The use of video chat or videotelephony, thanks to a free or paid system, is becoming widespread on the Internet, as there are companies that need to have a well-coordinated team from anywhere in the world. For this reason, in this guide I collect the best free video chat platforms related to this new way of conducting 100% online and face-to-face conversations .

In addition, if you independently manage the online strategies of a business and want to stay up to date with certain developments, these systems must be part of your day-to-day and that of your customers.

In parallel, the use of video chat is capable of creating more engagement with your clients , since they will feel closer to you, even if geographically you are not. This loyalty and helps them to have a closer working relationship. Now, since I am sure I have captured your interest in learning more about this concept, I will start with its definition:

What is a Video Chat or Videotelephony?

Video Chat system is basically an online platform, application or tool that allows you to carry out a conversation in face-to-face videoconference format with another person, in a totally virtual way and using the camera of your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

This way of communicating 100% Online, which is creating a trend in recent times, connects directly with that of augmented or virtual reality, also called Artificial Intelligence , which allows anyone to access your business from their computer.

This concept of video chat, extrapolated to the business field, will not be limited to installing the classic chatbot or robot that responds automatically to requests from a potential client of your website.

What will happen is that, with the help of videotelephony, you will have a person who will respond «face to face» and who will provide efficient solutions in case of any problem.

What is a Video Chat System For?

What is a Video Chat System For?

After knowing its definition, you should know what is the use for your business or website.

Although it may seem that you are not going to be using your mobile phone with your clients all day to solve doubts (it is understood that you have multiple tasks to face) you may be surprised to know that:

1. Videotelephony: It is a totally free service

Taking into account that the videotelephony service is free, or at least we can find platforms that offer us this service completely free of charge , it is one of the best ways to introduce your business to your potential client’s “home”.

In addition, if you prefer to use the smartphone for this, you can also find free Apps that are ideal to develop this facet of your business and to innovate, so that these video conversations are one of your hallmarks.

2. Increase in your conversions

If you use this system, your conversion rates in the case of businesses as an eCommerce (those questions that end in purchase and, therefore, generating benefits) will rise exponentially.

Or what is the same, you will sell several times more for “a simple conversation” by videotelephony .

This will lead to being able to create a powerful bond with the person who is going to buy you a product or service.

3. You avoid unnecessary steps

Using a video chat system in your digital business, you will save yourself from using too much your email account , as well as messages to the mobile phone that, although very well written, but not very effective.

Here it is your business that gives the face and, the person in charge of the telephone conversation, the one that exposes in detail what your offer and / or your service consists of.

4. Conversation less “cold”

Associated with the previous reason is the fact that you subtract coldness from the company-client relationship.

Having a virtual salesperson who explains everything you need to know about a product is as positive as it is beneficial.

5. It is a very comfortable system for both parties

You increase comfort during the purchase process and make it easier for everything to flow. Virtually any internet user knows how to use a chat , making it an accessible service for thousands of people.

6. You will grow your Personal Brand

It’s not all money. You may not always be able to sell, but you can leave a pleasant sensation in your interlocutor and, therefore, you will also be working positively on your personal and corporate brand , which will generate a very beneficial rebound effect.

If you treat someone well through the video chat system, they will not hesitate to ask you again about their doubts or problems.

As you will have seen, all are advantages. At this point, it is in your best interest to know exactly where to start and what type of platform you should choose to obtain the best possible result.

15 Best Free Video Chat Platforms For Your Online Project

These 15 proposals may well be a great starting point for you to test which one is the best fit for your business.

1. FaceTime

FaceTime, video chat for Apple devices

It was created by Apple and connects the brand’s phones with extreme ease. It offers interesting video and sound quality, so it can be perfect if you are looking to communicate with your clients or project partners.

The main problem that FaceTime can present is that the phone users of another company do not have an Apple device , since only those who have this technological brand will be able to use it.

2. Skype


It is the ideal solution for all types of mobile and operating systems. Its operation is very simple and allows you to have quality conversations with relative ease.

In fact, the sharpness of the image and the sound reception is more marked by the quality of the phone than by the program itself.

In their favor, I have to say that Skype never stop releasing updates, to polish a product that is already bordering on perfection.

In fact, this video chat system is the one that I usually use on a daily basis with the rest of my team at JF-Digital, to coordinate all our marekting actions.

3. Fring

Fring system for online video chat

In Spain perhaps it is not too popular since the most similar application, WhatsApp, does not stop gaining followers day after day.

However, Fring allows you to create a group chat, ideal to serve several people at the same time or communicate with your team.

It is a video chat platform that never ceases to amaze with its excellent quality.

If to use it you have to “force” your client to install it, wrong way, since it probably mistrusts, not knowing it as much as Skype.

Still, nobody knows if in the near future it can become a practical and essential solution .

4. WhatsApp


You use it every day for a thousand things and the video call option may well serve you to serve your customers.

What’s more, giving your mobile number and allowing someone to call you at any time through WhatsApp already builds trust.

Of course, the image and sound quality depends on a thousand different factors , such as the quality of the connection, the type of mobile and the like.

It is very useful for, through a quick free video chat call, to answer last-minute questions or to give your client that final push they need to buy any of your products.

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5. ooVoo


ooVoo is possibly one of the best audiovisual quality on the market. Allows you to record each call and share it on YouTube immediately.

It is easily installed, both on the computer and on your mobile device and its use is as intuitive as it is simple.

6. Peer


Tell me how you talk to your clients and I will tell you who you are. Depending on your niche, you will have to choose one application or another.

And the truth is that Peer is widely used among high-end online stores and for businesses that offer services with an above-average price.

It connects directly to LinkedIn, allows you to record and edit your welcome videos or specific messages for each client and its use is quite simple. For trying nothing will happen to you.

7. TokBox


TokBox is one of the few applications that allows you to insert a video call in any type of graphic environment.

Therefore, you can be talking to your client while you are viewing the same product and thus make the most efficient recommendations.

Its design is futuristic, clear and concise. Its use is an invitation to turn your video chat into a new way of promoting your services.

8. Tango


Its accessibility is of vital importance, since you only need to enter your phone number to enjoy it.

Its gratuitousness and the possibility of getting a more than interesting match are other factors to keep in mind when using Tango as an online video chat system.

9. Camfrog


Since its first version, Camfrog has been one of the most successful platforms on the Internet for online conversations.

Its variant for mobiles picks up that witness, although perhaps it gives it a certain familiarity and its design is not the most appropriate for some businesses.

Try to install it and check it, it may be the most appropriate for you and your business.

10. Viber


With this application you can have a call with up to 40 people at the same time, which can make you no longer need to know anything else to be interested in it.

Think that free video chat does not always have to be limited to answering questions or issuing offers. Why not use Viber to comment on that new product you want to promote?

How about giving certain privileges to the first 40 people who want to chat with you?

This platform is perfect to achieve this type of objective with great ease.

11. Hangouts

Google Hangouts

It comes pre-installed on thousands of Android phones, although most users do not know it.

Google Hangouts is an application that works very well, allows calls to up to ten people at the same time and offers above-average quality when using P2P technology to guarantee signal stability.

No one knows why it is not the most used application, but perhaps you can get great results if you use it in your business.

Of course, we have used it for online congresses such as the “Monetiza” together with the SEMrush team and it has gone wonderfully.

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12. Rounds Free

Rounds Free

Rounds Free focuses on the fun of its users. And, for this, nothing better than offering the possibility of playing various traditional games, such as chess or checkers.

Its design links with that of Facebook , so it can be perfect for businesses whose target or target audience is the youngest.

13. WeChat


It is a very reliable and secure video chat platform used by millions of people in China and is still waiting for its final leap to the West.

WeChat has everything and offers great results. It is a matter of months that it becomes one of the most used applications for online conversations.

14. VSee

VSee, great App for online video chat

It is perfect at a professional level, since it works even with a low 3G signal, if you use it from your mobile.

This peculiarity allows establishing a call with VSee under any type of conditions. Against it, that the image and sound quality is not always the best .

15. Facebook Messenger

The latest digital platform is destined to become the most used, at least for the convenience of using it with your own account or Facebook page for your business.

Nothing better than admitting video calls to achieve the results explained above. Facebook Messenger is easy to use and offers more than acceptable performance.

In addition, having a profile already created on this social network, you do not need to register on the platform to use it.


You already know how you can take advantage of the use of free video chat to manage your business in the best possible way. If you do it right, it really works, since you can improve communication with your customers .

I encourage you to use the one that best suits your business or way of working. You will surely be surprised by the benefits of each one of them and you will see how your company begins to become what you always dreamed of.