What are the best search engines? Surely, if I ask you to name the best web search engines that you know and use in your day to day, most likely only Google or Bing will come to mind, right? And it is that these platforms have already become part of our lives. So much so that you may think that they are the only solutions that exist on the net.

On the contrary, even though you probably know of the existence of others, think that they are the most reliable and secure on the market. However, when you know some of the alternatives or options that I propose today, understand that “there is life beyond Silicon Valley . 

What Are The Best Search Engines?

Whatever your case, if after reading this article in full you continue to choose Google to carry out your searches on the net, you should also know that you are not alone. Since, this Internet search engine is the option that 95% of people or users trust the most and the one that is most used daily .

Despite this, there are many interesting alternatives and in other languages, which can offer you the best results for your questions. And, although we all agree is that Google fully complies with this basic premise, that feature is also possessed by all the options that I am now going to show you.

In short, there are other very powerful and reliable search engines . Therefore, here is a list of some of the best alternatives to use, each with its own search algorithm and characteristics:

The best 23 alternative Web search engines to Google or Bing

Finding safe online platforms and where to find everything we need online is one of the great obsessions of anyone passionate about digital or even professionally dedicated to this sector.

It’s about being able to consult any type of information without putting your data at risk.

For this reason, I have selected the following alternative search engines to Google so that, objectively, you can check the effectiveness of any of them with your more concrete and specific searches:

1. Duck Duck Go

Best Search Engines example

It has managed to rise like the foam, thanks to using the Bing and Yandex search engines , among others, since it only presents one ad for each query.

In addition, it respects the privacy of the user to the letter.

You will not receive emails related to your searches and you will not see tailored advertising during your Internet browsing.

This is the great attraction of Duck Duck Go that, although it still has enough to live up to the greatest, it is undoubtedly a great and very visual alternative to Google.

2. Ecosia

Best Search Engines example

This search engine has achieved great success thanks to the fact that it promises to plant a tree for every search you do.

It is used like Google and offers the same results, but if you also manage to protect the environment, it may be more than appropriate to start using Ecosia during the time you stay browsing, don’t you think?

3. Yahoo! Search

Best Search Engines example

In this Internet search engine, various services come together in one, being one of the most recommended Internet alternatives.

Yahoo! Search offers the possibility to access the famous questions and answers of Yahoo! and its images come from Flickr, so they are three services in one.

Essential to find information that does not appear in others, such as very specific information or in which you must enter keywords too “long tails”.

4. Ask

It was one of the first search engines and is still one of the most used in the United States. Its design is simple and it focuses on offering results exclusively.

Best Search Engines example

It’s worth a try, as Ask builds on the original ideal of being a Q&A help portal .

5. Wolfram Alpha

Best Search Engines example

For some it is just a search engine for mathematical or scientific topics, but for others it is a panacea. Their searches will always take you to texts in scientific publications or to work carried out by experts in the field.

Some call Wolfram Alpha a somewhat “weird or complex” portal, which to summarize, does not return a SERP with search results, but the result directly from the question you ask.

Fundamental to create content with proven and high-quality information.

6. Yandex

Best Search Engines example

It is the Russian competition to Google, but it has managed to overcome the California giant. Apart from having more than 150 million daily consultations , it offers all the services of the aforementioned company with the same reliability and accuracy.

It may be the option you were waiting for, if you want an Internet search engine that is the perfect alternative to the “giant” of Silicon Valley.

7. Gibiru

Best Search Engines example

In general, when you do a search you usually find thousands of results that are subjectively filtered by the company in question, so that you click where they are interested.

In addition, they often censor content that they do not consider appropriate for various reasons. This option will also allow you to access the censored material, so that you can know everything you want on the subject of your interest.

Gibiru is undoubtedly a good alternative, although much less known, to keep in favorites or as a home page.

8. Swisscows


This is a Swiss platform, whose main purpose is to provide a more private and secure search, since it does not save our browsing history or our location. In addition, Swisscow.com differs from its other competitors, since it cannot find prohibited content for people under 18 years of age.

9. Dogpile

Best Search Engines example

How would you like to find a search engine on the Internet that would analyze the results of three others and that would serve you what you are interested in?

Building on Google’s engines , Yahoo! And Yandex , this proposal selects the information that is closest to the search terms that you provide.

Dogpile really is “three for the price of one”, unbeatable.

10. Ixquick (StartPage)

Best Search Engines example

The main virtue of StartPage (and its “Ixquick” browser) is not to store your previous searches or your interests to sell you advertising.

What’s more, it allows you to select which are your preferences that will be erased if you don’t use the page for three months.

The respect for privacy is, for this proposal, as important as needed. StartPage is based in Zeist, The Netherlands and is based on privacy and security.

It has been in operation since 2006 and from the beginning it was announced as one of the safest Internet search engines in Spanish.

Why? Because it eliminates the famous cookies that track your searches to offer you the results of your question without any risk to your privacy.

11. Exalead


It has managed to flip the famous Google algorithm and deliver results in a totally different way in Exalead .

Companies can select how they want to present the information and the user will receive it in the same way. Thus, you can set filters , such as searching for:

  • Languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, …)
  • Results of: news, blogs, schools, etc.
  • By category: society, art, technology, etc.

It can be of great help to compare that depending on where you look, you are offered one information or another.

12. Factbites


Its own name announces its operation. They don’t want to know anything about the popularity of a link or other strategies.

Fatbites is based solely on analyzing the quality of each content and always presenting the option that best suits each search.

They complete their services with AskTheBrain and with NationMaster – a highly useful statistical search engine.

13. Kiddle

Kiddle, Internet search engine for children

It is an Internet search engine specially designed for children. Filter misleading pages , those with inappropriate content and advertising correctly.

Delete the browsing data once a day and offer thumbnails of each website so that each user can access what they are looking for, knowing beforehand which website is exactly what they are going to enter.

Its styling is one of Kiddle’s greatest virtues , which you can easily leave in the hands of your children.

14. Lycos

Lycos, Internet search engine of the 90s, Best Search Engines example

It is one of the oldest proposals and that you will surely remember from your time as a teenager, if like me, you are over 35 years old.

It was born in 1995 , about four years before the introduction of the Internet on a massive level, and continues to endure the strain thanks to offering free email accounts and a somewhat simple, but highly effective service.

Without a doubt, Lycos is an ideal Internet search engine to recall old times.

15. Meta Crawler

Melt Yahoo! and Google in one. Depending on what you are looking for, Meta Crawler will use the results of one or another company.

Incorporate the Truveo search engine for the videos, which will enrich your queries by having more varied results.

16. Peekier

Best Search Engines example

I wouldn’t have to remind you, but I’m going to.

When you find a result in a search engine you click and try to access the information that interests you. And if not, you go back to start again.

Can you imagine that from the list of results you could see what that website offers, browse and only if you are interested in accessing it?

Well this is what Peekier offers . You will save precious time with the speed provided by this platform.

17. Qwant


Of French origin, he classifies the results on websites, news, reactions on social networks and products for sale.

This measure allows you to click only on what interests you and not enter pages that are still bait to generate Web traffic to use.

The Qwant platform advertises itself as an Internet search engine that respects user privacy, just as some of the aforementioned ones already do.

18. Webcrawler

Webcrawler, a historical Internet search engine

It is another of the network’s historical records and is surprising for its speed, despite the years it has been active. The news section allows you to read the headlines of the day more easily.

Among the advantages of Webcrawler , it stands out that it joins the engines of Google and Yahoo!, so you will get a service quite similar to that of these companies.

Among its most powerful filters, its ease of finding adult content online stands out , something that other search engines directly discard.

19. Yippy

It is one of those that mixes the usual results with big data , which makes it yield even more powerful results.

This will allow you to find the classic list of web pages and to your left with a second list that includes news, images, videos, companies, geographic locations and the like.

With a nice design, Yippy is a unique tool to find a higher percentage of results in each search.

20. Wayback Machine

I have left this search engine almost to the end because, although it cannot be classified as such, it does allow access to an endless number of quality books, images, editable videos and public sources that may well help you find what you are looking for.

Its main function is to be able to analyze how a web page has evolved over the years, thus turning your query into a kind of time machine of high interest to the general public.

For graphic designers in particular, Wayback Machine is a great help to know the origins of the largest Websites on the net.

21. MetaCrawler UK

MetaCrawler UK

Although it may seem to you that I have repeated the previous Internet search engine with the same name, Meta Crawler UK is a UK company that implements a simple and minimalist search engine.

The positioning of the pages in the results list is not due to SEO strategies or the payment of large amounts, but to the time spent on each website by people who searched for something similar before you.

At the same time, as you can imagine, it prioritizes the results of its own country or, failing that, in English.

22. Bing

Bing, the Microsoft search engine

It is Microsoft’s bet and the second largest search engine in the world in market share with just over 19%, behind, obviously, Google, which owns more than 65%.

Its strength lies in searching its free image bank and offering a more intuitive and clean navigation than other options.

It is the preferred platform for most Americans, who are divided between it and the “giant” of Silicon Valley.

The Bing platform has a multitude of advantages, which lie in its full integration with all the software in the Office suite , as it belongs to Microsoft:

  • Word.
  • Powerpoint.
  • Excel.
  • OneNote.
  • One Drive.

All of them can be used online and without the need to install them on your mobile device, Mac or computer, with a very convenient autosave system.

For this, yes, you must have an active account in your Outlook email.

23. Google

Although we are talking about alternatives to the big “G” , it could not end without naming Google itself .

So, if you do not find a better option among all those previously shown, do like me and many other millions of users, give a new opportunity to the most powerful on the market so far.

Without forgetting, of the hundreds of extra services that this digital giant also offers. In short, when we talk about it, as I was saying, we also do it by having access to other services as complete as: being able to create a Google account , Drive, Maps, YouTube , Calendar, Meet, Hangouts, Analytics , Search Console , Keyword Planner , etc.


As you may have seen, there are many more options than Google. Maybe you’ve gotten used to it and don’t want to change?

It is your choice, but you must remember that the Internet is a huge source of information, where you can find everything you want.

If you end up accessing a series of pages that are there for having paid an amount of money or for increasingly dubious positioning criteria, it is more than likely that Internet search engines end up becoming a huge ad and lose their original meaning .

I have tried to introduce you to new ways of accessing information of interest to you and, above all, novel ways of getting to know the world without censorship and without risking your privacy.

It is up to you to choose the option that best suits your needs, your tastes and your personal interests.

Source: josefacchin.com