What does a content curator do? Content curation and the figure of the Content Curator are gaining more relevance every day in a digital world as overloaded with information as the current one.

What Does A Content Curator Do?

Most likely not. What’s more, surely you are not very clear that there is a professional profile such as that of the Content Curator who is the one who is dedicated to carrying out these actions.

I hope this post is useful to you!

What Is Content Curation And How To Apply It To Your Online Marketing Strategy?

The topic that we are going to touch on today is content curation, as well as content manager or content managers.

Content curation is something that we all know, since how many times have you sat in front of the computer (our digital blank page) and have felt paralyzed when updating your Twitter or Facebook account of your brand?

How is it possible that 140 characters can resist so much?

Why are you not able to find that funny image that would attract likes and the long-awaited virality?

In those moments you can’t help but feel that frustration inhibits your ability to think, and you need a superhuman effort to regain lost concentration.

It is time to appeal to Santa Patience in order to bring to fruition the desperate internet search, among blogs, hashtags and various rss, in search of the appropriate content to feed your hungry social profiles.

This is neither more nor less than the background of content curation. Yes, because this is exactly what a social media manager does.

Seen this way, the truth is that it sounds quite a lot this thing to do of content curator or content curation, but nobody said it was easy. Of course: it is worth it.

It is also true that fortunately we have at our disposal resources, tools and tricks to make this task more enjoyable and, above all, productive.

What Is Content Curation And What Does A Content Curator Do?

Keys To More Effective And Professional Content Curation

So, now that we are in the field, we are going to get down to work, and draw a roadmap that will help us save that precious time, invaluable, while enriching our content strategy with pearls that shine by themselves. , delighting our followers.

Before You Start, Put Yourself In Situation

My first recommendation to put yourself in the shoes of a content curator is planning.

You can’t spend 3 hours diving online every time you have to post a tweet.

It is completely unfeasible and exhausting.

Therefore, the best thing is that when you go to hide in the skin of detective 2.0, the fruit of your effort will last a few days.

Hence, previously, you establish for which social networks you need content, what you mean in each of them, the type of content that works best and what tone of communication it should have.

This previous orientation does not come out of nowhere either, but is established based on your Social Media strategy or plan , that master document where you include objectives, social networks in which to act, frequency of publications, nature of messages and a long etcetera.

➤ Seek Sources Of Eternal Wisdom

Try to find online sites that provide you with quality content as often as you need, because that is what interests us right?

It is like an inexhaustible source, in this case, of ideas, news, posts and / or recommendations.

If you manage to discover any of these sites, keep them carefully, take care of them and make the most of their juicy contents.

As an example of this I can tell you, in the case of online marketing, about Puromarketing: every day it nourishes you with all the latest news in the sector, internationally, with a highly professional style.

How we miss many times when doing content curation, having a similar solution for other sectors, such as industrial ones.

So I repeat: if you find something of value, like Content Curator, you should tailor it to yourself.

➤ Don’t Lose Sight Of The Most Rabid News

If there is something that characterizes social networks it is immediacy, its ability to transmit events in real time, especially Twitter.

This inevitably causes an avalanche of users who turn all their attention to the 2.0 media in search of any data, post or content related to the latest trend or novelty.

Hence, every good person in charge of social networks always keeps an eye on digital newspapers and trending topics and closely follows the development of trends in search of the golden opportunity to take their moment of glory.

If you, other content curators or community managers do not take advantage of the circumstances, do not hesitate.

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➤ A Good Content Curator Closely Follows Your Competition

What do they publish?

What themes prevail in your content strategy?

What are the most present sources in your time line?

And most importantly: how effective are they with their content strategy in Social Media?

I am not telling you this so that you can copy them, but I intend that this analysis will serve you to learn both what they do well (to take good note and make self-criticism), and what they do wrong (to improve, avoid mistakes and take you the cat in the water).

There are many tools that help you analyze the social profiles of your competition, such as the SEMrush Social Media Tool , always have yours well at hand.

When talking about content curation, these same premises can be used with related sectors. You don’t know where inspiration can come from, so don’t put up barriers.

➤ Understand That Talking Only And Exclusively About Your Sector Can Be Very Boring

Think about it for a moment: we spend most of the day working. Our routine takes us from home to work and from work to home, something that can be monotonous and boring.

Why extend this gray cloak also to our 2.0 profiles?

After all, one of the great attractions of social networks is their capacity for entertainment.

What do you think if we try to “sweeten” the daily life of our followers with some pill of humor, irony or positivism?

We would be something like what Mary Poppins intends when she sings that of “with a little sugar …” why if the photos of kittens on social networks are not so successful?

Mind you, I’m not talking about you including pet photos, but rather that you consider skipping the rules that everyone follows.

Sometimes, with measure and good taste, it includes alternative content that can make a difference, make you stand out and get the desired engagement .

Something that also works very well are the “famous phrases” or words like “dogmas of faith” about leadership, improvement and personal development.

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Content Curation, Yes. But, Not Only Text Does Your Audience Live

Surely you are sick of hearing that ” an image is worth a thousand words .”

It is not without reason: with a good image you can transmit emotions, feelings and move to action with more probability of success than if you only use words.

Plus, it’s proven.

An image generates much more engagement than a relationship of characters that we have less and less time to read.

And what about the video? Isn’t it the most demanded content on the web?

Since mobile devices allow us to consume video online anytime, anywhere, its consumption has skyrocketed, and we must take advantage of that.

➤ Dig Beyond Blogs And Web Pages

Healing of social content! Yes, social networks are themselves sources of quality content.

As we have said above, these platforms are capable of offering quality content, even in real time.

Information pills that can be of great help when it comes to knowing what is going on, both in your sector, nowadays in general or the interests of your particular audience.

Therefore, you can use them alone as an interesting source from which to extract content.

To do this, use resources and tools that are as useful as they are easy to use, such as hashtags (#), the label par excellence in the 2.0 world, as well as lists, in the case of Twitter.

It’s about using resources and clues to pull the thread and come up with content worth sharing.

Is There A Tool That Allows You To Do A Good Content Curation Almost Automatically?

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Is There A Tool That Allows You To Do A Good Content Curation Almost Automatically?

Well you’re in luck: there are formulas to automatically extract these contents, and even, from the same panel, edit them as you wish and schedule them on the social networks you need. Sounds good, right?

Well wait for me to tell you more.

Today we will take Ready4Social as an example , a social media management tool with a content curation engine. An application that has been waging war in the sector of tools for Community Managers and that has already managed to overcome unknown achievements until now.

Let’s go by parts, I am going to tell you everything Ready4Social can do for you:

  • Content Curation Engine:

Its management panel allows configuring the tool based on certain keywords and feeds, in such a way that it searches the internet for quality content, adapted to previously established interests.

You can even include the feed of your Google alerts and get all the results on a single platform.

  • Twitter Results:

Hashtag concept illustration of young people using mobile tablet and smartphone to send messages and share them on social media.

As I was saying, tweets can be an important source of content.

Ready4Social includes tweets in its content proposal based on the indicated keywords, which includes both the mention to the user who sent the message, and the hashtag related to the search.

With this practice, in addition, you will see your Twitter engagement grow.

  • Predefined Feeds And Keywords Proposal, By Sectors:

In order not to start from scratch in your career, a priori offers you a complete selection of keywords and quality sources related to the most demanded sectors of the network.

In this way, with a single click, you can start to get content to feed your social profiles.

  • Daily Good Morning Message And Famous Phrases:

As we saw before, users do not only live on informative content.

Ready4Social allows you to brighten up your followers’ morning with a “good morning, let’s eat the world”, or lift their spirits with an inspiring phrase at any other time of the day.

  • Call To Action:

Blue background, Businessman talking to megaphone with flag in hand.

Our actions as community managers in Social Media must always cause a reaction.

For this, phrases such as “if you like, share” have become popular … These and many others, in addition to those that you want to include in a personalized way, are added randomly to your messages and on the social networks you choose.

  • Programming On Social Networks:

Like any self-respecting content management tool on social networks, this application is also capable of assigning a date, time and network in which to automatically publish the content you offer.

So, from a single interface you can search for content and program it how and where you want, even assigning a personalized image or changing the accompanying text.

  • Automatic Publication On Social Networks Without You Having To Do Anything:

This is already for those who want everything done and do not want to spend time on social networks.

Once the account is set up, you can activate automatic scheduling and have it published on your behalf (depending on the frequency and frequency selected).

If you also want to have control of this activity, you do not need to access the tool directly, but you can comfortably receive it by email every day first thing in the morning.

  • Programming On Pinterest:

This is one of its great advantages. It is the only platform that allows you to program content on Pinterest . When editing each message, you can choose which board you want it to be published on and that’s it.

  • Feedly Integration:

Another breakthrough in content curation tasks.

Surely you also use Feedly to follow your favorite blogs and portals. Well, you can take all your Feedly sources directly to your panel and use said content to program it directly on social networks.

  • Multi-account Management:

Special for Community Managers.

In its Elite version, the social media tool allows you to manage up to 10 different clients. All from a single panel, in an agile and effective way.


All the functions of this tool are based on a powerful online content curation engine and are focused on making our work easier and saving time in the daily management of our social networks.

I do not want to underline the importance of knowing how to choose and use tools for content management and curation in order to carry out our Internet work to a successful conclusion. Also, I hope that what you have read in this guide will serve you for this purpose.

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