Surely you have seen a QR code both digitally and physically before. And now, after the pandemic we are experiencing, many more companies are using it. For this reason, it is very opportune that you to learn what a QR Code generator for companies is like.

This is a method that is being widely used to avoid contact with different items such as cash, menus, and bills, among others. And despite the fact that it is a very technological and easy-to-use tool, few people use it or dare to make it part of their companies.

What is a QR Code

QR codes are the modification of barcodes. QR stands for Quick Response, that is, a quick response due to the easy reading that occurs from a mobile device.

Their first appearance was in Japan but they have become very famous worldwide since anyone can access and read them, allowing people to reach some type of information very easily.

Plus, it can be distributed as easily as a file and embodied on both digital and physical media, allowing for further expansion.

What is a Dynamic QR Code

a smartphone stands on the laptop and has a qr code in its screen

It is called dynamic QR codes that are created but with the possibility of editing to change the place where it will be redirected. This changes the URL but not the design of the QR code.

This allows you to change the content that the user is going to see at different times without having to change the design of the QR code.

This is very useful when the QR code is going to be printed and we do not want it to become obsolete at some point.

How a Two-dimensional QR Code Works

QR codes are also known as two-dimensional codes. These codes store an amount of data that is not possible to read by the human eye but is easily detected by a mobile device that has a QR reader.

To read it, you will only need a Smartphone that has an app to read the codes. Or even, currently, the camera of many devices does it without the need for a third-party app.

Advantages of Using QR codes for Businesses

The advantages of using QR codes can be focused on sharing information with your target audience and even expanding the range. This is achieved since you can leave it in visible places where there are large numbers of people who can scan it.

Also, it can be easily sent by instant messaging applications. Or faster processes for payments or check-in at certain locations can be achieved.

Last but not least, at present, contact with objects or people is avoided. This means that protocols are followed and people feel safer in their purchasing processes, payments, or receiving information.

Where and How to Use QR Codes

Restaurants: They are currently being widely used in restaurants, adding a QR code on the tables or a mini poster so that people do not have contact with the physical menu that others have touched.

a contacless payment via phone that scans a qr code on the POS machine

Payments: Many companies use a QR code that allows people to read it and automatically pay, improving the user experience and reducing the steps to follow to pay.

Invoices: You can also download invoices or files that can serve the client of each company, just by reading a QR. This allows information to be easily accessible to more and more people without printing.

Show a website or download an app: there are many companies that reach others by leaving QR codes in places where their target audience may be.

Logistics: These are usually used largely to recognize the pieces and have a type of inventory.

Manuals: Widely used to give additional instructions to people about a purchased product.

How to Create a QR Code

To create a QR code, all you have to do is enter one of the different online platforms that exist.

  • Enter the platform of your choice
  • Choose the type of code, i.e. URL, text, SMS, etc.
  • Write the desired information according to what you want to show the user
  • Select the size and redundancy.
  • Finally, generate the code.

In the end, you can decide whether to save the QR code, which is the most recommended. Or copy the HTML if you want to copy it to a website as well.

3 Functional QR Code Generator Tools for Businesses

a woman hand holds a smartphone and scans a qr code

You should know that these codes can be saved as an image and that many platforms also allow you to copy the HTML code of the QR to add it to websites. In addition, the entire procedure can be done online.

Likewise, there is the possibility of customizing it, however, for this, you must create an account on the chosen platform or even obtain the paid version to be able to design it to measure.

  1. QR Code Dynamic

QR Code Dynamic allows you to create QR codes for texts, URLs, phone, SMS, email, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Location, WiFi, Event, Crypto, Vcard, and PayPal, for free. Moreover, you can customize your QR code with the logo of your company and much more options. In addition to this, it also has a paid version which allows more things unlimitedly.

2.  QR Code Generator

This platform offers you to create QR codes for URLs, SMS, email, social networks, images, and much more, for free. However, it also has a paid version so you can customize your QR code with calls to action.

3. QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey allows you to create QR codes and customize them with colors, images, and shapes. Likewise, you can download it in .PNG, .SVG, .PDF or .EPS format.

Check How the User Sees it: QR Code Reader Apps

There are many QR code readers. In general, one does not differ much from the other. They all fulfill the same function of reading the QR and directing you to the address that it has by default.

In fact, if your mobile device is one of those that reads with the camera, remember that you will not need to download an additional app, and in this way, you will even save space on your device.

As you have seen, using QR codes for companies is a very good tool and even more so today. It allows people to access information faster and thanks to the different platforms that exist, they are very easy to create.

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