Do you know what it is and how to create a Personal Brand (strong and successful)? Are you looking to learn to differentiate yourself from other professionals in your business niche or in your professional sector? When I meet a person who is just starting out in the Digital world, this is generally a subject about which I am asked many questions.

And you, do you also want to quickly improve your reputation and be more professionally recognized? I can tell you that managing to leave a mark on others and becoming a preferred option within your commercial or professional niche, is almost always the result of many years of hard work.

And working to strengthen your Personal Brand is not an easy task, there are many who may never achieve the success they hoped for. In my opinion, from its definition there is some controversy, since I personally believe that a “Personal” Brand is not literally created, but rather is enhanced and improved , since we all have our own.

What is Personal Brand or Personal Branding?

The Personal Brand is the footprint that you leave on others, with every action or communication you carry out. In other words, Personal Branding is the way other people perceive you thanks to everything you do, transmit and express both in the Offline and Online world.

Likewise, Personal Branding is also defined as a concept that was born with the philosophy of considering oneself as a BRAND that, like commercial brands, must be strategically used to differentiate itself and achieve greater success in professional relationships.

For this reason, it is important that you analyze what you communicate and how you do it, in order to strengthen your reputation while exploiting a certain aspect of your personality (which you already possess) and one or another specific professional skill (that you have acquired). .

I would like to underline this idea of ​​” YOU ALREADY HAVE ” or you already have. Since, in my opinion, the “Personal” Brand (or Personal Branding) is not literally created, since we are all born with our own identity, but it evolves throughout our lives.

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Thanks to this, it can be strengthened and improved, highlighting and enhancing those talents that make us unique and working on the qualities for which we can or want to stand out in our professional environment at a certain time.

Once you have reflected on this, if you feel like it, you can tell us your opinion in the comments of this guide. But now, and taking into account the definition of this term, which as I say usually arouses some debate, I would like us to ask ourselves:

Can I also get a strong Personal Brand that makes me an outstanding and more recognized professional in my sector?

Of course yes. However, here again there is a very important detail that you should not leave out: this work is about “creating” or, better said, “improving” your own brand strategically, strengthening it with a good image and personal reputation that helps us to stand out in our professional sector.

Taking all this into account, this time I have decided to invite Marisol García, so that in this guest post I spoke about the advantages of improving the Personal Brand and show us the steps and strategies we need to work to achieve more success. .

With its help you will learn to create a step-by-step strategy to enhance your personal branding and, thanks to this, increase the chances of professional success in everything you set out to do. Let’s go to it!

How To Create A Personal Brand Strategy? Step-by-step Guide To Success

How To Create A Personal Brand Strategy? Step-by-step Guide To Success

If what you are considering is to carry out a business, business project or simply find a new job in a highly competitive field, surely you are in a moment of deep analysis.

And you do very well, because analyzing what you are, how you do it and where you want to go as a person and a professional, are the first steps to consider your Personal Brand strategy and get the most out of it.

So I would like to ask some questions:

  1. Are you aware of the values ​​that you are transmitting?
  2. Are you showing your personality and your authenticity as a person?
  3. Do you communicate your knowledge? Your professional experiences?

The truth is that, if you want to exploit a Personal Brand that is fun, entertaining, talkative, extroverted, but it turns out that your personality is rather serious, introverted, measured, it will be very difficult for you to position yourself before your community as what you intend.

In the end, you cannot pretend and transmit what you really are not.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Strong And Solid Personal Brand?

Consciously working your brand will open many doors for you, like the ones I show you in the following points:

1. Create Your Own Community

With a recognizable footprint both online and offline, you will be able to connect with a community in accordance with what you offer and that communes with your way of being and doing.

2. It Will Give You Credibility

It Will Give You Credibility

It will give you credibility, because you are going to show your authenticity, what makes you different and that is going to make you connect with those who are related to your own authenticity.

Therefore, you will build trust and be credible.

3. Be a Benchmark in Your Sector

You will become a reference within your community, because exploiting what you do conscientiously, will make you stand out from the rest and from your own competition.

So if you do not analyze well what you are, do and transmit, you will be missing taking advantage of many of the qualities that you surely have and that you may not have even realized that you can consciously exploit.

Because if you do not work your Personal Brand you will not control what you are transmitting, both to those who follow you, and to your own clients.

How To Design Your Personal Brand Strategy in 5 Easy Steps?

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I hope that by now you have intuited that designing a guide that helps you control and analyze all the aspects that involve the Personal Brand is important.

So let’s get down to business and take note of these 5 steps or tips to create and improve your own:

1. Analyze Your Personality Know Yourself!

This is the first and most important step. It is essential to start at this point and be aware of its importance, among other things, because getting it right is not easy.

And I’m going to give you an example and a specific situation:

When I talk about this issue in presentations or in training classes, I start doing this exercise to the audience.

I give you a paper and invite you to write down what you are doing at the moment.

► Ask yourself “what are you doing?”

To this simple question, many immediately answer that they are studying, they are getting an X degree, or others that are Y (a degree already completed and practicing) and that they are undertaking, starting a Z project, etc.

Later I ask you this other question: what are you good at? What is it that makes you authentic / a?

I like to see how they answer this question, because they usually take time to answer. Contrary to the previous one, in this one the reaction is not immediate (they do not start writing immediately, but they meditate) and, sometimes, the answer has been left blank.

These questions I transfer to you now:

Do you know what your rarity is?

I invite you to make a careful analysis of your personality. For this I advise you to carry out a SWOT analysis , being totally honest with yourself.

Among the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities that you take out in this analysis, I advise you above all to pay attention and make the most of your strengths.

That is to say, that you investigate and discover:

  • What is it that makes you really happy when you do this activity?
  • What is your greatest rarity?
  • What is it that makes you authentic?
  • What makes you different and special?

With these questions, you seek to find your vocation, your gift, your abilities . And they help you differentiate yourself and work from these elements your Personal Branding.

“Personal Branding bases its power on differentiation. Because differentiating is essential to highlight the Personal Brand ”

"Personal Branding bases its power on differentiation. Because differentiating is essential to highlight the Personal Brand ”

My experience advising freelancers and small companies leads me to assure you that, if your Personal Brand does not express this differentiation, there will only be one aspect that will make your client not decide on your competition: price.

► Do you know what that differentiating aspect is going to be? The price

If you do not know how to communicate your differentiating element, what makes you different and authentic, the only thing that will make you different is if you are cheaper or more expensive than the one next door.

So get on with it and analyze your personality.

2. Select Your Target

Now that you know what makes you different and authentic, analyze what type of target audience or community may be more akin to your person or business and who may be interested in the service you are going to provide as a brand.

It is time to determine who you are going to talk to and who is going to believe that it is interesting to pay attention to what makes you valuable.

Select Your Target

Ask yourself and analyze:

  • Who is going to want to buy the service that you are going to develop?
  • What problems does this customer have?
  • What motivates you?
  • In which social networks, communities, do you move?

These and many other aspects are the ones that you must take into account to determine in a very refined way who is the target you are going to target and what should be your ideal client.

I invite you to get more out of the target analysis in this post on my blog , where it also includes a worksheet, which I am sure will be very useful to you.

As I say, it is very important to discern what type of audience you are going to target and to know it very well, because depending on the characteristics of your target, you will be able to choose which channels to publish (in those in which it is also).

Also, offer one type of content or another, refining your communication and expressing messages that exclusively appeal to him.

I suppose you have already deduced that you will not publish the same content if your target is young, than for an older audience.

Not the same if it is feminine than if it is childish. And you are not going to choose your Facebook page if in your analysis you have seen that for your audience it is not a widely used channel.

Once you have finished with the task of finding your community, followers, what you should look for and focus on is making yourself essential for them .

And it is that the analysis of looking for your target does not just end up knowing who to contact, but that you should go a step further and be alert, in active listening, to what this audience is asking to evolve according to their demand and offer what you are asking or looking for.

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3. Map Your Strategy

Once you are clear from where you start and at what moment is your Personal Brand, because you have defined who you are and know who to contact, it is important that you mark the route where you want to go.

Set yourself goals that are concrete and achievable and are consistent with the rest of your marketing strategy or plan , because even if you are an individual, you should also have one.

And setting goals isn’t easy either. It is not a matter of writing wishes or dreams, but of climbing a step from where you are to gradually advance.

Map Your Strategy

► Set Annual Goals

I like to advise that you set your goals from year to year and are to improve aspects with ambition but with common sense.

It is about wanting to reach your goal by demanding yourself, knowing from the beginning that, a priori it seems a little difficult to achieve it, but that if you mark yourself well what are the actions that you must implement, you have discipline and perseverance, you can achieve it.

Personally, I am a great advocate of strategy, and although this process may seem cumbersome and cumbersome to many, I believe in the following:

The true process of change begins when you set a path to follow and know what steps or actions you must take to lead you where you want to go.

So I invite you to try to get out of your control zone and demand yourself. Try to exceed your limits, to achieve goals and successes.

Don’t be afraid and don’t think it’s impossible . This is the only way to progress.

Another important aspect at this point is creativity and ingenuity when planning the actions you propose to achieve your goals.

I am totally convinced that part of the success that you obtain with your Personal Branding will lie precisely here: how ingenious or creative you develop and implement the actions that you intend to carry out.

“Achieving a Personal Brand takes time. But it’s worth it, so strategically set your route. ”

4. Do It Right And Let It Be Known: Communicate It

As a specialist in online communication, this is one of my maxims: “do it well and make it known”.

In my years of experience, I have met many times with clients who are true professionals in that activity they carry out, but their main problem is that they do not know how to communicate their work experience and great professionalism.

They do not externalize what they know and dominate.

And keep this in mind: you cannot build a Personal Brand strategy without being visible.

So fly back to the analysis you have done on your target and examine which channels it moves on. This will help you determine where you should be present.

If you have observed that your audience moves on the most popular social networks and that it does so above all on Instagram , Twitter or Linkedin , you can now open your own profile on these networks.

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If, on the contrary, you have seen that the type of target you are targeting is concentrated in a very specific forum that is very fashionable, well that’s where you should make yourself visible.

Also at this point, I advise you not only to be visible in the online world, but also to take offline into account, since weaving a network of contacts in the physical world (the one of a lifetime) can also be very fruitful.

Start making a list of the events and conferences you want to attend and it would be interesting because of the type of people they go to, where you can make a presentation, give a small talk and explain what you do.

5. Optimize Constantly

Working well on your identity, your market, your strategy and your visibility is essential to achieve success. But this work would not be complete if you did not constantly measure what you are achieving with your actions.

It is essential that you measure what you are doing, to see if you are achieving what you have set out to do or if, on the contrary, you are not achieving everything that you have really set for yourself.

In this case you should react and correct.

The great advantage that the online world provides us is that everything is measurable and that almost every tool that we are going to use has its own «Analytics».

So start by checking your KPIs . They should be those that are important to you and that help you know if you are on the right track.

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