Although it is one of the most effective forms of online payment, wanting to delete a PayPal account is also an option in case you are not using it.

Its success is not something that has come to them overnight, since since it was founded in 1998 to date, it has accumulated more than 200 million users who have decided to create a PayPal account .

Whether because it is personal, to carry out small transactions between family and friends, or professional, it has become a safe, fast and efficient way to send and receive money through the Internet.

Although, as with all digital platforms that allow you to have your own account, it also allows us to delete it at the time we want.

Therefore, if you have this need, today I would like to offer you the possibility of learning how to delete, close, unsubscribe or delete your current PayPal account.

If you continue reading this guide, you will find that it is easier than you imagine.

Why Do I Want To Delete My PayPal Account?

Although no one denies the enormous usefulness of this payment system, there are a number of factors and conditions that could cause a private or professional user (like you, who have come to this article) to decide to leave the platform:

»Delete a PayPal Account: You Have Your Balance On An External Platform

The balance in your favor is being managed by a private company. It is true that, today, this is a solid company and used by millions of people, as I mentioned earlier.

However, if at any point you decide to close overnight, you may be able to run out of a penny of the money you have accumulated there.

When the time comes, I understand that they would warn all their users, but it is a possibility (even if it is remote).

»You Accept The Use Of Your Card From This External Site

Credit card on fishing rod on the red background. Fraud and phishing concept.

If someone uses your associated credit card by accessing it through your account, they will not return anything to you, since the entire login process and subsequent payment has, in principle, been carried out normally.

Furthermore, you yourself have accepted this condition when opening the account.

Therefore, if you are unlucky enough to be hacked by someone and can pose as you, they could empty the bank account associated with this card, which could obviously lead to eliminating your PayPal forever.

»Not Wanting To Accept The Laws Of The United States

The company currently follows the laws in force in the United States . Users from other countries must assume what is legal there and on another continent it may not be.

My recommendation is that, in order to avoid later disputes, read all these rules carefully, so that you do not have to waste time deleting your PayPal account later.

»For Having Involuntarily Accepted Any Ahange in Conditions

Conditions and policies can change at any time and, in fact, this is frequently the case, both on this and almost any platform on the Internet.

Usually, everyone accepts the new contract without reading it. In a high percentage of occasions, what you are doing is exempting them from all responsibility for fraudulent and similar uses.

»Garnishment Of Your Accounts For Little Responsible Use

Given the great ease at present of creating an Online Store by almost any user and of buying from home through this method, the rhythm of purchases can become addictive.

So much so that they can garnish your money, if you abuse it.

This is obviously not a platform issue , but yours. But be that as it may, it will be the definitive reason why you want to make this platform disappear from your life.

For What Reasons Can PayPal Delete Or Close My Account?

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Even taking into account the reasons previously described, on the contrary, it may be that due to actions that I show you below, the platform decides that your account should be deleted:

»For Not Complying With The Requirements Explained İn The Contract

These include acts such as the association of a certain debit card to the account, when it is false or, at least, they consider it to be “suspicious”.

If the specific operation you do with it is reviewed and, after being analyzed, verifies that it is not really your own, you can leave saying goodbye to paying through this method.

»For Selling Prohibited Items In The Destination Country

For Selling Prohibited Items In The Destination Country

Despite the fact that there is a certain type of product that, in your country, is not illegal, you should always investigate whether it is in the destination where you are going to send it.

If so, you will be investigated until, if the company considers it, it can delete your account.

»For Suspecting Fraudulent Account Use

Within this section we could be talking at length about the long series of reasons that we can understand by “fraudulent use”.

You can imagine it yourself, but in any case, so that they don’t close it, the best thing is not to try to make movements that are too convoluted.

»Due To Negative Reports From Your Bank

After receiving a report from your bank that alerts you to the incorrect use of the card or the associated checking account, it is also reason to close your PayPal account.

If the cause of this activity is not yourself, you must report the case to the police and then to your bank.

This series of events may give rise to the platform banning you from its database.

»For A Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation

If your reputation as a seller is negative and you receive continuous complaints from your customers, you can also be removed from this platform.

You must remember that the platform allows the payment of products to be reversed, so this situation could seriously affect you.

»If You Sell A Lot Of Products

This is so and has no further explanation. If your account is abusive , it can also be suspended, to check that what you are doing complies with the law.

In all of these cases, an investigation is opened that may end with the account being completely removed.

How To Delete A Personal Paypal Account Or Permanently Delete It?

It is important that, before reading the procedure for its elimination, you take into account that, if you have a negative balance, PayPal will not allow you to delete it . To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

  •  Enter your personal account

How to Close, Unsubscribe Or Delete A PayPal Account Permanently? #paypal

The first thing you should do is log in with your credentials and enter your own personal profile, to subsequently access the relevant deletion options.

  • Check that your balance is zero

Before proceeding with the removal, you should transfer all funds to your bank account and wait for the process to be completed successfully. Otherwise, you cannot cancel it.

  •  Access in «Settings»

From this option on your dashboard, located at the top right illustrated by a gear wheel icon, you will access most of the data that you once provided to the platform.

  • Close the account permanently

Then go to “Account Options”, the section on the left at the bottom and select “Close Account”.

It is important to know that, in the technical jargon of the platform, “close” is synonymous with “delete your PayPal account”.

You may be asked for your bank account number, as confirmation of the process. Just add it without further ado.

  •  Click on “close account”

This last step is simply verification, since it would be much more cumbersome to create a new account, in case you accidentally clicked “Close account”. It is important to know that all the processes in progress (payment and collection) will be canceled at that same moment.

The closure is irreversible and to have a new account you must do what you did in the day to open your account.

How To Permanently Delete A Company Account in PayPal?

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The conditions, in the event that your business or corporate account is the same as in the previous case , with the exception that you can request the company to pay the remaining balance, by means of a bank check.

Therefore, following the same procedure as above, the only difference is in the location of the “Close account” CTA, which gives access to deletion.

This is found in your settings menu, right under “Account Options> Account Type”. Here, you will see that this message appears on the right, linked to this option.

You must remember that if any customer has opened any type of claim or request for a refund, you will not be able to cancel your account.

In addition, if you have one of these accounts associated with it, the use of them will also be limited, although they will not disappear:

  • PayPal Smart Connect.
  • Extras MasterCard.
  • Platinum MasterCard.

In other words, these three associated accounts can continue to function, but not the “PayPal Cashback MasterCard” (if it is available for your company), from which you will lose all the accumulated balance , as well as the different rewards it offers.

Or, what is the same, the personal or professional PayPal account is the axis on which the other options revolve.

Deleting a Paypal account must be done, therefore, exclusively when you know that everything that belongs to you has been deposited in the bank.

Is It Problematic To Delete a PayPal Account?

No, as long as you meet the above conditions.

Furthermore, a high percentage of users who decide to close their account do so more because of the suspensions that the company executes for claims and the like, than for dissatisfaction with their work.

Faced with this progressive march of clients , the company has begun to offer a series of commission-free services that should lead to their return.

The final decision is always yours.


As I mentioned at the beginning, my intention was for you to know what your options are to easily delete a PayPal account and not enter to assess the commercial future of the firm.

I hope I have helped you to get to know not always known features of this well-known platform, to help you decide how to better manage your finances on the Internet and make the most of them.

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