In this article, I wanted to do a search of the less known online marketing tools, but that is not why they are tools that we should discard since many of them are very useful and we can include it in our set of basic tools.

Since the list is very extensive, I have thought of ordering and classifying the tools according to their theme, so that it is easier for you to access the applications that interest you most. These are the themes that I have chosen:

Web Traffic Tools

1. Similar Web

similar web traffic overview image

With Similar Web you can analyze the web traffic of any web page or blog, you can also:

  • Analyze web traffic sources.
  • See what are the main sources of referred traffic.
  • Analyze the average time spent on the site.
  • Analyze the bounce rate.
  • Evaluate web traffic in the last 6 months.

2. Crazy Egg

crazy egg online digital marketing tools

Crazyegg is a tremendously important tool if we want to optimize the conversion rate, and it offers us heat maps with user behavior on our website.

One of the essential online marketing tools if we want to achieve and maximize the number of leads.

3. Matomo

piwik online digital marketing tools

In Spain it seems that most professionals do not leave Google Analytics as a tool for measuring and analyzing the visits of our online projects, but really that the Piwik tool is very interesting and we must take it into account.

You dare to try Matomo!

4. Clicky

With Clicky, you can monitor the web traffic in real-time on any web page. You can set the filters that interest you most like bounce rate, residence time, etc.


Another tool with which you can analyze web traffic in real-time and without having to use Google Analytics.

You can try for free for 7 days, but from there you have to pay 6 euros per month.

SEO tools

6. Anchor Text Over Optimization

anchor text optimization online digital marketing tools

Removeem is a totally free tool with which we can identify if we have anchor text that is over-optimized, the aspect that as we know we must take care not to be penalized by Google Penguin.

Do not be scared if it appears in red anchor text that corresponds to your brand name because Google understands that they are natural and it is normal for many people to use it to mention you.

7. Domain Hunter Plus

With the Netvantage Marketing SEO extension for Google Chrome, you can analyze the broken links of your website or blog, and all this in a very easy and simple way.

8. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

rich snippet online digital marketing tools

Although Google no longer allows inserting symbols in the SEO title, we still have some ways to add rich text to the search engine results such as the valuation with the stars and symbols within the description, as you can see in the image.

The goal is to capture the user’s attention to get as many clicks as possible.

9. Internet Marketing SEO Tools Ninjas

internet marketing ninja online digital marketing tools

Here you will have access to a complete collection of free SEO tools that I am sure will be very useful to apply to your website or Blog.

 10. Rank Checker

SEO Books is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox with which we can analyze the position of any keyword and page we want.

11. Rankerizer

guía rankerizer online digital marketing tools

Rankerizer is a free and very complete tool with which we can analyze the positions of the best keywords on our website, and also be able to see the evolution of them.

12. Browseo

Browseo online digital marketing tools

With this online tool, you can see any web page through the eyes of Google. This aspect is very important to see the hierarchy of the content of our website and Blog.

At the top, Browseo has 3 filters that you can use to illuminate the internal, external and nofollow links.

13. Robots.txt Checker

robots checker online digital marketing tools

Do you know if you have your robots.txt file configured correctly?

A very common error is to ignore the correct configuration of the robots.txt file, and the truth is that most people leave it as is, and in some cases, it is not even.

To know if your configuration is correct and free of errors that can penalize you, use Robots.txt Checker!

Did you get errors?

14. SharedCount

Shared Count online digital marketing tools

Shared Count will allow you to analyze and find the most popular posts in Social Networks of any Blog. You can export the result in excel format and then use it as content ideas or to find articles for content curation.

Here is a webinar that I made with SEMrush where I explain how to use this tool.

15. online digital marketing tools

One of the best tools I’ve seen lately to do a complete SEO On Page analysis.

You can try for free, I am convinced it will surprise you.

PPC tools

16. AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a free Google Adwords application with which you can manage your campaigns and make all kinds of changes locally and then upload those changes to Adwords.

17. Free AdWords Performance Grader

online marketing herramientas online digital marketing tools

With Free Adwords Performance Grader, make a free report and rate the quality of your AdWord campaign with a score of 10 quality criteria.

18. Soovle

soovle online digital marketing tools

Soovle is a tool with which you can obtain the most important related keywords from the base term and in different channels such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

19. Convertable

convertable online digital marketing tools

Convertable offers you more information about the user that can be very useful for lead generation, as you can see in the image of the application.

20. Landing Page Grader

landing page online digital marketing tools

A fundamental and basic aspect in any lead capture campaign is to optimize our landing page to the maximum because with Wordstream you can optimize any page landing in a simple way.

21. Spyfu

Spyfu is a competitive analysis tool that you can try for free and analyze your competitors.

Tools to Detect Duplicate Content

22. Siteliner

siteliner online digital marketing tools

One of the best tools to analyze the duplicate content of any web page or Blog. The free version is analyzes a certain number of pages.

For example, it tells me that I have 6% of duplicate content, and what value do you get?

It offers you other very interesting data but there is one that would stand out from the others and it is the average of words per web page, in my case they are 2,700 words, and in yours?

23. Similar Page Checker

similar page checker online digital marketing tools

This free tool, Webconfs, calculates the similar content that 2 web pages or Blogs have.

24. side

plagium online digital marketing tools

A very simple tool to use and with which we can find where our duplicate content is.

Plagium is interesting that we can perform different types of analysis, as well as decide where we want to perform the search, being able to focus so that it only performs it on social networks.

25. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a free tool to detect duplicate text content but also images.

You have to create an account to be able to use all the functions of the tool.

26. Image Raider

A spectacular and not very well known free tool with which you can do a reverse search of all the sites where our image has been published.

Image Raider is spectacular to get quality links, so what are you waiting for to approve it!

Tools to optimize images

27. PNG Gauntlet

Png Gauntlet is a tool that you can download and install on your computer, and with which you can optimize your images, both for the Blog and Social Networks.

28. Online Image Optimizer

online image optimizer online digital marketing tools

Dynamic Drive is a tool to optimize images little known but widely used in the SEO world. The tool presents the image visually in different compression options so that we can choose the most suitable one.

29. Social Image Resizer Tool

social image resizer online digital marketing tools

With Internet Marketing Ninjas, you can crop and optimize your images to publish them in your Blog or Social Networks.

Social Media Tools

30.  Audience Insights


audience insights online digital marketing tools

You can succeed with your strategy on Facebook with Audience Insights. Hence, it is vital that you know in depth the people who are interested in your business or in your products so that you can know aspects such as; location, interests, behavior, etc. so that this data can be used in your promotion on Facebook.

Meet the people who are important to your business, so you can understand what matters to them. Learn about their locations, interests, and behaviors, so you can create messages that will help you grow your business.

31. AdExpresso

facebook ads informe online digital marketing tools

A tool that will allow you to analyze your paid ads on Facebook and make a report that is very easy to understand by any user, that is, it offers us the most significant and relevant data in a free report and very easy to digest.

Ad Espresso is definitely a very useful tool to analyze the profitability of your Facebook Ads ads.

32. Headline Analyzer

headline analyzer online digital marketing tools

We all know the importance of choosing a good title, both to improve SEO and to have more engagement on Facebook, that is why with Headline Analyzer, you can analyze the title that you will use in your publication so that it becomes the most optimized form.

33. Facebook Barometer

barometer facebook online digital marketing tools

Facebook Barometer is to analyze if your company Facebook page gets good results, or if instead, it is below the average of other businesses in this Social Network.

The average is calculated based on the analysis of 10,000 company pages on Facebook.

34. Like Alyzer

likealyzer facebook online digital marketing tools

This Facebook tool, Like Alyzer, is very interesting, since it performs an analysis in a matter of seconds of our fan page, and tells us in a very simple way what aspects we should improve.

You can also use this free tool to analyze other company pages on Facebook.

35. Social Numbers

social numbers online digital marketing tools

With Social Numbers, you can analyze the growth of your Facebook Company page and compare it with the fan page of another competitor.

36. Rite Tag

RiteTag online digital marketing tools

Rite Tag is a free tool very simple to use with which we can optimize the use of hashtags in all our publications on Twitter, therefore it is a very interesting application for those people who start on the subject.

You can also:

  • Automate Tweets.
  • Track the best hashtags.
  • Receive alerts about a topic or hashtag.

37. Tweriod

Tweriod online digital marketing tools

Tweriod will allow you to know the best moments to publish a tweet, this data is extracted by analyzing your publications and that of your followers.

38. Ready

engagement klear online digital marketing tools

A fantastic competition analysis tool where we can analyze any Twitter account.

In addition, we can use Ready to analyze and find the quality followers of any Twitter account.

39. Keyhole

Keyhole online digital marketing tools

With Keyhole, you can follow a keyword, a hashtag or a URL, either on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

40. online digital marketing tools

This online application,, offers statistics that can be very useful for analyzing your competition, such as:

  • General information on your profile.
  • The most preferred topics.
  • More hashtags using in a tag cloud.
  • The users who have the most interacted with our competition.

41. Engagor

engagor online digital marketing tools

Engagor is a very powerful tool to manage all our activities on social networks.

We can perform an analysis and monitoring of all interactions.

42. Friends+Me

friend me plus online digital marketing tools

Friends Plus allows us to share our post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Tumblr, all from any device.

 43. allows you to synchronize your network of contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn, and receive updated photos and birthdays, so it is easier for you to stay connected to your contacts.


  • More than 10 million people use this application.
  • You can see the image of your friends when they call you.
  • Keep your contacts updated with the latest information.
  • Organize your calendar, make backup copies and merge your contacts.

44.  Outlook Social Connector

You can see the activity of your LinkedIn account in your email with Outlook, and thereby get to create a network with Outlook quickly and easily:

  • Create your network with frequent contacts.
  • Organize your professional contacts in Outlook.
  • Stay connected to your network.

 45. Five Hundred Plus

five hundred plus online digital marketing tools

With the Five Hundred Plus tool, you can manage your professional contacts on LinkedIn and use it with a CRM.


  • Optimize the management of your professional contacts.
  • Simple handling, you just have to drag the contacts to a list.
  • You can see the relationships you have had with your contacts and organize them in work teams.

46. Octopus

oktopost online digital marketing tools

With Oktopost you can manage your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It is not only a tool with which we can manage our publications but it is also a tool with a very complete analytics that will help you improve your engagement.

47. Yoono

yoono iphone online digital marketing tools

Yoono is an application for iPad / iPhone with which you can receive news and update your status on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr.

48. Social Movements

social motus online digital marketing tools

Social Motus is a good tool for social monitoring that you can use for free with some limitations or payment, and with that make a better follow-up of the results obtained by the content you publish.

49. Popupsmart

how popupsmart's smart popup builder panel works is represented online digital marketing tools

Popupsmart is a better popup builder. They increase your conversions concerning your business goal with a user-friendly popup builder that doesn’t require coding.

Other SEO tools you should know

50. Hovi

51. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

52. Research SEO Toolbar

53. LRT Power*Trust Browser Extension

54. Link Redirect Trace Browser Extension

55. SEO Site Checkup

56. Web Page Analyzer

57. Seoptimer

58. SEO Analyzer

59. SEO Analyzer – Web SEO Analysis

I recommend this post where you will find a selection of 100 online marketing tools.

I hope that this extensive list of online marketing tools will be very useful in your online projects and that they will help you succeed and have many successful projects.

Did you know all the online marketing tools?

Would you add any more tools to the list? Leave a comment.