Sleeknote, a pop-up company based in Denmark, enables your visitors on your website to become more engage subscribers, thanks to the on-site messages and so on. In this platform, which offers different Design and Customization tools so that you can create practical, fast, and user-oriented popups, you will also be able to analyze the results of the campaigns and messages you organize. It is very important to analyze customer behavior with new generation digital tools and connect customers with the messages you present in the right place at the right time in order to grow your enterprise and create a healthy customer base. That’s what Sleeknote provides.

what is sleeknote

What Does Sleeknote Offer To Your Company?

You can use  to promote your company’s popular products in a more engaging and encouraging way to buy, convert your website traffic to loyal customers, and minimize cart abandonment. Sleeknote offers the following services:

  1. Mobile Editor: Practical and interesting tools that enable people who visit your website via mobile devices to become email subscribers.
  2. A / B Testing: Advanced testing options that allow you to learn about the conversion rates of the campaigns you create comparatively
  3. Real-Time Analytics: Analysis tools that will allow you to see if the campaigns you have created reach the people you are planning and to follow real-time rates
  4. Smart Triggers: Optimization and improvement tools exclusively for Sleeknote to help you maximize your conversion rates
  5. Rule Engine: Options for creating on-brand messages that will allow you to provide user-specific messages, that will be special to your website traffic and consumer behavior.
  6. Design and Customization: Tools to create campaigns that promise high conversion rates with the most interesting looks

How Does Sleeknote Work?

Choose one of the 4 targets you can achieve for your company with Sleeknote:

  1. Collecting email information and communicating with your customers through an additional channel
  2. Increasing your product sales rates
  3. Guide your visitor and provide a personalized shopping experience
  4. Staying in constant contact with the customer using tools such as on-site messaging

Collecting Email Information

With Sleeknote, you can create on-page messages and persuade users to share their email addresses. For this, you can add and remove input boxes, and use ready-made templates. You will use professionally prepared drafts to maximize the customer conversion rate.

Increasing Product Sale Rates

You can design discount campaigns, free shipping campaigns, or popular product promoting campaigns to get more sales with the same traffic rate.

Guiding Your Visitors

You can influence the purchasing behavior of users with suggestions and campaigns customized according to customer behavior. Special analysis tools (Time based, Scroll, Manual, Exit-Intent) offered by Sleeknote will help you.

On-Site Messages

With device-specific campaign creation options, you can stay in constant contact with your customer.

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