Every online entrepreneur initially asked the same question: How to make money on the internet? And the truth is that our success or failure will largely depend on the answers we are able to obtain to this question.

Luckily the internet has made things much easier for anyone who wants to start a business, creating new types of businesses and greatly facilitating access to entrepreneurship.

Now, not all kinds of business are worth us, nor any business idea will offer us income or profitability (be careful with scams).

So, with which businesses can I make money online?

The variety of online business ideas you can make money with is huge.

Here we have already talked about how to make money online by setting up an online store or through the dropshipping technique .

However, I would like to focus a little more on those ideas for making money on the internet that are related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Design, Social Media … since they are the topics that I deal with the most here in my blog, and the that we are most interested in.

If you already dedicate yourself professionally or have knowledge of any of these topics that one of the advantages that you will cite will be precisely that of greater mastery of the medium, the barriers to entry will be lower.

How To Make Money On The Internet Taking Advantage Of Your Knowledge In SEO, Marketing, Design And Social Networks?

How to make money on the Internet taking advantage of your knowledge in SEO, Marketing, Design and Social Networks?

Do you want to know how to make money on the Internet? Well there are thousands of ways. And there are thousands of web pages that help you generate extra income, either by viewing advertisements or responding to paid surveys.

But if you have reached this blog, I am sure you do not feel like clicking 43 advertising emails or betting on the next victory for Real Madrid; And all that to earn a few pennies, or even if we talk about sports betting, you can lose money.


If you are here, it is because you like SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Networks …

Maybe you already have an online business, or you are a blogger, or your company has commissioned you to help you make yourself known. But one thing is clear: you are interested in this topic or you already have certain knowledge.

You have come to the right place.

In this article I am going to explain how to make money on the Internet using your knowledge in SEO, Design, Digital Marketing or Social Networks; without having to start a business or a blog.

List Of Business Ideas To Make Money Online

Below I have grouped into six types of activities and skills the main business ideas with which to make money online in the world of Digital Marketing, SEO, Design and Social Media.

Surely some of these skills are yours and you can consider earning an income.

1) Design?

Part of marketing is having an attractive and eye-catching design, so that people remember a brand (whether it’s a personal or company brand).

If you like design, there are several specific jobs that you can do to help brands or companies.

➤ Create a company logo

Design the main visual element of a company.

➤ Conceive the brand identity

What colors to use in the logo, the web and even the offices, or the font.

➤ Design advertising banners

Such as to show on Facebook or other channels. Another option may be to design the advertising brochures.

➤ Design the newsletter

Create custom templates for company and brand newsletters.

➤ Sell ​​on marketplaces like ThemeForest

Put your designs, your blog or website templates up for sale.

➤ Design a web page

Make the design of a website completely, not only the logos but also the navigation menus, the different components of the page … in other words, the UX (User Experience).

Later in this article I will explain how and where to propose these services but for now we continue with the list of ideas you need to know to know how to make money on the Internet.

2) Do You Like To Write?

Earn money typing on the internet

If yes, then writing long texts to promote a product is your thing. In fact, for your web pages you may have never paid anyone to write your content; although you know it is a very common practice.

You write it all yourself for your blog or your different pages.

Perhaps the time has come to make others enjoy your writing / writing talents.

➤ Be a Copywriter

Write compelling texts to help companies sell their products.

You can do it as an advertising copywriter. These companies will need you to write brochures, sales emails, sales pages and much more.

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➤ Become a  Community Manager

If you know how to communicate with others and create positive emotions with your words, you will have one of the essential requirements to be a Community Manager.

➤ Write articles

Simply, you have to write posts on a specific topic.

It is about looking for interesting information and reliable sources, and with all this writing a text.

Many times, you will not know anything about the subject, but hey that’s not a problem, right? Like me, you will know how to use Google to find what you need.

There are many platforms that are in charge of intermediating between you and the client, later I will indicate one to you.

➤ Write reviews

Many websites need people to write what they call “opinions” or “reviews” of the products they sell or promote. You just need to test the product, and write about it.

Maybe you won’t be able to write 2000 words about how good the new Nespresso coffee is, but some pages can, you see?

➤ Create your blog

If you like to write, and you still don’t have a blog, it is better late than never.

Still, you can earn money with your blog as we will see later.

Every year they announce their deaths, and yet every year new successful blogs see the light of day.

Maybe yours is next?

What is WordPress and what is it for?

3) Are you very comfortable with others?

If you have a gift for people, as they say in job interviews, there are some other ideas that could be perfect for you and will let you know how to make money online.

Here I share some.

➤ Act as Community Manager

I already told you above. Being a Community Manager is about animating a community, answering questions, helping people. Many times you will be the first point of contact between the company and its customers. Your role is very important, you are the one who stands up.

Many companies have improved their reputation for the good work of their Community Managers, and in exchange others have lost a lot of business because of some very bad CMs.

➤ Become a  YouTuber

video productions

Did you not expect it?

Well, without going so far, if you are comfortable with others, if you do not mind that everyone looks at you when you speak and you handle yourself freely in front of the camera, you will have it much easier to launch yourself on YouTube and make videos.

Maybe you don’t even need to set up your own YouTube channel because you can create videos for companies or blogs, and put yourself on the scene.

4) Do You Use Social Media A Lot?

If you are a crack of social networks and you have as many followers on Facebook or Instagram as Cristiano Ronaldo, then read on, because next I am going to explain how to make money on the Internet thanks to social networks.

Well, don’t worry, even if you have less followers than CR7, it will also work for you.

➤ Sponsored posts

There are companies willing to pay you to talk about them on Facebook or Twitter.

This is called sponsored posts, and you can sell a sponsored post on Facebook for between 5 and 10 euros, for example on the Publisuites platform.

Sure, before you have to build a page with thousands and thousands of fans. But if you are a Facebook crack, that is no problem.

➤ Sell ​​Facebook pages

facebook like icon

According to the same article quoted above, you can sell a page with 50,000 fans for around 100 euros.

Obviously, your page has to be about a topic that may interest brands.

So said, before selling your page, you can use it to:

  • Propose sponsored posts (the previous point)
  • Sell ​​reviews to companies
  • Links to some websites

Helping businesses generate income with Facebook Ads

You will be able to offer promotional services on  Facebook Ads and thus get new customers.

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➤ Using Facebook Ads for yourself

Many people have started a business around Facebook Ads. They run ads to promote a product or service, and each time someone buys or signs up, they receive a commission. A fusion between something traditional like affiliation, and something very recently like advertising on social networks.

➤ Being a Community Manager

We have already discussed it previously. If you like social media, offering your services as a Community Manager sounds like the perfect job.

5) How To Make Money Online With Your Blog?

Earn money with your blog

The ideas that follow will interest you.

Do you have a blog? Well start making money with it!

Surely you thought that you could only generate money with a blog using Google Adsense advertising banners.

Well I have good news. There are other ways like the ones I will tell you below.

➤ Affiliation

Surely you had already heard of it.

It’s about joining a brand or service , and receiving money every time someone signs up following your recommendation.

This practice is used a lot to make money online … too much, sometimes! Since it can be difficult to find honest opinions.

My advice: don’t overdo your brand recommendation. Your followers will be more loyal if you are honest with them.

➤ Sponsored posts

Like social media posts, sponsored posts will allow you to talk about a company or service you like, and receive money in return.

There are platforms like SeedingUp that put you in contact with the brands interested in your audience.

My advice: it ‘s better if you only talk about what you like. People don’t really like sponsored items, so it will show if you do it just for the money.

➤ Transform your blog into an ebook

Have you spent hours and hours writing your blog and dozens of articles? Does this content enchant your readers?

You could take advantage and write an ebook based on your articles: you just need to turn your articles a little, update them and publish your ebook on Amazon for example.

I recommend you to propose a low price and very interesting content. Too many ebooks sell for 5 euros with less than 100 pages, and they contribute almost nothing. Do something incredible, and sell it for 2.99 euros.

➤ Sell ​​your own product (or your time)

Beyond an ebook, you can also propose online training, coaching, conferences, seminars … everything that can help your audience solve their problems, based on your experience and knowledge.

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➤ Install other people’s blog

For many, creating a blog is as complicated as learning Chinese.

You know it’s not like that, right?

You can propose to these people to help them install their new blog on their web hosting:

  • Buy the domain
  • Configure DNS
  • Configure your WordPress with the most important plugins , prepare it for SEO themes … It is a service that is often found in Geniuzz e Upwork (later I will tell you more about these platforms).
  • WordPress maintenance: If you use WordPress, you could share your knowledge with others with this powerful but complicated tool. Many are looking for help with their WordPress installation: something has stopped working, they need optimization, they don’t know how to configure such a plugin. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

You see? If you have a blog, you will not have to spend a lot of time to know how to make money on the Internet, since you can directly use yours or your blogging knowledge.

6) Are You A Crack Of SEO or Marketing?

Modern concept SEO. Search engine optimization, Search bots with icons isolated on clear background

Do you know the more than 200 Google ranking criteria? Do you know what a disavow file is? Have you understood that it is not only about putting 43 thousand times your keyword in an article?

So this section is for you.

With your SEO and Marketing knowledge , you will be able to earn extra income.

➤ Improves the positioning of brands and professionals

Many bloggers or companies seek to improve their position on Google . They think that writing “interesting” content is enough, but you know that SEO is much more than that.

If you know a lot about SEO, you can propose your services to help them position themselves. However, don’t sell miracles. Do not make promises to position a company 1st for its theme, because it is not only up to you. And you know.

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➤ Help eliminate penalties for brands and professionals

With the Google animals (the panda, the penguin …), numerous websites have suffered penalties in recent years … and of course, they do not know why or how to solve them. There you go. You can propose your service to help these websites to remove penalties. Be careful, you can not promise anything, since everything depends on the friend Google.

➤ Offers SEO monitoring and reporting services

Do you use online marketing tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs , MOZ or Majestic?

Well, you know that they are very useful when evaluating your competition and following your own links.

Unfortunately, not everyone can pay a subscription to these websites …

So why not propose a complete report on one of these websites on Fiverr or Geniuzz in exchange for 5 euros? It suits you and it will be 5 minutes of your time, and whoever hires you will be happy to have saved the subscription.

Where To Find These Opportunities To Make Money Online?

Where to find these opportunities to make money online?

Now you will wonder where you can find the people to whom you want to propose your services.

There are several ways, below I tell you the most common.

➤ On your own blog

If you already have a blog , the easiest thing is to clearly propose your services on your blog.

It can be your blog installation service or your coaching program, your blog is the best place for people to find you and trust you. It is your showcase, you will have to promote yourself there.

You can also take advantage of the comments section of your blog. There you will surely receive many questions from people who have a problem, perhaps it is a good time to speak directly with them and see how you can help them solve their problem and redirect them to your services section.

➤ On freelancing websites

They are a good place to start. Many people and companies go there to seek help for a specific problem or for large projects.

If you want to propose specific things, better to use:

For larger projects, I recommend:

The good thing is that they all allow you to do this work from home or from anywhere in the world .

➤ Word of mouth

The recommendation works very well, even in times of the Internet … and probably more now that the offer has increased tenfold.

Get your previous clients to recommend and talk about you. Use and show these recommendations on your blog / website or on your Linkedin profile.

➤ The marketplaces

A bit like freelancing websites, they are places where you propose your service and some company or individual hires or buys it.

These are three examples:

  • SeedingUp : is a sponsored articles marketplace
  • ThemeForest : you can sell your WordPress plugins or templates
  • PubliSuites : gives you the possibility to propose your sponsored Facebook tweets or posts

Beware Of Scams That Promise To Earn Quick Money Online!

What Is Direct Response Advertising And Real Time Content The New Frontier Of Content Marketing?

Trying to earn fast money online is like entering a jungle . Many predators will want to take advantage of you, you will always feel in danger and you will not know in which direction you have to go.

To know how to make money on the Internet, you also have to know the other side of the coin, that is, the numerous scams that contaminate the network.

Let’s be honest: there are many scams.

There are people who tell you about the profits they have supposedly made with some secret method.

Pop-ups that start by telling you the story of a person who was previously unemployed, but who, thanks to a miraculous trick that few know, has started to generate around 500 euros a day. No tricks, no blogs, no websites, nothing.

Others who ask you for a few euros in exchange for a list of companies that pay you to receive their opinion.

The list is very long, but nevertheless, there are signs that do not deceive:

1. If it seems too pretty to be real, then you hit it: it’s not real.

You know, common sense is the most common of the senses.

If your common sense suggests something suspicious, follow your common sense.

2. Never pay first to receive this «secret» or that «trick»

First, because there are no “secrets” or “tricks.”

Second, because you shouldn’t pay before you know what you’re paying for.

Third, the tricks and secrets are related to those who say they can make money fast or easy online … and at the very least, the easy and fast is never very profitable.

3. Don’t believe everything you read on blogs

Yes, there are many pages that pay you for your actions, for example clicking on a link, seeing an advertisement, or answering a survey. But these methods will hardly give you a few euros a day (and that if you spend more than an hour a day).

Certain blogs tell you that you can earn a very interesting extra income, but it is false.

They do earn an interesting income, because they sponsor you and receive a commission for your registration.

But I’m telling you: these paid email sites or paid surveys will only start to give you some money if you have many referrals.

4. Beware of traditional scams

The binary options, the martingale (a supposedly infallible trick to win at roulette), the pages of “Income Sharing” (or “Revshares”).

None of these scams have anything to do with online marketing, but if you are looking for how to make money online, you might get to them, so be careful!

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