How To Write Bold And Italic In Whatsapp? Have you seen any of your contacts use italic, S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶  or write bold in WhatsAppWhen carrying out your conversations within this Online chat, if you have reached this guide, surely you would also like to use these decorations or special formats to highlight parts of your texts.

As of today, these features are already available. In the latest updates of this application, its developers have become aware of the needs of its users and have introduced different innovations that aim to improve the formats and styles of writing.

Therefore, today I will show you how to put bold , italics and S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ out the phrases or words on your WhatsApp, in addition to using monospaced. Now let’s see together how to use these 4 characteristics or special characters in the texts you want to highlight.

How To Make Your Texts Bold in WhatsApp?

We start with this much-needed functionality in our texts. Especially when we try to highlight certain words or phrases over the rest of the written content.

To do this, you must put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the phrase or word and close it with another asterisk at the end.

For example: to * WRITE IN BOLD *

How to put bold in WhatsApp?

The result of applying this simple trick is the one you see in the image above. Very easy, right?

How To Italic WhatsApp?

If, on the other hand, you prefer to write in italics within your conversations and thus highlight a proper name, name of places or mention a colloquial expression, as is the case of popular sayings, the App also allows it.

To do this, you must use the low bar (_) at the beginning and end of the sentence. For example: to _WRITE IN CURSIVE_

How to italicize WhatsApp?

How To Incorporate Strikethrough in WhatsApp?

If what you prefer is to cross out a text or piece of the phrase you are writing to your contacts, it is also possible after the new updates of this application.

You may be thinking that, before your crossed out content appears, it is best to delete that piece and rewrite the correct expression that corresponds.

But there are times when, at specific moments where you have to correct something that has been expressed incorrectly throughout the conversation, it is convenient that, in addition to appearing the correct way of saying it, you want the error to continue appearing (behind a line) , so that the difference between the two is evident.

In this particular case, you must do the same as on previous occasions, but between “virgulillas” (∼). For example: for ~ WRITE CROSSING OUT ~

How to cross out a word on WhatsApp?

Again and as you can see, putting these formats in the application is something that does not require any computer knowledge and has not even used this App before.

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How To Change The Font (Monospaced) In WhatsApp?

There are times when we must adapt our conversations and make them more professional . Therefore, another option offered by this Internet communication tool to change the style of typography is the opportunity for monospacing in all the texts that you want to apply.

To activate this option we have to write the phrase with three single quotes (»’or« `, depending on the type of keyboard on your mobile) at the beginning and another three at the end.

For example:


How to put monospaced on WhatsApp?

Can We Only Choose One Of These Options At A Time?

Considering we’ve already learned how to do these 4 tricks to improve the quality and effectiveness of your writing, you may be asking yourself this question.

Well, the answer is NO , since if we want to highlight a word or phrase in two of the ways described above, we repeat the instructions for each modification.

For example, to use bold and italics at the same time, you must combine asterisks and underscores.

For example, for: * _ WRITE IN BOLD AND CURSIVE _ *

Can we only choose one of these options at a time?

And so on with all the combinations that occur to you among these extra functionalities that we have seen in this article.

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What Other Way Is There To Use Monospacing, Cross Out Words Or Put Italic And Bold In Whatsapp?

But this is not all, since this App allows us to carry out these tricks in other ways.

If you are someone who prefers not to add the special characters I mentioned earlier, there is also a more “tactile” way to do it.

There are two ways to select the format of a word or phrase. Sometimes writing with so many modifications could be a bit confusing .

In order to solve this, the App has provided the actions with the actions drop-down menu:

»On Android

Click on the text you are writing (before sending it) until it is selected and select ” More ” (3 vertical dots) and then choose between bold, italics, strikethrough and monospaced.

You can choose only one with each text you select.

Put bold, italic, strikethrough or monospaced in WhatsApp on Android

»On iOS (iPhone)

If you have an Apple device, select the text you want to format and from the available options, choose ” BIU “.

Pressing that option will give you the possibility to choose between monospaced, crossed out, italic or bold on WhatsApp

Please note that it is not possible to remove the format once you send the message, so think carefully before you send it. If you don’t want it in the chosen format, all you can do is delete the message and resend it in the correct format.

Strikethrough, italic or bold on iPhone WhatsApp

With all the updates to this App, is it worth using?

The instant messaging application does not stop updating and evolving. From time to time a new version surprises some of its users, but disappoints others.

Although it is clearly worth downloading it on any smart device, because this is a completely reliable, simple and secure App, with which you can also communicate with potential customers, since it is available on phones around the world.

There are few Apps that allow you to communicate for free, using the Internet connection of your phone.

In addition, it works so that you can personalize the texts in a very simple way. Just make sure you have enough space and correctly implement the steps we left before to personalize your messages.


Due to these improvements in the user experience of the App, you have the opportunity to send a much more original message to any contact, unless they have blocked you from WhatsApp , of course ?

If you thought you were familiar enough with the online communication “queen” application of our time, you may have been surprised by these useful but simple tricks.

And it is that, being able to put monospaced, bold, crossed out and italics in WhatsApp, will allow you to make your messages richer and more understandable, especially when you use it for professional topics and you must take even more care of your copywriting.