What are the 8 best free disposable email services ? Do you know disposable email accounts or temporary email accounts and their usefulness for punctual procedures on the Internet? Perhaps you know of its existence, but I am sure that you do not know its true use and the precautions that you must take when using one.

And is that, if you are tired of receiving Spam in your inbox whenever you go to register on a Web page, the time has come for you to meet a sensational invention to avoid it: the temporary mail service .

In this article I am going to explain what these disposable emails are, how you can use them and also, I will give you a series of tips to choose the one that best suits your needs. Anyway, remember that you can always create a new gmail account of a lifetime and use it for these types of occasions. Are you ready?

What Is a Temporary Email?

temporary or disposable email is an email account that is created without the need for registration or a password and that has a certain life time, that is, after a certain time, that account ceases to exist. As simple as that!

It is basically a use and throw away account, with a limited duration, so it keeps you safe from “spam”, something that will save us from wasting time reading junk messages that do not interest us at all.

They are usually free of charge and are used above all to avoid the use of personal accounts, as well as to help us better safeguard our privacy.

This idea has been so well received. Not surprisingly, it is currently easy to find thousands of Websites that offer users temporary emails to protect themselves from spammers that flood the network.

What Are The Advantages Of Having a Free Temporary Mail or Email?

Making yourself a trusted platform that provides you with a disposable account has only one important purpose: to avoid spam , as I mentioned earlier.

However, I detail why it can be useful for us to create one:

»Stop receiving« spam »

Prevent thousands of messages from reaching your inbox that are of no interest to you and that may even cause a virus.

All this, not to mention the large amount of content you can receive from pages to which you have never subscribed …

»Get more privacy

By using them, you will not have to use your own more habitual personal account, therefore, all your personal data will be more protected against third parties.

We live in a time where it is not too complicated to “pull the blanket” and find out a person’s personal data, so with them, your identity will remain anonymous.

»Register on platforms in a few minutes

You can register on a platform or website that interests you, without the need to enter your real data.

Even in some of the ones I mention in this article, it is not necessary to even register.

»Send and reply emails

You can both receive and send emails, as long as you are within the time limit offered by the chosen platform.

Of course, it is not recommended to use them to send emails that contain personal or valuable information for you, since after that time, it will disappear.

Now that you know what temporary emails are and what they are for, let’s discover which are the best Internet platforms that offer this service.

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What Are The Best Platforms To Have a Free Email or Temporary Email?

On the net you can find quite a variety of websites that offer the creation of one to use and throw away, as I have previously called them, but would you know how to choose which one suits you best?

A common feature of almost all of them is that they are usually free, so that is already an important advantage to highlight. Let’s see some of them:

1. 10MinuteMail

best free email services

It is a temporary mail creation service in which you can create a free account with a duration (as its name indicates) of only 10 minutes .

If you need a little more time, you can extend it for periods of 10 in 10 minutes, but then it will disappear.

It is designed above all to use in cases or websites where our privacy is at risk. 

In previous articles, I already told you in detail how to use 10 Minute Mail step by step, since creating your own account is not necessary, as it is a volatile address.

It has several options that make it one of the most recommended and easy to use, such as the option to copy it to the clipboard so that you do not have to write it every time you access a site.

The only negative thing to note is that it is not available in Spanish.

2. TempMail


TempMail offers temporary, free, anonymous and secure disposable email accounts .

Like the previous platform, as soon as you access it, it will provide you with a temporary email address that will last a certain time.

With it you can send and receive emails, including photos and avoiding information hacking and the dreaded phishing. It is a more advanced version of 10MinuteMail and whose most important characteristics are:

  • There is no need to register.
  • It is multilingual.
  • Various email attachments and fonts (EML) can be downloaded.
  • Constant deletion of emails for greater security.
  • Use QR codes.

It also has a paid “Premium” version .

3. Mohmal

Its name comes from Arabic and precisely means “junk mail” ? Mohmal stands out from the rest especially for having a wide variety of languages available to the user.

Another important detail to highlight is that you must work fairly quickly with this tool, since its duration is not more than 5 minutes.

4. Tempail

free Disposable Email Services example

It is this very visual and intuitive platform , which has basically the same characteristics as the previous ones, with the difference of temporality, since its use extends to 1 hour.

  • Refresh to get new address.
  • The use of QR Codes.
  • Copy.
  • Remove.

5. YopMail

Yopmail is one of the most popular disposable email delivery sites, characterized above all by having a storage of messages of up to 8 days, although it allows you to delete them at any time you feel like.

It is easy to use and to create an account we will only have to add an alias or name to the ending « yopmail.com »

It is also characterized by:

  • It has several domain names yopmail.net, jetable.fr.nf., Etc.
  • Possible installation of a plugin in Internet Explorer or Firefox search engines.
  • Includes inbox on the home page.

Of course, as it is so simple to create, just by adding your name, for example maria@yopmail.com , you should bear in mind that if someone else created the same email as you because her name is Maria, she will be able to easily access your inbox.

So, as I mentioned before, do not use these types of services to send valuable information of any kind .

Another drawback to take into account is that it only allows messages to be sent to accounts that belong to Yopmail.


6. CrazyMailing

This offers the same services almost as 10MinuteMail, with the difference of being able to access other additional options if you register on the platform through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Otherwise, CrazyMailing also offers:

  • Extend the time of 10 minutes, for another 10 without any cost, or for 30 minutes making a registration.
  • It has an obvious domain, therefore greater security and reliability.
  • Forwarding of messages in the goods mailbox.
  • Creation of a maximum of 20 temporary email accounts at the same time.

7. BupMail


This website allows you to create infinite temporary emails for free and without any registration and passwords, in addition to being able to receive messages that are automatically deleted after 48 hours.

BupMail helps you protect your privacy by creating accounts for verification emails.

And among other options it also has:

  • Multiple domains.
  • Choice of languages.
  • Unlimited number of emails.
  • 100% anonymous.
  • Possibility of choosing your own email.

8. GuerrillaMail


With this service we can create both a random and a more personal account, since it allows us to personalize it with an alias, and even modify the domain itself.

The truth is that in GuerrillaMail , each session lasts about 60 minutes and after that time all unread emails will be deleted. Among other features it has:

  • Access with a random account or create your own.
  • Extension of time for another hour.
  • It is in Spanish, although it also includes other languages.


As of today, you have already verified that it is not necessary to follow complicated procedures to create your own email on payment platforms.

Just by going to one of the Web solutions that I have recommended here, you can have your mail or temporary email ready to send any specific message you need.

In addition, you will not have to “suffer” that annoying spam that always fills all of our trays, either because you want to subscribe to a newsletter to receive the eBook of a professional, company or to receive timely information from an institution.

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