot manage due to lack of time, and where we will begin to stop using those profiles that offer the worst results.

That is how we will be creating a negative reputation of our own brand because in social networks Non-activity can make users think that the company is no longer in force or has closed.

In any case, it would be a generator of distrust that we should always avoid.

# 5 Paid Ads on Social Networks

In addition to being totally false, it is just the opposite, paid ads right now are much more effective than our organic Social Media publications.

So I recommend that you consider it when you want to increase the number of conversions of a product or service on the Internet.

5 Myths of Personal Branding Online

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# 1 Work on Your Personal Brand

Maybe you think you do not need to improve your personal brand because you have a good job and are not interested in changing jobs, but let me tell you that we not only work with the personal brand for the purpose of employment.

However, with the objective of growing, both professional level and level personal, and to connect and meet more professionals in our sector.

I dedicate at least 1 hour a day to work on the personal brand, and how much time do you spend?

# 2 Create a Blog and Start Earning Money

You have to know that it is very difficult to make money in the first year of life of a blog, I know very few cases that have achieved it, so most likely you will start to generate a reasonable income from the 2 years of life.

# 3 Have an Online Store

Never be pretentious in creating an online project, and analyze it well before deciding to invest thousands of euros in the creation and promotion of it.

You have to know that more than 90% of online stores fail and close their posts in their first year of life.

# 4 Work on Personal Brand Requirements

I have seen how the branding strategy of many projects was eliminated to reduce their costs but the truth is that this would eventually lead to a higher cost of other marketing and communication strategies.

Because working the brand of any professional or company is the best investment they can make, nor does it have to be an exaggerated cost and must be adapted well according to the project and the people involved in it.

# 5 Earn From a Blog

Let me tell you that it is not true, I decided a few months ago to apply for leave at the university where I worked to live from my blog.

It is one of the best decisions I have made in my life because now I can live on what I love most, I can travel everywhere giving classes, lecturing, and all this I have achieved thanks to a thing called Blog.

A blog for an Internet professional is your new curriculum, as well as your personal brand and networking, so start today to create a good digital curriculum, and create your own work, and thus be the protagonist of your own story.


There will always be many myths of digital marketing, SEO, social media, blogging, etc., but at least I hope that with these articles you avoid falling into some of the 20 myths I describe.

Always avoid making these 20 mistakes in the digital marketing strategy of your blog or website.

We could say that the SEO world is one of the sectors where there are more myths, and therefore there are many mistakes or ideas that we should not fall into, because they do not really work.

Now I would love to know your opinion about these myths of digital marketing and social media, and especially that you help me complete the list, to see if we reach 50 myths of digital marketing.

Would you add any SEO myth to the list?

What has been the myth that has impacted you the most?

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