Knowing how to make a professionally designed social media marketing plan+ examples is a very powerful plus for the Digital marketing strategy of any modern company. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared a complete step-by-step tutorial with examples.

There are hundreds of businesses that, although they have a relatively interesting presence on social networks, do not end up being very clear about why or why they do what they do. This problem is usually a consequence of not having a basic social media plan, between your business strategies and online communication.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Plan Examples?

Social Media Marketing plan is the organization, planning and adaptation of the different social media that we have within our reach to establish an online communication channel with our users with the ultimate aim of achieving the objectives that our company needs and where the user is ALWAYS it is located in the center.

Why Should Your Company Have A Properly Designed Planning?

The strong development of social networks is the response to a demand by users to keep in touch with each other.

Sharing experiences, situations and opinions with different people is part of our social nature that has integrated these tools into their daily life.

These new communication channels can be used by companies as one more channel within their communication strategies that, well used and managed by a community Manager , can serve them to have a direct connection with both current and potential clients.

The numbers of users of social networks increase year by year and the new hyperconnected generations like to be on social networks and that companies are more social.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Plan And Examples?

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan Examples?

Designing a social media marketing plan is not an easy task. Although, in principle, people who do not work on social media may think that it is just choosing which platforms I will have a presence and dedicate myself to publishing information that I consider interesting. The reality is that this is a much more thorough and meticulous job.

As in any offline or online programming, a social media plan is structured in several parts that are indispensable and complementary to each other and where you must make the maximum effort to develop them.

Before starting to design the planning, you must have the maximum information of the business to which you are going to propose the entire strategy (to be able to get your recommendations right).

Preliminary step ⇒ Briefing and analysis: essential questions to answer

Before starting to develop any section, begin by carefully analyzing what you have in your hands by answering a series of questions that will define the characteristics of the business and that will be the basis of the entire process.

List Of Questions Prior To Our Design Of A Social Media Marketing Plan (SWOT Analysis)

SWOT Analysis

Looking Towards The Product Or Service

  1. What do we sell? Description of the products or services that we have in our business, specifying the main and the complementary ones.
  2. Where do we sell it? Geographical scope.
  3. Do you have a website? Do you sell on the Internet? What has been done in the digital field?
  4. Is it a seasonal service? Times of greatest demand?
  5. What is our current situation in the market?
  6. What is our value proposition: how do we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Looking Towards The Client Or Target Audience

target audience

  1. Who do we sell to? Target / s that we will be targeting. Specify each of them with their characteristics.
  2. Identify your target audience on social networks.
  3. What need are we covering with our service or product? We may have different specific services for each target audience.
  4. How does your online customer behave? Are they Internet users, do they use the networks?
  5. What are the fears or barriers that client may have? You can look in forums, blog comments, on specialized websites … to discover what they think of the types of services you are offering.
  6. Customer languages.
  7. Where do our clients come from? Local, national, foreign …

Looking Towards The Company Or Business

  1. Company size and available resources.
  2. What has been done so far online?
  3. We have a presence on social media, right? How…
  4. Have actions of any kind been carried out?
  5. Are you talking about us on social media: blogs, forums, networks …?
  6. What is said about us, is it positive or negative?

Looking Towards The Competition

  1. Who is online competition: study what it does and what it offers. We all go to Google or similar to find information on a topic that interests us. Research the keywords that your potential client would use to find that information and see who comes out on top, as these will be your competitors.
  2. See how they offer their services on the web and what their main argument is.
  3. See what social channels you use and see how they act on them. Is there interaction? Are they active? Do they campaign? Draw all the conclusions you can.

When you finish answering all these questions, you will be able to fill in the SWOT box (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities) that will be very useful for you to have the necessary information about your company.

The 10 Essential Steps To Make Your Own Social Media Marketing Plan (With Clear Examples)

Below I propose a total of 10 steps to structure your next Social Media Plan in the most efficient way possible :

    • Step 1 → Objectives: What do we want to achieve?
    • Step 2 → Strategies What path are we going to take?
    • Step 3 → Actions How are we going to achieve it?
    • Step 4 → Choice of channels Where are we going to act?
    • Step 5 → Specific planning for each social channel.
    • Step 6 → Establishment and measurement of KPIs
    • Step 7 → Choice of tools to use for management and measurement.
    • Step 8 → Election of the necessary Personnel.
    • Step 9 → Protocol of action in cases of reputational crisis.
    • Step 10 → Budget How much am I going to spend?

1st ⇒ Objectives: What Do We Want To Achieve?

We planning of the route to achieving the general objectives of the company being, social media, another channel within the entire structure forming business strategy.

On the other hand, we will add those objectives that we have seen necessary after studying the points of the preliminary analysis and that are essential to optimally direct our specific goals in the digital field.

Company objectives ⇒ Social Media Plan objectives

We are going to give some examples of what a company’s business objectives could be and how we should establish our own based on them.

What Do We Want To Achieve?

Examples of some business objectives could be:

  • Sales increase.
  • Branding.
  • Attracting new clients.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Increased margins….
  • Etc.

Examples of specific objectives:

► Business objectives: increase in sales

► Objectives for the Social Media marketing plan

  • Increase the frequency of purchases.
  • Encourage purchase action.
  • Find the opportunity.
  • Encourage the desire and need to use our services.
  • Etc.

► Business objectives: Branding

► Objectives of the social media plan

  • Be social.
  • Find a satisfying care experience on our social networks.
  • Communication channel of our company’s activities.
  • Take care of our Online Reputation.
  • Etc.

► Business objectives: Attract new customers

► Objectives of the social media plan

  • Increase my community.
  • Get the viralization of our content.
  • Increase brand visibility.
  • Etc.

These are just some examples to give you an idea of ​​how to establish this first part of our planning.

In addition, we must include the other specific objectives that we see necessary after having carried out the preliminary study.

2nd ⇒ Strategies What Path Are We Going To Take?

Once we are clear about what we want to achieve, it is time to look at the possibilities we have to achieve those goals that we are proposing.

The strategies are set and the way in which we must not deviate and are how we will achieve what we are proposing.

Each objective will have several strategies that will complement each other to achieve it.

We will take as an example some of the objectives that we have established

Strategies What Path Are We Going To Take?


► Objective of the social media marketing plan → Get new customers

  • Promotion and sales strategies.
  • Attraction strategies.
  • Lead capture strategies.
  • Etc.

3rd ⇒ Actions How Are We Going To Achieve It?

And we come to the most practical part of the plan on social networks, where we must specify each of the actions we need to carry out to implement the strategies we have selected.

It is at this time when we give the details about the specific actions and / or campaigns and temporarily organize them in our calendar.


► Actions to be carried out for the promotion and sales strategy

  • Punctual offers in key periods in our company.
  • Contests with gifts of tickets, menus, free weekends …
  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook / Twitter segmented …
  • Etc.

► Actions for attraction strategies

  • Use of the content marketing technique.
  • Create and enhance the content creation of a blog.
  • Maximize the SEO of articles.
  • Share and comment on these posts on different social networks.
  • Etc.

► Actions for the lead capture strategy

  • Creation of subscription forms suitable to objectives and visible.
  • Subscription incentives.
  • Creation of specific landing pages.
  • Etc.

4th ⇒ ChoiceOf Channels Where Are We Going To Act?

We already know what we want to achieve and how we are going to do it, therefore it is time to establish which are the social platforms in which we are going to invest our efforts.

For this choice you must take into account 3 factors that are decisive in not wasting your budget:

A) Who is your client and in which networks are you moving?
B) The objectives and actions that you have planned.
C) The intrinsic characteristics of your service or product.

5th ⇒ Specific Planning For Each Social Channel

Once you have your social channels, set a specific work plan for each channel, always taking into account the specific objective you must achieve on that platform:

  • Bells
  • Publication frequency
  • Message tone
  • + Everything that helps you in your daily task.

6th ⇒ Establishment And Measurement of KPIs

Key Performance Indicator that uses Business Intelligence metrics to measure success and planned goal

Once everything is up and running, you need to know how far your actions are reaching in order to know what impact and what percentage of success they are having on each of the proposed objectives.

Define the KPIs that will be useful for those measurements.

In this post by Miguel Florido you have a practical explanation of what a KPI is and an enumeration of some examples that can serve as a guide. But always remember to set your KPIs based on your goals and strategies ⇒ Examples of KPI indicators .

7th ⇒ Choice Of Tools To Use For Management And Measurement

Choose and select the tools that will best serve you, also use Excel templates to keep your data in order .

Always keep in mind that you have many tools and you should know them a little more to be able to choose the ones that best suit your management and information needs.

8th ⇒ Election of Personnel to Manage Social Networks

young people using mobile devices such as laptop, tablet pc and smartphone for social network and blog

When you have all the planning in place, you will have to face one of the decisions that can most influence the good or bad results of your actions on social media, the choice of staff .

Think about who you need and what their functions are going to be .

Important: remember that the results you can achieve by hiring a well-trained professional for these tasks will never be the same as those of a low-skilled hobbyist.

9th ⇒ Establishes A Protocol Of Action İn Cases Of Reputational Crisis

Acting in the networks has very beneficial things for your company, but also difficult situations can occur that you will have to manage properly.

Establishing within your social media marketing plan a protocol of action that is known to all the personnel involved in the management of your social media, is a preventive weapon that can be very useful to you.

10th ⇒ Budget How Much Am I Going To Spend?

This last step is as important as the first and will be determined both by the economic resources available to the company and by the need for investment that the job requires .

Always remember that without the right investment, it is almost impossible to claim to make any significant profit.

“The preparation of the social media plan is the guide your company needs to know what is the best way to go to achieve the great challenge of ADVANCING”

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